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  1. As most of you know by now, ubisoft is working on it. I hope for this to be fixed in the next patch... I'm still going to keep on playing through. But my eye will twitch looking back at the Paris DLC achievements until its resolved lol.
  2. All I have to add is that building relationships IS required for some trophies if that is something you care about.
  3. Not sure if this is the help you are looking for.... but I've earned all of the achievements on Steam last year and am currently working my way through the game again on PlayStation. If there's a trophy or section you want help with let me know and I would be happy to help with a write up for a trophy or two.
  4. The Fate of Atlantis missions you can create a new save from scratch at anytime to play them. There is a significant amount of playtime in these 3 episodes and I think they start you out with a base level 50 character. I'm not sure about the hidden blade DLC though (Pack 2-4). I would wager that you have to progress in the game pass CH7 to access... and there is only 3-5 hours of missions to play through. Probably best to watch a video if there isn't a save available and a way to access easily. It ties into some Meta Assassins Creed storyline beats. The 1st DLC pack has a whole bunch of side missions that I found to be very entertaining, but probably not worth leveling up to play these 1 off quests. However, through a normal playthrough I found these DLC quests to be some of the most entertaining in the game during the regular grind. The 'Really bad day' one is worth watching a video if someone hasn't played it... Best of luck!
  5. About a month or so ago I restarted this game from scratch. I'm working my way through the 2nd episode of the fate of Atlantis DLC. I'm... a little upset...but nothing I can really do about it. I had a large chunk of free time when I had it and I tackled a good portion of the game when I was able. Not sure if I was going to be able to play tonight, but I'll for sure just do something else and check this out tomorrow on the 24th.
  6. I'm about 70 Hours in and I'm loving Odyssey more than I thought I would. I think you are totally right about the patches, worked for me for Unity and I think it's definitely working here. Lots of the early complaints were about the level grind, so I took on more bounties and mission board missions to help me along at the beginning... about 40 hours in or so I knew I didn't need to be doing that. Started main lining things a bit more didn't complete every map icon and I'm in Chapter 7 at level 52 and still very much enjoying the main missions, free DLC quests, and gold(!) quests. The only extra mission board quests I pick up are for the orichalcum. Have picked up some legendary armor and ship lieutenants that add on to the experience for me. Guessing I'll try Valhalla late this year around the holidays to give myself a break. But at this rate I still have a good chunk of the main game and If I'm still enjoying myself, lots of DLC. Not sure if you will see this, but I took your message to heart and am just enjoying this game for what it is instead of doing it to 'get to the next one'. Cheers!
  7. My experience for early on is that the Hero Strike ability + the healing was able to get me over the hump of the early progress. A good tip I read was to respec your skill tree for a minimal cost and try the different abilities that suits your playstyle. If anyone is getting hung up this early, I guarantee there will be issues in later fights down the line. As you are able to have different load-outs, Have different gear that specs specifically for the abilities you want to use, and easily switch out from fight to fight as needed. More warrior buffs for warrior abilities, etc. I mostly ignore the armor/damage rating on all equipment and spec towards the abilities I expect to use in a fight. Cheesing the fight like OP did when suggested made me guess he got too frustrated and didn't complete the game... looking at his trophy history I was right,
  8. Oh man, I normally play the AC games a year after release, but only getting to Odyssey now because I've heard it is so grindy... My motivation was to get to Valhalla to play another PS5 game, but I'll just enjoy my time in Odyssey for now.