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  1. I'll join this, I'll look through for some backlog games that I want to get finished up tomorrow.
  2. Is that the one with the four colours in a diamond shape and they flash in a particular order? Isn't that was one of the more basic modules?? What are you struggling with on it exactly, the guidebook explains it in a pretty clear way. P.s. I don't mean to be condescending, I'm just unsure if I am thinking of the correct module and cba checking.
  3. How did you get the last trophy in Lost Planet 2?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. zajac9999


      Yeh, way after May 2017. Was very possible at that time. 

    3. Brawler


      WR unlocks a title but there's no trophy tied to said title specifically so anybody who had the WR before the leaderboards were hacked can still finish the game. Pretty straightforward. 

    4. zajac9999


      Sadly your friend can't get the tropvy now unless they already have said title. 

  4. I'm hoping so too, it was supposed to arrive either yesterday or the day before lol. Hopefully in the next couple of days. Sadly I don't have UFC with me here. :/ I didn't bring the majority of my physical games, just the ones I hadn't done and intended to play fairly soon. Japan has less owners on psnp than EU does for 3D dot.
  5. Kinda became a bit interested in this again recently and figured I may as well go back to trying to finish it off. # 3D Dot Game Heroes (UR)Axiom Verge (UR)Bound (UR)Chariot (UR)Downwell (UR)Enter the Gungeon (UR)Flame Over (UR)Geometry Wars 3 (UR)Hand of Fate (UR)Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (UR)Jamestown+ (UR)Killzone 3La Mulana EX (UR)Mamorukun Curse! (UR)N++ (UR)Olli Olli 2 (UR)Pier Solar and the Great Architects (UR)QRack N Ruin (UR)Surgeon Simulator (UR)The Bit.Trip (UR)UFC 2009 (UR)Velocity 2X (UR)Worms Battlegrounds (UR)X BladesYZ Quick update to my list, changed B and U to UR plats, now I need K, Q, X, Y and Z to have a full list of UR plats. Most troublesome one will probably be K for me personally I think. Didn't know this additional about why US is easier, just the minigame stuff. That being said, EU version isn't so difficult anyways. Game is great though for sure, well worth a play! Also regarding UFC 2009 I can attest to the game not being too bad to complete. Also if you have VR I think Until Dawn: Rush of Blood should count for the letter U as an UR plat.
  6. Weeblympics Plat #10 (and UR plat #107) Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom Really enjoyed this one as well, playing with the party boys is always a lot of fun. Doing the majority in 4 player as well made it much quicker in terms of grinding also which was good. Will certainly do AoT 2 at some point, but not rushing to start that grind just yet. In terms of weeblympics games I've been plodding through EDF 2 on vita and will start either Deception IV, DmC 4 or Rabi Ribi after I finish Nier Automata. (I'm not good at deciding what's next. ) #1/4done
  7. If they have at least four 9's in their name on psn they're probably awesome at most things, including gaming.
  8. Pushed me over 1 mill. I'm 5% there!! #gainz
  9. Weeblympics plats #8 & #9 (and UR plats #104 & #106) Monster Hunter: World & Lost Planet 2 Mon Hun was my favourite plat of the weeblympics plats I've earned so far. It was great fun playing it through with friends. Lost planet was also enjoyable but I took it much slower and chipped away at it over a number of months. LP2 is under 0.55% and will stay that way so it will count for the rarest plat medal. Currently working on AoT as #10. Not sure if I'll get that grind finished before working on something else however. Will feel good when I get plat #10 and am 1/4 of the way to 40 plats. Gonna be difficult to get them all I think, but I'm hoping to do so.
  10. Nah don't really care. Pick what you want.
  11. My favourite game is Dark Souls 1.
  12. I'll join ... in 2 days. For the people who can't join this giveaway who are now getting mad, perhaps you should reflect on your gaming habits, correct them for a year and hope that @Zolkovois kind enough to do another giveaway this time next year to reward more #superiorgamers.
  13. Got my plat now, took approx 260 hours in the end. Played with a group of 5 of us total, 2 who started a bit later on, so there was time spent on helping them speed through some of the story and also looking for crowns they didn't have yet. Not to mention that I already had 19/28 possible crowns before the events appeared so plenty time could've been saved there. I'd say if you're being efficient and have a little bit of luck you'll get this done in under 200 hours, although times posted on here may suggest otherwise. Regardless I'd much rather have spent the additional time in helping my friends out with stuff as I had a lot of fun working with them on earning the plat.
  14. I found the bin to be a real pain lol, messed up a lot of good runs on that. :/ Also I dunno if you're saying that it's hard to get under even 2:30 or whether you think the A++ time is 2:29. but just to be sure, the A++ time is 2:19.
  15. Absolute big boi.