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  1. I had like 10-12 when I last posted I think, I forget tbh and I've got a few more since so maybe I'm close to 15. I fully planned to do 40 by the start of the 2020 olympics at the start of the event and had it been maintained I would've pushed for that. As it is now I'll settle for the 20 I guess. There's a couple I'll end up doing naturally before the middle of next year anyways.
  2. I've kinda lost momentum in this event lol. I've got a couple of plats to post (I think) but kinda cba. Hertz disappearing and it not being updated properly after that really killed it for me.
  3. Just a heads up that this trophy (and slime san athlete) were glitched for me. The athlete trophy just randomly popped replaying an old level. Not sure if master will do the same or not.
  4. They're not overly important to me, but in terms of gaming I certainly like to go for UR's. There's also a lot of other games that I wanna play as well, so it just depends how much free time I have and what I'm prioritizing at the time. I tend to set myself little goals for UR's though. Currently slowly working towards 2000.
  5. I like to go for UR plats and also difficult games, often those two things overlap. I do like challenging games and even if the game itself isn't great the challenge can make it more enjoyable to me. If I'm gonna play a game with a really high plat percentage it's most likely a game I'm particularly interested in. It's not often (though it will happen from time to time) that I'll play an easy game just for quick trophies.
  6. @MStalker58 Only choice for E in an UR alphabet is Enter the Gungeon, even you can work that one out.
  7. Finally got round to making my list of games, these are mostly ones that I've left for quite a while and are mostly pretty difficult. Hopefully I can get most of them done by the start of next August, not sure if I'll get all done, if I do then my list will be improved imo. (Not all games have plats, does that matter?) I'm also including the plat rarity, or rarity of the rarest trophy if the game is a 100% only title. 1 - Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus - 1.23% 2 - Trials Fusion - 0.18% 3 - Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God - 3.21% 4 - Stardew Valley - 0.65% 5 - Mortal Kombat - 0.62% 6 - Dead or Alive 5 - 0.51% 7 - Cloudberry Kingdom - 0.08% 8 - Nuclear Throne 0.29% 9 - El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron - 2.57% 10 - Retro/Grade - 0.32% 11 - BattleFantasia - 0.54% 12 - Blazblue:CSE - 2.99% 13 - Child of Eden - 0.88% 14 - Guided Fate Paradox - 1.70% 15 - Dragon Ball: Raging Blast - 1.25% Looking at that list of games, I can't see myself getting them all done lol, but we'll see.
  8. Han seems to think that you meant you want to complete the alphabet using names of the platinum trophies, which is why he linked an S game, but the plat name is an X. However I'm pretty sure you just meant you'll do the unfinished dlc on games that you've platted but are yet to 100%. So he's saying that there's no plat names that begin with Q, not that there's no games themselves.
  9. I platted Quantum Theory just now which means I have a Q plat, UR too. Really pleased with getting this one done and wanna thank the guys who helped me to boost it. Had no intention of doing it before finding them tbh. # 3D Dot Game Heroes (UR)Arcana Heart 3 (UR)Bound (UR)Chariot (UR)Downwell (UR)Enter the Gungeon (UR)Flame Over (UR)Geometry Wars 3 (UR)Hand of Fate (UR)I am Bread (UR)Jamestown+ (UR)Killzone 3Lost Planet 2 (UR)Mamorukun Curse! (UR)N++ (UR)Olli Olli 2 (UR)Pier Solar and the Great Architects (UR)Quantum Theory (UR)Rack N Ruin (UR)Super Meat Boy (UR)The Bit.Trip (UR)UFC 2009 (UR)Velocity 2X (UR)Worms Battlegrounds (UR)X BladesYooka LayleeZiggurat (UR) That means that my alphabet is now complete, after a long time of waiting... I'm still intending to complete a fully UR alphabet and only need 3 more plats for that now. So hopefully in the next 2-3 months I guess.
  10. Actually completed this game over a year ago, but wasn't thinking about the A-Z thread at the time and so forgot about adding it. But I'm gonna add Yooka Laylee to the list for now as my Y plat. I'll do doing one of the Yakuza games in the future more than likely in order to have an ultra rare Y plat, but not sure which one or when. Anyways, now on 26/27 for the alphabet and still 23/27 for the UR alphabet. Only letter left is Q and I recently did the online for Quantum Theory so can hopefully get that plat pretty soon. Also changed one or two other letters to 'better' plats, imo. # 3D Dot Game Heroes (UR)Arcana Heart 3 (UR)Bound (UR)Chariot (UR)Downwell (UR)Enter the Gungeon (UR)Flame Over (UR)Geometry Wars 3 (UR)Hand of Fate (UR)I am Bread (UR)Jamestown+ (UR)Killzone 3Lost Planet 2 (UR)Mamorukun Curse! (UR)N++ (UR)Olli Olli 2 (UR)Pier Solar and the Great Architects (UR)QRack N Ruin (UR)Super Meat Boy (UR)The Bit.Trip (UR)UFC 2009 (UR)Velocity 2X (UR)Worms Battlegrounds (UR)X BladesYooka LayleeZiggurat (UR)
  11. My top 10 rarest plats are as follows: Injustice - 0.12% Lost Planet 2 - 0.13% Time Crisis: Razing Storm - 0.14% Super Meat Boy - 0.16% I am Bread - 0.27% Twisted Metal - 0.29% The Fight - 0.36% Medieval Moves - 0.40% NBA2K13 - 0.43% The Shoot - 0.44% Updated from my last post here as I've earned 3 plats since then that make it into my top 10 rarest.
  12. Over 1800 ultra rare trophies now, slowly plodding to 2000. I kinda hoped that I would have that before the end of the year but being pretty busy with work and other commitments has slowed my progress. Still, nice to be less than 200 off. :D

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  13. Quick update to my list, just platted Ziggurat for a Z platinum and also a Z ultra rare plat too. Puts me on 25/27 for the list and 23/27 for a completed UR list. I have some ideas for the other games on here so hopefully I can eventually finish up a full UR list and then I might see about getting a Japanese game done too. # 3D Dot Game Heroes (UR)Axiom Verge (UR)Bound (UR)Chariot (UR)Downwell (UR)Enter the Gungeon (UR)Flame Over (UR)Geometry Wars 3 (UR)Hand of Fate (UR)Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (UR)Jamestown+ (UR)Killzone 3La Mulana EX (UR)Mamorukun Curse! (UR)N++ (UR)Olli Olli 2 (UR)Pier Solar and the Great Architects (UR)QRack N Ruin (UR)Surgeon Simulator (UR)The Bit.Trip (UR)UFC 2009 (UR)Velocity 2X (UR)Worms Battlegrounds (UR)X BladesYZiggurat (UR)
  14. I'm a trophy hunter I guess, but I don't still only to playstation (though I mostly play playstation.) Also I won't buy shit games just for the quick trophies and I certainly won't stack games unless I really enjoyed them. So some cross breed as well. I like a challenge, so don't shy away from a list because it is difficult. But yeh, usually after plat I won't really play a game again, unless I'm helping someone else with it.
  15. Am I still good to join this? I planned to update my post before you did the spreadsheet but became pretty busy with work and stuff and never got round to it.