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  1. My list keeps changing, but I got my 4/10 so far 1 - Suggestions???? (PSNP) 2 - Dark Pictures: Little Hope (PlatPrices) 3 - Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage (PSNP) 4 - Grand Theft Auto 3: The Definitive Edition - Achieved 02/01/2022 5 - Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PSNP) 6 - Red Faction Guerilla: Re-Mars-Teres (PS4) (PlaystationTrophies) 7 - Bloodborne (PSNP) 8 - Doom 3 (PlatPrices) 9 - Divinity: Original Sin (PlatPrices) 10 - The Evil Within (PlatPrices)
  2. I’m excited to try this out. Hopefully it’s got enough longevity and staying power for me to go for the Platinum almost entirely naturally rather than boosting. it’s supposedly one of the best co-op games out there’s so fingers crossed it does well You’d be surprised, the install base on Steam and Xbox is huge. So I’d imagine a pretty stellar pool of players as an permanent fixture
  3. Don’t forget to do all the Import/Export lists for 100% too. Good luck getting the Dodo to Portland :’)
  4. Everything should come naturally bar the number of Jason games. That’ll need boosting
  5. Just so badly done, you attack slow as hell, bosses are far too fast. Also healing items may as well not exist. You can’t actually heal during a boss fight as they’re just too consistent with their attacks. Really enjoyed Remnant and wanted to enjoy this but Christ almighty it’s terrible also; whichever developer had the bright idea to put in that sliding block puzzle at the end. All I can say is I hope they never work in the games industry again. That shot is fucking awful and is going to be a finish blocker for a lot of people
  6. It has some of the most atrocious collectible based trophies I’ve ever seen in w game. They’re totally random. And there’s 45 of them in regards to television shows. I’m needing two to get the trophy and they won’t ever come On. It’s honestly ridiculous that they’re random; they should’ve just played in a set loop. The game is a lot of fun, but it’s far too long, far too many campaigns l
  7. Trophy list isn’t too bad at all honestly. And we’ll worth the price as it comes with 4 maps, the 4th of which was paid for on mobile. A tonne of free cosmetics and two free ‘battle passes’
  8. Very easy honestly. As long as you have a decent build, craft some decent armor to make up for your weaknesses and learn how to dodge, parry etc. It’s not so bad. Hard mode basically just makes battles take a bit longer and you’re weaker. Make sure you always have potions. It’s a lot more fun that most games hard difficulties
  9. It’s a real shame to see people just boosting to get the Platinum as quick as possible. This is one that would come naturally at a decent speed so to see people just rushing it is quite upsetting. Especially as it’s a much better game than First Class Trouble and has a much fairer trophy list.
  10. Winning as Crewmate by completing all tasks could be ridiculously hard without a full boosting group. As it’s likely EVERYONE needs to complete all of their tasks which is extremely unlikely with the combination of smooth brains, quick deaths and people rage leaving when they don’t get Imposter.
  11. I enjoy Persona 5, feel it’s long-winded but it’s enjoyable. This game removes a lot of the more ‘talky’ stuff and instead gives you an entire world to explore and battle through, I’m enjoying this more currently, though that’ll likely change when going for all of the endings.
  12. You can get DA: Inquisition GOTY Edition on sale on the store for like £6.49 atm. The game and all three single player expansions. Well worth that price honestly
  13. For anyone reading this and just starting. Start on Easy, get comfortable with songs, their beats and find some you both enjoy listening to and can nail. Whilst unlocking the ‘Good don’t End combo’ and ‘Auto-scratch modifiers’. Then move up to Normal, repeat the above and move onto Hard for the songs you’re good at. Ignore All Night other than the trophy, it adds a tonne of note combo’s that didn’t exist before and the notes completely ignore the beat of the song most times. I personally found Haru’s first song easiest to get 50% Perfect Clear on Hard for, I even managed King Crazy, though once the beat drops 1/3 in there’s an absolute barrage of notes and it’ll probably hurt your eyes.
  14. If you want a partner for BO3 Zombies and Realism stuff I’ll be around Good luck to everyone going for Fall Guys. Even using Squads mode Infallible is still a ridiculously hard trophy. And if you’re just starting to play now, for the event, just winning for the related trophies could prove difficult. Fingers crossed its rarity doesn’t increase too much
  15. I’m totally going to join this and see how I do; 1 - Suggestions???? (PSNP) 2 - Dark Pictures: Little Hope (PlatPrices) 3 - Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage (PSNP) 4 - The Outer Worlds (PSNP) 5 - Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PSNP) 6 - Red Faction Guerilla: Re-Mars-Teres (PS4) (PlaystationTrophies) 7 - Bloodborne (PSNP) 8 - Doom 3 (PlatPrices) 9 - Divinity: Original Sin (PlatPrices) 10 - The Evil Within (PlatPrices) ive changed my 7/10 from Bloodborne to Catherine as my Now subscription has just lapsed. have no clue what to go for as my 1/10 instead of Oxenfree but I refuse to do the 30m-1h plats. Any suggestions? Telltale games are all 1/10?