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  1. 93B = 93 37S = 74 21 G = 105 3 UR P = 300 Total = 572
  2. Okay, well I just noticed the rarity multiplier is only for plats. But I'll join anyways, will add my current score up shortly and post when I've done so. I'm guessing I'll be a decent way behind Zone though.
  3. I'm guessing it's too late to join this now? Or can I join and tell you my totals so far, since they can all be seen in the log anyways? Hadn't noticed the thread before now. :/
  4. Started work on the first of my weeblympics plats recently - Transformers Devastation. I expect it to be the next plat I earn, but we'll see I guess.
  5. Anything that is 'so hard to plat' is ultra rare. Don't listen to the others who lie to you and try to bombard you with figures and numbers. They're trying to distract you and slow down your major gainz. Prolly cos they're intimidated and don't respect their elders I'd guess.
  6. The amount of games that will change from UR to VR as a result of this thread will be minimal I'm pretty sure. The amount of games that go from UR to over 5.50% will be even less. It's really not an issue unless you're looking to just play the games that scrape into UR status purposefully or brand new games that just happen to be UR because they are new and probably won't be in a few months when people get round to finishing them (FFXII etc)
  7. Who would do that?? Makes no sense to me... Lmao it's right at the top too, ffs.
  8. No lmao. Medals go up to 40 games. Gotta earn 40 for all medals.
  9. I have Shiren and plan to do it, not sure exactly when though. Depends how much of a rush you're in. I'd like to finish up some stuff before starting anything new really.
  10. I don't care about the date. Change it if you want to but don't do it for my sake. There was no need for you to write the date, especially when you didn't actually know the date in the first place. It's exactly the same with saying that Akiba's trip is in Shibuya when it turns out that you only said that because Shibuya is basically the only place in Japan you've heard of, not because you'd heard about Akiba's trip being set there.. Just don't say where it is as you don't actually need to include that info.
  11. If you don't remember all these things why do you constantly quote exact dates etc when no one asks for them? Stop making shit up and then saying 'whoops I forgot' when it turns out you're just wrong...
  12. Haven't played bound before but the others have some easy UR's in them. vessel in particular is a particularly easy 100%, or so I've been told. However I found it very boring so I deleted it from my list at 0%
  13. Love it @Hertz Seems like it's time for some #rephoggainz