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  1. Forgot to post in this but I platted OP:PW4 a while back, so that's me back to having all of the plats done.
  2. Finished the 3rd game in my list, this time it was Bleed, specifically Bleed 1. I really enjoyed this game and was happy that it ended up being a little easier than I expected it to be. I'll probably move onto Bleed 2 next since I really can't be bothered going back to Cloudberry haha. 10 second Ninja X - 100% (0.66%) Bleed - 100% (0.87%) Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's cut. - 100% (0.62%) Cloudberry Kingdom - 90% (0.08%) Bleed 2 - 0% (1.28%)
  3. Finished my second game, Giana Sisters. It's a decent platformer and I like the games. Doing all the levels several times get a little old but overall I enjoyed the game quite a bit. 10 second Ninja X - 100% (0.66%) Bleed - 66% (0.87%) Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's cut. - 100% (0.62%) Cloudberry Kingdom - 90% (0.08%) Bleed 2 - 0% (1.28%) Undecided which one I'm going to work on next.
  4. First game finished, was decently fun and a nice challenge, nothing too difficult however. I'm probably going to continue on with Giana Sisters next. 10 second Ninja X - 42% (0.66%) Bleed - 66% (0.87%) Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's cut. - 0% (0.62%) Cloudberry Kingdom - 90% (0.08%) Bleed 2 - 0% (1.28%)
  5. From what I remember, the conveyor belt at the end of 5-10 was the worst obstacle in the game for me, but that might also be because its the thing I practiced the least, due to it being at the end of the final level. But I ruined a couple of runs there. The start of 5-10 isn't particularly difficult though I don't think and its possible to become consistent at it. Unfortunately I couldn't explain howto do it more than would be obvious by watching any video of the level as its been some years since I played the game.
  6. Alright, my tier 1 list is as follows: 10 second Ninja X - 42% (0.66%) Bleed - 66% (0.87%) Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's cut. - 0% (0.62%) Cloudberry Kingdom - 90% (0.08%) Bleed 2 - 0% (1.28%)
  7. Yep, that makes sense. I noticed a few games from the most wanted list that I have incomplete on my profile, so that's nice motivation to get back to those at some point. Looking forward to this.
  8. I assume you'll be around for the next year to actually update this one, hopefully lol. So I'll make a list of some games soon and edit this post I guess. Cool that it is going to a good cause as well. Quick question, I might have overlooked it, but are both old games on someone's profile and also new games (at 0%) allowed to be added to their list?
  9. Yeah, fair enough. I probably should've been more clear in that I was referring to the people who had posted on the thread recently rather than posts from over a month ago. Either way the majority of people have been explicit in that a rarity board with sit alongside the main one as it does in other sites also, rather than replacing it which would obviously never happen. Just the general content of the thread as a whole would make it clear that the current leaderboard isn't at risk of being replaced. At least I thought so. You are, however, free to interpret the thread however you want I guess.
  10. No one suggested replacing the current leaderboard...
  11. So, is it safe to say that nothing is gonna come of this again lol?
  12. I mean its been over 3.5 years since the OP was posted, if it was any sort of a priority it would have been done by now.
  13. Yep, something like that sounds fine, just some sort of structure whilst still allowing as many people as possible to participate and enjoy the event is ideal in my eyes. I'd also be fine with including those games that are 100% and UR overall, without any specific trophies being UR themselves since, as stated previously, if they had a plat it would be an UR plat.
  14. Some sort of rankings would be nice, and somewhat more stricter rules too. This 'event' is just a tally of UR stuff people have done throughout the year with people adding stuff to their list after finishing it or nearly finishing it and so on. That's fine of course, but I'd rather the rules be stricter if any sort of rankings etc will be involved. If things are as loose as they have been currently I probably wouldn't join next year as I didn't gain any sort of motivation to do the games on my list here this time, they didn't feel relevant since people were regularly adding and removing stuff from their own lists.
  15. 0.001% 🤔