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  1. Final fantasy 7 theme
  2. Someone already plat this game..
  3. Rikku is important because of her mix.. so bascially end game is Tidu, Riku, Wakka. not sure how strong or useful are Aeons during end game.
  4. which of the ps2 jrpg on ps4 is the least time consuming ???
  5. if that's the case tons of jrpg are difficult plats..
  6. Yeah its all about the action..
  7. sorry, i forgot being more detailed... i mean turn based jrpg. Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance then ?
  8. my uncharted 4 plat doesn't come with screenshot because my 2nd last trophy is the "crash bandicoot" trophy at Epilogue. Straight after getting that 2nd last trophy, it goes into cutscene which blocks recording..
  9. Not getting this.. that's for sure i can't do it under 5 continues..
  10. how about best exclusive rpg on PS4 ?
  11. levelling grind not so much. its the farming of items for ni no kuni.
  12. count me in. unless this game cost $4.99
  13. not fun to plat ? heard its hell of a grindhouse.
  14. Eternal Sonata Heavenly Sword Assassin's Creed
  15. Dragon Quest VIII Suikoden III Suikoden IV Suikoden V Valkyrie Profile II Grandia 2 Grandia 3 Grandia Extreme Xenosaga Episode 1 Xenosaga Episode 2 Xenosaga Episode 3 Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter