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  1. I'm stuck on 11-3 as well. I get up to the second half against the mirror maiden and two electro mages and get obliterated even though I can beat the rest of the floors. I also saw a bunch of people beating this with level 40 characters and freeze metas but I can not for the life of me beat second half 11-3 it had me so upset last night thinking I'm just garbage or not smart enough to understand what to do. Definitely had me wanting to delete it even after the 600 hours I've put into the game just goofing off and exploring and playing with my friend. I can give advice for the wolves and what works for me, but once you beat them and get to the mirror maiden I have no clue what to do.
  2. If you ever want help in Genshin you can feel free to add me, I can help run domains or bosses and give advice on sets, I'm also currently working on abyss, I'm stuck on 12-1, but have heard this current cycle is a bit easier than the last few which I hope is the case.
  3. The trophy wouldn't pop for me either until I did this exact list and worked first try. Glad it worked, kind of a weird bug that this specific scout combination works and nothing else.
  4. I got this trophy today along with also unlocking it for my cousin, the 4v4 mode currently out that is the no-balls only teammate ball kills will put you on the trash chute map a lot. I originally thought this trophy was for smacking another player in which I did three times and what we did since everyone is rolling around as a ball to be thrown is walk into an enemy player while camping the chutes and now had them "caged" (picked up) and threw them down the chute for easy kills and it unlocked for us both first try. The mode is extremely easy to get this trophy in, as the enemies will also be throwing their balled teammates at you for the one-shot since regular balls aren't available and as long as you camp near the chute it takes no time at all.
  5. I enjoy playing with others but I only have one of my friends that plays this game and we can only play occasionally. Coop partners help killing mobs and bosses and you can queue in for domain (mini dungeons) for items to level up weapons and talents (skills) and level up materials. There are also coop chests and in game achievements for in game currency. I recommend when you unlock coop to turn on allow to join and sometime randomly people will join you to help you complete your daily missions and help you grind bosses which is always a nice help. There is also I believe two, one trophy guaranteed coop required just to open a chest with another person if you care about that and I'd be willing to help you with that once you unlock coop to get it out of the way if you don't want to coop at all
  6. This is the first month in a very long time where I'm excited for all three games, I'm really happy with this, it will be a birthday and christmas gift for me 😀
  7. No you can only have a coop character summoned in on the spawn floor and if you leave the room they will only be able to come in as a baby from my experience
  8. I saw this a few days ago and it has had me stressed out, I'm fortunate enough to have been able to save enough for a ps5 recently with school tuition but I'm still working on the ps4 list with my friend and it would suck if we can't play it anymore especially since she still has a ps4