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  1. Toukiden Kiwami - 100% Pixel Junk Nom Nom Galaxy - 82% Aqua Kitty Milk Mine Defender DX - 100% Shiness The Lightning Kingdom -0% Knytt Underground - 0% I've finished the first 2 games on tier 3 - Toukiden Kiwami and Aqua Kitty Milk Mine Defender DX. I love the Toukiden series its a lot of fun but damn its a grind. I actually wanted to put this into an earlier tier, to motivate myself to finish it off, but didn't want to hinder my progress overall. Really glad to get it done now, I'll start Toukiden 2 at some stage, but that one isn't UR for whatever reason. I assume its a fair bit shorter. Aqua Kitty was a surprisingly fun game, the endless mode was a little tricky, but very doable with a bit of practice. I'd recommend this as a fun 100% with a couple of UR trophies and some difficulty. It's reasonably quick as well and could probably be done in 10-15 hours I'd guess. In other news, one of the trophies in Nom Nom Galaxy has glitched on me, actually two had but deleting my game data got one to pop. Hopefully I can get the other one to pop also, otherwise I'll either need to play through the game again, or swap it out.
  2. This is my tier 3 list. Toukiden Kiwami - 88% Pixel Junk Nom Nom Galaxy - 68% Aqua Kitty Milk Mine Defender DX - 71% Shiness The Lightning Kingdom -0% Knytt Underground - 0%
  3. Laser League - 100% Extreme Exorcism - 100%% Laser Disco Defenders (Vita) - 100% Not a Hero - 100% Nova 111 - 100% Nova 111 is also finished, and with that my Tier 2 is done. This game was honestly more fun than I expected, so I'm glad that I gave it a chance due to this thread. I'll have a think about my Tier 3 games and post them sometime in the future. I really only have ideas for a couple atm so it might be a while before I post it. Not sure yet.
  4. The lists in this thread are for games you've already obtained the platinum in, not just games you're planning on doing in the future.
  5. Laser League - 100% Extreme Exorcism - 100%% Laser Disco Defenders (Vita) - 100% Not a Hero - 100% Nova 111 - 95% I've finished my 4th Tier 2 game - Laser League. Another sub 1 plat added to the list is nice, not really much more to say about this one honestly lol. Should have Nova 111 finished tomorrow also. Not sure what games I'll put into my Tier 3 other than a couple of ideas, so I'd better get thinking.
  6. I also just got The Great Business Soup Off in someone else's world just now.
  7. Laser League - 98% Extreme Exorcism - 100%% Laser Disco Defenders (Vita) - 100% Not a Hero - 100% Nova 111 - 0% Finished my 3rd Tier 2 game - Laser Disco Defenders. I quite liked this game, the premise is pretty straightforward and the playthroughs are short which makes it easy to pick up and play for a short time, perfect for the vita imo. I'll start Nova 111 now on the vita also and hopefully be done with this tier in a week or so.
  8. Tier 2: Laser League - 98% Extreme Exorcism - 100%% Laser Disco Defenders (Vita) - 57% Not a Hero - 100% Nova 111 - 0% I've finished my second Tier 2 game, Not a Hero. This was actually a really fun game so I'm glad that I did it. It reminded me a bit of Hotline Miami, I'll either finish Laser League or Laser disco defenders next. I don't play the vita a lot outside of commuting to work etc, so it depends whether or not I actually bother to play it at home. I need to start thinking about my Tier 3 list soon also I guess.
  9. Could you change something like this easily to get new results that people could see? It could be interesting to see how the tables vary with commons counted and not counted. Also I don't really understand what is meant by commons counting but a cut off of 30%, since common trophies only start at 50% anyways, so wouldn't that just be commons, and most of uncommons, not counting?
  10. Who is Zack? Also the numbers look fine. I'm honestly happy to have anything that seems fairly reasonable at this point lol. At long as I can understand why someone is ahead of or behind me, then I'm happy enough.
  11. Tier 2: Laser League - 67% Extreme Exorcism - 100%% Laser Disco Defenders (Vita) - 9% Not a Hero - 0% Nova 111 - 0% Decided to add some quick games to get through the tier quickly, I'll add more challenging stuff after I've finished tier 4 I guess so I don't have to finish them before starting something else if I want to. Also I've finished Extreme Exorcism as well, I was somewhat prepping it as I wasn't sure when I'd finish GoG so I was able to clean up the rest of the game pretty quickly. First game of Tier 2 done.
  12. Finally finished Games of Glory, and with that I've finished my Tier 1 as well. I'm undecided what I'm going to do for Tier 2 exactly as I haven't thought about it, but I'll add Laser League and Extreme Exorcism to the list for now as I'm currently playing them. Tier 2: Laser League - 67% Extreme Exorcism - 23% ? ? ?
  13. So gotta do all 500 again? That is unfortunate.
  14. Yeah, I'm wondering if it's worth playing out the last 170 or not. I don't have time to do another 500 before the shutdown. But my level, recent games and also mission progress is showing. It's only the games played tab that's affected. Same thing happened to my boosting partner, so I'm pretty sure it's universal. Just hope someone can confirm whether or not the games are truly lost or not.
  15. Was trying to finish this game off before the server shutdown (was at about 830 games played) just checked my stats now to see that they were reset for both me and my alt and I'm down to 7 games on each now. Is this universal or only affecting me? Also my level hasn't been reset, if I finish off the next 170 games does anyone know if the trophy is still likely to pop or not? I've heard about this sort of thing happening in the past with this game.