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  1. Did you place all of your heads in the same camp with each other? Or did you have them scattered about? My main camp is all the way south and I really don’t want to carry heads that far.
  2. Call Of Duty platinums keep getting easier and easier. Being that this is supposedly a 2 year cycle game, there isn’t really much to grind trophy wise. Side Note: I notice all PS4 trophies are currently at 0%, while the PS5 list has percentages shown. Are PS4 trophies not popping?
  3. I heard reports that Weapon Of Choice could be unlocked via Mission 3. I played the mission 6 times getting a good 20 kills per game. The trophy never popped. I have gotten several legendary weapon kills in multiplayer matches prior as well. I think they stopped story mission trophies in the patch that stopped private lobby trophies. Just putting it out there because playing the story missions was a huge waste of time for me.
  4. Going To The Vet glitched for me. It didn’t pop when I did the last challenge. I thought, “Maybe I have to claim the challenge reward for it to count.” Nope. No trophy. I unplugged my console and modem for a few minutes for a hard reset. Nothing. I deleted my save file, started a new game, then re-uploaded my save files. Nothing. I uninstalled the game and re-installed. Nothing. my next step will be to contact Activision, but as a long time COD player, I know that it will most likely not work and I will receive a generic automated response. What did you do to fix your glitched trophy (if you had any)?