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  1. I'll join up.
  2. Hertz is fine, said he'll get round to doing some updating soon enough hopefully. Gratz on the plat also.
  3. Weeblympics plat #7 (and 102nd Ultra rare plat) SoulCalibur V Found the game pretty enjoyable overall. As fighters go, it's pretty easy tbh so I'm sure that the majority of people here could get it done easily enough if they wanted too. There is a couple of grindy trophies, one can be done with a turbo though at least. I've been slowly plodding through LP2 but I'll start working on another weeblympics game alongside it, just not sure which one yet.
  4. Plat # 307 and UR plat #101 Super Meat Boy. Finally got round to finishing this off, over 2 years between girl boy and impossible boy. Feels good :D

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    2. Spaz


      A big thumbs up and a tip of my hat to you sir. Well done.


      I hope I can join the Super Meat Boy Platinum Club in the near future.

    3. MetalGarurumon
    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  5. Great work, I'll be coming to you for tips in the future since this is one of my plats for this event as well.
  6. Got the Bound plat last night, was my 305th plat and also my 100th ultra rare plat. Pretty happy with that. :D

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    2. dermarx


      Congrats :yay: Awesome milestone

    3. MetalGarurumon


      Think it's time for your friends and loved ones to hold an intervention. :P Nice work!

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  7. For Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Margaret is the easiest char to do all the challenges with. Regarding AH3, I tried that combo for a while with a crappy ds3 that I had at the time and struggled. Went back to it quite a long time later and used a ds4 for it and got it in about 20-30 mins, Might be worth giving it a go with a ds4 if you haven't already. P.s. I would say that I am bad at fighters and trials and I was able to do both, so I'm sure you can with a bit of perseverance.
  8. My vote goes to the Persona 5 guide. Looks extremely comprehensive and a valuable tool for anyone aiming to get the plat in this game.
  9. There's a couple more plats I'm intending on doing that would be in my top 10, not too sure after that. Top 10 rarest trophies from 100% only games (games without a plat) could also be a nice thread too, particularly if it was 10 different games. I'm too lazy to make a thread like that though...
  10. Not related to what the OP was asking but none of batting title, homerun title and triple crown popped for me. Has anyone else had this issue?
  11. Level 2 spells didn't pop for me either. Didn't use the auto upgrade option for it, so I don't think that is the reason why.
  12. Weeblympics Plat #6 - Anima: Gate of Memories This game is pretty much a bit of a Devil May Cry knockoff, however it was reasonably fun. I found that towards the end of the game and certainly in NG+ mode the game had some balance issues. However it was still very doable and I managed to get into the top 50 fastest times. The game was on sale for ~ £4 recently which is why I bought it and I had to rush to get it done incase it went over 5.5% Glad to get it done quickly and have it now out of the way. Back to focusing on some of the longer games on my list.
  13. It's in the spreadsheet, just not been updated in the OP. So it's noted that you've done it at least.
  14. Plat #300 (Ultra Rare plat #98) Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz.

    Glad to finally have that one done after starting it years ago. Really great game. 

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    2. dermarx


      Congrats to this milestone :yay:

    3. bezdomnekoty
    4. MetalGarurumon


      98 Ultra Rare Plats!?


      :P But really nice, man.

  15. Weeblympics Plat #5 (and UR plat #94) Mighty No. 9 Actually enjoyed this game quite a lot. There's a couple of frustrating trophies which need a bit of luck as well as skill but they're all very doable overall. Not the best game I've ever played but if you're a fan of megaman then I would say it can't hurt to pick up this game as it's pretty similar in design and not a massively long plat. Very Weeb plats currently being worked on: Lost Planet 2 Somewhat Weeb plats currently being worked on: Sorcery Saga