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    Feel free to add me on psn or here, include psnp in the request, always cool to meet new people. :)
    I don't accept blank requests, get far too many of those...

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About Me

I'm just a shy, quiet guy looking out into the distance hoping to find himself, but a better himself than the one who's looking. I try to make up for my quiet personality by doing really wacky things at times, like eating way too much chocolate till I feel sick LOL! I should probably stop though, my metabolism is slowing and I'm gonna get fat. Now I know my name has more 9's than you're used to seeing at once, but please, don't be intimidated. Once you get to know me you'll see I'm your knight in shining personality. That doesn't make sense but that's ok because I'm alpha and we both know it.


My profile makes you jealous, I get it, why else would you be checking me out? Answer: My handsome features. But don't worry I'm not arrogant about things like that. Infact I'm really friendly xD


One word of warning, though I'm nicer than you, if we ever meet up in real life I've been known to wrestle people without warning. xD Don't worry though it's just to test your strength, there's no punishment for losing hehe. 


Now this might shock you, but I'm part of a gang, the peanut crew (might need to change that name) with my best buds Beefy G and sizeable L. We're a real tough gang often hurting people faces and feelings. But don't be intimidated, we only rekt people who wrong us, but I'll sometimes rekt people with chocolate when I'm hungry. 




This is my favourite man from an anime. His name is Vegito. I used to imagine being him because he is so big and tough. He could beat up anyone with even getting tired. It made me think I could beat up all the bad guys that I should have been more big and tough than, but wasn't.  :highfive: for you Vegito, keep on rockin my brother.  <3


Our gang is based on chars from Dragonball Y and often we'll practice focusing our ki and powerful things like that.


When I'm don't watching Dragonball Y, I watch hentai, I love it and would eat it for breakfast if it was a breakfast cereal that I liked such as coco pops. Only Papi likes to watch it more than me, but don't tell anyone, it's a secret. :)









Games to complete for Ultra Rare Alphabet:


Arcana Heart 3

BattleFantasia / Blazblue CSE

Hotline Miami 2 / Hotshots Golf World Invitational

Killzone Mercenary / Kingdom Hearts RE Chains of Memories 

Oddworld: New and Tasty / Orgarhythm 

Quantum Theory

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 

Xcom Enemy Unknown

Yakuza 4

Zombie Tycoon 2 Brainhov's Revenge £7.99



Games I have a fastest 50 time in: Numbers correct, probably, as of 18/09/15 

Ashes Cricket 2009 - 21st

3D Dot Game Heroes - 4th

The Cube - 5th

Guacamelee - 22nd

Frobisher Says - 36th

Tour De France 2013 - 100th Edition - 36th

Aquapazza - 1st

Lone Survivor - 46th

Medieval Moves - 25th

Mamorukun Curse! - 26th

Racket Sports - 22nd

Velocity Ultra - 23rd

Hitogata Happa - 7th

Geometry Wars 3 - 22nd

Don Bradman Cricket 14 - 20th

Aaru's Awakening (ps4) - 32nd

Aaru's Awakening (ps3) - 5th

Injustice EU (ps4) - 26th

Pier Solar (ps4) - 7th

Jamestown+ - 20th

Skydive: Proximity Flight - 19th

Chariot (ps3) - 5th


Watch me being twitchy