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  1. Alright bro', you need a pair of glass first. Second, you need a strong chill pill, maybe then you will stop discharging your anger over me for no reason, in a five years old post. Did you read what I wrote or did you understand what you wanted to understand? Just tell me where did I look like an SJW. I never mentioned about feeling insulted by the Dressing Room (plus, I didn't even buy the censored version of Burst Renewal because they removed that, how's that?). I already do, trust me. More than anything you should start respecting other people and read carefully before pointing your finger.
  2. Next step: convince Sony to include PS3 and PS Vita games on discount again at least once per year.
  3. I am on PS Vita.
  4. Anyone else got this glitch? Few years ago, before my 64 GB memory card went mad, I remember proceeding to Chapter 9 and not getting any Trophy. I thought "Maybe there aren't Trophies for each chapter", because Trophies have hidden descriptions. But this night I got to Chapter 10 and Trophy popped, but still nothing from 9. I have found someone in GameFAQs that described something similar (putting the link under spoiler, remove it if it's not allowed tho), but what about you guys? Did it happen to any of you?
  5. This is stressing me so much tbh. Mostly because there are games that will be lost forever unless you own a PS3 or PS Vita (more PS3 tho, a lot of PS Vita games are on PS4, Switch or PC too), which will not live forever anyway. If it's really true, I hope at least we can still sync our Trophies. For sure I am backing up all my games on my PC and when my PS3 will die I could at least replay them on emulator. Sony is pulling too many bullshits lately btw, it began a couple of years ago with censoring shit, but nothing I can do about it sadly. I will eventually buy a PS5 too when the price drops, since Switch ports don't run as good and are also more expansive, the PC optimizations suck too (at least the ones I am interested it, no doubt that The Witcher or GTA V runs way better on PC). Let's just keep our fingers crossed.
  6. Alright, it seems the "glitch" fixed by itself after discharging a couple of times after a Start + Select + L + PS + Power for 15 seconds from powered off console, there was no need to open it luckily. Hoping this could help someone else in the future.
  7. Thanks! And yes it seems I could use the button combinations properly (it indeed asked me for time and date), now I have to check how the battery is doing. That's good to know, I can still hope then and avoid opening it if not really necessary.
  8. Yeah I have read about the button sequence too, like Start + Select + L + PS + Power for 15 seconds, I mean no harm in trying this too right?
  9. Thanks, I will make a couple of charges and discharges and then if it doesn't fix by itself I will open it. Are you saying that is just the beginning? That it starts by saying Full-3/4, then Full-2/4 until it will say Full-red and turn itself off in a minute?
  10. The problem is that I am very afraid of opening it >_> Like it looks more fragile than say PC components and I fear for the worst.
  11. Yo guys, I have recently bought a new memory card for my PS Vita (my 64 GB one was... you know) and today I have powered it on after maybe an year that it got discharged and recharged. Problem is, the battery is full and when it goes to 3/4 it kinda trolls me, going back to full for some minutes. Then the same happens to 2/4, 1/4 and red battery but it last normally. I have read that when a battery dies it suddenly goes from full to red, but this doesn't seem to be the case luckily. What should I do? Is this a sign that the battery is dying or it will just fix itself after a couple of charges and discharges?
  12. Well, shit. I had to redo everything on PS3 because I thought that going for both titles at the same time caused a glitch and I was kinda worried about PS4 version too. Thanks a lot for sharing the actual fix.
  13. Thanks! Relationships aren't that hard to build 🤔 Try bringing them all in your party and compliment them a lot.
  14. So few months ago I have noticed a new patch came up for the game, honestly I didn't download it because I was kinda afraid they would just remove things (I mean, this game has been released 5 years ago or more). Anyone knows what the patch does?
  15. I have tried Nocto, Lightning, Y'shtola, Emperor, but I still can't get this damn thing, better yet, I can get 60 points sometimes but its mostly luck based. I get always aggroed by those three mofos and when they aggro my party they attack few times, when they attack I get interrupted by someone else nearby. It seems it's done on purpose. Any more tips?