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  1. It’s more due to it being glitched. I tried doing it the normal way. I have almost 50 wins but no trophy but okay.
  2. Aye it’s a load of shit honestly. What’s your PSN? Add me and we can just do the Private match method? Will take like an hour tops if we both go for it geminj I’ve added you
  3. So the isssue has been solved; the trophy is bugged due to the fact a Demon win only counts towards the trophy if as the match ends you’re in ‘Demon Form’, so you can’t be possessing any units when you win. So basically as you down the last survivor in-possess whatever unit you’re in and this will count. It was tested by an Xbox user, the achievement percentage progress only ever went up when winning and being in Demon Form. Thats why it unlocked for people who had the Survivor quit in a Private match. Because they were in Demon Form when their partner quit.
  4. I messaged their Support team. It’s meant to be a Demon trophy, not a Survivor trophy, it’s just bugged as fuck and unlocks randomly. For some it’s when they revive someone downed by ANY possessed unit, when they kill someone when they’re possessed, some people have had it pop when opening a chest. Support stated it is meant to unlock the first time you down a Survivor as a Survivor when playing as a Demon. so stop theorising ways to unlock it, it’s literally just bugged in how they implemented it. Same with Demon wins. It currently only adds a win to the counter if you’re in ‘Demon Form’ as the match ends, not if you’ve possessed a unit
  5. As an update I’ve just passed 30 wins as a Demon, no trophy
  6. My maxed Demon trophy popped immediately as I did it. I’m keeping a tally of my wins to see if Armageddon unlocks for me
  7. I’m sure they’ll aim to have them retroactively unlock otherwise the Platinum could be unattainable if someone somehow maxed all Demon’s before it’s fixed. I’ve almost got my Warlord to 45, sat at 40 atm. I’m hoping that one doesn’t glitch as fuck me the grind to level these things is ridiculous. if 30 Demon wins glitches I’ll scream tbf as it’s such a difficult game. I’m sat at 17 so far
  8. They’ve responded. They’re aware the three trophies are bugged and a fix is incoming. The possession one should unlock when you down somebody
  9. I’ve submitted a bug report about the three currently glitched trophies. I’m close to making my first Demon and I’m at 15 wins. Darent max them however in case it bugs and when they fix it I have to start fresh with one of the other two Demons. Takes far too long to level up as is. all I need are those three bugged trophies and 30 revives and I’ve done everything bar max User Level. I’m Level 20. Ridiculous to ask you to reach max when you’ll likely have the entire list done by 30. Just artificial lengthening
  10. Don’t give it a pass based off experiences with other games. This is an entity entirely it’s own. It’s difficult, very difficult until you learn it. Just stick with your team and you’ll be fine. Demon play is punishing at first but as you learn it becomes so much fun. Seriously, give it a go
  11. The ‘single player’ boils down to 5 short missions. You’d be able to earn about 10 of the trophies from doing so. And you can’t play as a Demon solo so around half the list will be unattainable
  12. Play as a Survivor and pump your Spirit Piints into a Demon of your choice. I chose Warlord. She starts off weak but as you get closer to the max she becomes the most powerful by far. The boss can full wipe the entire team with ease
  13. Eh, not too bothered by the Rank 100 honestly. If this game was atrociously bad like F13 The Game with its 2000 games and also just as plain shit as that game in general I’d be bothered. it’s a lot of fun
  14. All of them combined in Alan Wake. The stashes and manuscript pages were alright as they gave you items and added lore to the game. But fuck me, there’s just so many and it’s so easy to miss one or two of each set. Fuck coffee thermoses in particular
  15. It’ll always spawn within a cabin in the vicinity of the boat. Always. it won’t be where other repair items are found though, it’ll be on shelves, boxes etc. also occasionally it can actually spawn on the pier the boat is at. Done that for me three times overall