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  1. *Checks CWC results* Riiiiiiiiiight, nice wins there.
  2. July 2018? Thanks for putting the word out. I'll note that in my diary when I get one for next year... Regardless, I notice you're the favourite to dominate in this race. I'm expecting a strong showing from the 'strange detective.' Don't let me down!
  3. Don't think I can do tomorrow. Will let you know if something changes.
  4. Got the plat for KH 1 last night. Game was enjoyable for sure. Will probably start CoM sometime next week I guess. Progress so far: Kingdom Hearts - 100% Kingdom Hearts RE: CoM - 0% Kingdom Hearts 2 - 0% Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - 0% Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance - 0% Kingdom Hearts: A Fragmentary Passage - 0% Put my progress in the OP please @Ratchet so that people can see progress easily.
  5. Finished everything on my proud playthrough, only got my speedrun beginner playthrough left to do. I'll start it sometime in the next couple of days I guess. Not expecting it to be too much of a challenge though.
  6. So I've finished the main story on the first of the KH games and am now working on synths etc to get my 100% completion run done on proud. Speedrun, no changing equipment and no continues should be easy after that. Hopefully will have the plat in a few days, but it depends how much time I have available. EIther way I'm loving the game and glad I joined the comp.
  7. Thanks guys, had a lot of fun. Wasn't on here whilst we were racing so didn't notice any comments. Pretty pleased with how it went though. P.s. I'd enjoy it more if you added the cpu in as well to make 12. Dunno how others feel about that though. Glad I redeemed myself in the battle at the end haha.
  8. I'm not on your friends list. You never added me. My code is on the previous page still.
  9. Ready and waiting. Is there something I need to do? I assume @BillyHorribleis hosting? Can you just invite me? I don't know how it works honestly.
  10. I prefer race over battle, don't mind playing with just 2, buf ofc 3 is better. Also, what was this tip? Share the wealth.
  11. I'm good to play then. I've played some Mario Kart in the past but not too much of this one so I don't know all the tracks that well. And yeh, it's 2.5 hours from now.
  12. You realise the majority of people on this thread haven't played the game right? So be careful when posting as some people won't want spoilers.
  13. My friend code for switch is 3198-1447-4798. I don't really mind who adds me, but if people from here do that'd be good.
  14. 5.5/10