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  1. Ya exactly what Davum said, unfortunately it is but I spoke to the dev and next patch should resolve this!
  2. Hello everyone I made a short video to show how you can boost the 500 Matches without having a friend, this method does require another platform however. It can be ANY platform that has access to MultiVersus thanks to the cross-play feature! In the example I used my PC, downloaded it on Steam & made a WB account specifically for boosting. (MUST MAKE A NEW WB ACCOUNT FOR THE BOOSTING ACCOUNT) You can boost the 500 matches doing this but also ALL other trophies can be boosted in CUSTOM GAME LOBBY, it's only party animal (500 Matches in a party) that can not be boosted! I hope this video explains it and is of use other than that happy hunting! Games trophy list isn't hard even without boosting, it just requires playing the game, which I advise because it's a damn fun one and I'm excited to see what Player First does for Season 1 and it's future of the game! Game is probably a 3-4/10, 1/10 if boosting & time wise will vary quite a lot depending on boosting methods etc
  3. Yes that works that's a good idea it saves you replaying the same level for a few hours which is quite a time saver and a good shout too!
  4. Thanks man and it's all good I didn't mind answering the questions as long as I know the answer that is Glad you're enjoying it beast
  5. I hope this video proves useful, the hardest challenge in Frogun is easily this boss rush mode. You have a normal boss rush and then this "Brutal Rush" mode and the bosses have different attack patterns and you have 3 checkpoints across a total of 6 boss fights. The last 2 (Mainly the final) being where shit really hits the fan! I hope the tips provided make it manageable and I look forward to seeing you guys earn this trophy The game is like to be a 6-8/10 difficulty depending on your skill with platformers, aside from 1 glitched trophy that the devs are in the works of fixing I basically have the platinum and it took around 7 hours. That's also including recording, idle time etc so it shouldn't take most people too long especially with the right approach!
  6. Don't mention it man I try to at least put aside an hour a day towards comments and I'm active in the Discord especially if tagged! If you do decide to play it good luck boss and don't hesitate to reach out if you get stuck at all.
  7. Don't be sorry mate! Not necessarily the checkpoints in the game save whatever you have currently so let's say I grab 50 coins and hit a check point even if I die I spawn back at that 50 and with everything I had prior to hitting that checkpoint and let's say I get like 5 annoying coins nearby the checkpoint I can get them then hit the checkpoint again and it'll save. Then I don't have to get those 5 annoying coins again. All dying really does is void you from the No Death emblem but you can do separate runs where you just focus on not dying etc So I tend to say do the collectibles like Eyemeralds, Skull Emblem & Coins THEN redo the level and just zoom through it for the time trial one and try not to die, if you get the time trial but you die just hit retry then you can take your time and focus on not dying. It means replaying some levels a few times if needed BUT the levels are pretty short in all fairness. But don't be sorry happy to try and answer any questions boss
  8. Damn sorry I thought I had the clip saved when I got it but must not have saved it. Well what the fix was that popped it for me if you're still having issues, go to kicky's level avoid the bats (It's a super small level) avoid them don't kill any and there is a skip you can do to get to Kicky without having to do the levels buttons/levers etc just jump up here and as you jump up use frogun to tongue the wall over to the checkpoint then just fight the boss Once you kill the boss this SHOULD also pop pacifist like it did for me, it'll also get you an easy Time Trial & No Death Emblem if you beat him without dying of course and with the skip it makes the times even easier.
  9. I will say the difficulty in the later levels ramps up quite a lot, at first you're just like ya oh this is cool, I love platformers and this is fun then BAM you're like oh okay well I have to now perform damn near perfect platforms / tongue parkour and if I don't prepare to start over I'd say overall the game felt really smooth personally (And I'm usually super picky about that stuff) but I do find you have to be pretty damn perfect at the platforming later in the levels. The check points are your best friend and sometimes I found myself pushing so hard to get to a checkpoint just so I could at least start from there each time. I haven't looked at some reviews yet but kind of curious what's being said. I will say some points can be annoying because if you're not perfect on a jump etc you'll tongue to a part you don't want to and it screws you over which that can be annoying, that being said my play time is still about 7 hours so it's not super long and that's factoring in recording and me failing QUITE a bit lol
  10. Hmm it worked for me just now but maybe it can just glitch, I'll post a video here within the hour of a way you can unlock it still, maybe a work around video! I think it's V1.75 for the patch (Its in top left on launch of game but let me do a work around video in case it helps others too) because mine also didn't work on first level but now it is
  11. I'll do a video for you now if you'd like beast Don't mention it man I really loved the game! I am currently waiting for the final hat to unlock so I'm stuck at 98% the dev said they are looking into it and they've been so fast about fixes I've reported so don't let it deter you from the game. The final hat is meant to unlock once you've bought all other hats, I've bought all and even wore them but it's still locked so they are working to have that done soon! Then we can at least have all the trophies sorted and overall the game is really polished. Just some late game fixes they've done Actually boss, I think maybe pre patch it was bugged? Because I could only get it on Kicky's boss level just going straight to him. I just tried on a blank account and trophy popped on lvl 1 just skipping all enemies and going straight to exit Is that what was messing up for you/not working?
  12. Just a PSA if you're playing Frogun, the Brutal Rush trophy didn't pop for me after I beat all the bosses on Brutal Rush it showed the medal in game however but I needed a break after that happened. When I launched it a bit later the trophy popped I reported it to devs so it might be fixed when you get to it but if not try just reloading your game! I hope this helps and congrats on a pretty challenging but fun platformer!
  13. What's up hunters, I encourage you if you're after a fairly challenging platform experience to check out Frogun! I've had a lot of fun with it and I'll also have a Boss Rush & Brutal Rush Guide up very soon but for now enjoy this video and my other video from the game The game will likely be around a 6-8/10 depending on how you are with Platformers. The boss fights are really well done in this! There was a bug on the final boss and a level after that stopped progression but after I brought it to the devs attention he literally fixed it that night, so check out the game they did a great job! Time wise I'm at around 7 hours played but that's likely more around 6 hours, so it can still be done under 10 hours I reckon since all I have left is purchasing all items & the Brutal Rush which should be done soon hopefully! I hope these prove useful definitely check it out it's nice to see such a polished game too the UI and controls are fluid and feel responsive.
  14. I hope so mate! I tried my best explaining as I went along to hopefully save as much time for everyone as possible! Just remember you can pause the game without the timer going up so use that if needed so you can speed through quicker
  15. Too nice to me! Trying to do better each day so I can truly help out the community, happy hunting mate