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  1. Just for fun/informational purposes. You can see where you lie on the political compass by taking the test on this site: http://www.politicalcompass.org/ Here's my score: http://www.politicalcompass.org/printablegraph?ec=-10.00&soc=-7.64 For reference, here's the chart from the US presidential election in 2012: http://www.politicalcompass.org/uselection2012 And just some widely known figures:
  2. Official Website If you already don't have DUST 514, you may sign up here and recieve special bonuses: https://dust514.com/recruit/TYoArG/ Gunslingers Corporation, GmbH [GSLN] CEO: Auriel Aedean (Pimentel2) DIRECTOR: Orion Aedean (Big_C_23) HEADQUARTERS: Adacyne IV - Moon 14 - Federal Administration Bureau Offices DESCRIPTION: Gunslingers Corporation, GmbH, is a private military corporation with limited liability. Specialising in interplanetary warfare, we offer several services to those interested. Our soldiers go through the bleeding edge of combat training, assuring victory where we are contracted to. if you have any inquiries, please contact our Customer Service department via (PSN ID) pimentel2. If you are a prospective soldier, visit our webpage at gscorporation.forumotion.com MEMBERS: Gimlas Gallant (Gimlasgod) Marlow Hartwyck (MH4wheel) Trish Blackfield Navep Hawk (Navep9) Ferdy Fiers Carnivoor Volken Redfield Burst Limit (BurstLimitKL) Orion Aedean (Big_C_23) Auriel Aedean (pimentel2) How to Join & Requirements If you are interested in joining, please register on our website and post an application. Be sure to read the application form and requirement thread. While we will not flood you with number requirements and such, we do expect a certain level of character to be present within our recruits. These requirements also apply to current members. Even if you do not meet some of these requirements, you are more than welcome to post an application. We will grant exemptions on a case-by-case basis. RESPONSIBILITY: All members are expected to put forward their best effort to attend practices and other organized meetings, as well as critical Corporation battles. Being able to communicate and also follow orders will be critical to success. Members are also encouraged to be social on our website and be open to all sorts of discussion. We are not just a Corporation, we hope to make new friends along the way, as well. Website We offer a website with an IRC web client, forums, as well as a gallery. All recruits must register on the forums to post an application. You may visit our website @ Official Website
  3. My wonderful laptop's desktop: