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  1. 9. You gain 3 League Points for a definitive win, 2 for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss.The points system will be:-Bronze - 1pt-Silver - 2pts-Gold - 6pts-Platinum - 12ptsDefinitive wins are wins where a competitor has a margin of at least 10 and their score is at least 20% higher than their opponent's score. This percentage is the same for all leagues dood.
  2. For what it's worth I've always thought this, I just didn't really care enough to say, or possibly I did say at the time I don't really remember. I only commented now because I thought @Lucas say he was interested in hearing more opinions. Turned out I misread lol. Regardless it's pretty obvious that having access to a load of easy games again is an advantage over everyone else. If it wasn't brought up in the past then really it should've been. It's not like you're being unfairly treated or something. I'll certainly be checking every point you earn then scouring your old account to see if you've earned it in the past, along with the other's who're gonna judge you no doubt.
  3. Personally I think that people who rejoin on a new account are at a big advantage. It's typically a lot quicker to do a game a second time as people who have stacked stuff etc will know I'm sure. Also you'll know an approx time to plat a game (more accurate than a guide) and know what game would be most suitable for scoring quick points if needed at the end of a fixture or whatever. That being said I don't think Zach should have to drop out, it wasn't a rule and he was allowed to join when asked. The league is just for fun and should be treated as such imo. If he was particularly fussed he could just play new games on his account whilst the league was on.
  4. Yeh this one is easier than the original. I think the grind is longer in this one though, of course that could be as I've just done this grind recently so it feels longer.
  5. Weeblympics plat #3 and UR plat #89 overall Arcana Heart 3: Love Max Rarity at time of plat - 1.16% The most difficult part of this game was getting all golds in the trials, it wasn't too difficult and I'm not very good at fighters so I'm sure it's more than doable for most. However beward of the long grind at the end of the game, I've been slowly chipping away at it for quite a while.
  6. It's lucky @Kent10201 has your back, you two must be real good friends.
  7. Weeblympics plat #2 and UR plat #87 overall: Assault Suit Leynos Ratity at time of plat: 4.20% The plat was reasonably easy overall with the Old Tricks trophy definitely causing me the most trophy (mostly cos I'm scrub lol) I quite enjoyed it however. Now it's time to move onto plat number 3, whatever that will end up being.
  8. 5. If the game is near Very Rare Platinum or has achieved it while it was in our list, it is still eligible for the event as long as it does not go up to 5.50% rarity (PSNP stats) Isn't it only if the plat doesn't end up going over 5.50% Like if Galgun ended up at like 5.38% it would be fine. Something at 30% though? O.o
  9. Dude, you're 45 and your dad is spending his retirement funds he's been saving for years on buying you a house ... and you're 45. Damn.
  10. b=213 s=91 182 g=51 255 p= 9 900 Update of my score, not sure I'll earn anymore trophies before the deadline (doubt it) 213 bronze = 213 points 91 silver = 182 points 51 gold = 255 points 9 plats = 900 points 213+182+255+900 = 1550 points.
  11. Quick progress report, I've been working somewhat on Arcana Heart 3 Love Max, now up to 90% completion and have just done the final difficult thing. Only grind left for my 2nd weeblympics plat now.
  12. Do you know if there are any plans to have the rarity leaderboard released as a feature?
  13. I was just looking at the rarity leaderboard and noticed that private profiles are still on there for some reason. This includes several people in the top 50, including the 'top' guy, which makes me think they are probably accounts with several hacked games. Is it possible to have these accounts with 0 trophies showing removed from the leaderboards unless they makes their trophies public again @Sly Ripper?
  14. This PP is being disbanded and the thread locked.
  15. My 1st weeblympics plat, UR plat #80 and plat #281 overall: Transformers Devastation. Overall the game was pretty fun other than the SS ranks which were a bit dull. It wasn't that difficult and probably took me approx 30 hours to plat. I'm not sure what my next weeblympics game will be yet, I've been doing some work on Arcana Heart 3 Love Max, but not in any rush to finish it off yet.