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      When viewing trophy lists from PS5 and the PlayStation App, those platforms are currently not pulling data from "legacy" trophy lists properly (PS3, PS4, & Vita lists), causing this website not to be able to scan them in at the moment. Your trophies are still synced to PSN, however they are not currently viewable on PS5 and PlayStation App until Sony fixes the issue on their end.   Here is a thread discussing the issue:    


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  1. Well apparently someone got the trophy, it's at 0.1 now.
  2. I've done the trophy in both multiplayer and singleplayer worlds, with 2 different characters, during day and night all multiple times. It's just plain bugged.
  3. I've defeated the Empress of light 24 times and still no trophy pop! I will attempt to be it during the day when it is enraged and 1 hit kills you. Will update if I beat it or it pops.
  4. These are achievements from the steam version of the game and are end game trophies excluding Dead men tell no tales as that is a luck based one where you have to find a chest with a trap than die to the trap. Just Google the names of the achievements and there are guides out there.
  5. My friend and I personally have not had any issues with performance, some slight hiccups here and there but other than that really consistent frames. The one consistent bad performance issue that happens is when you first boot up the game and when you first start up a run the load times for those are really long. I still can recommend this version only downside is no platinum trophy. The developers also tend to listen, I've had some chats with them and they've added a few items/mechanics I've suggested as well as more achievements!
  6. Goodluck shooting som1 when everybody is from across the globe at 400 ping and you shot simply takes off their backpack doing no damage Only play this game if you like shitty pay2win Chinese f2p. Although this is a south Korean developed game it's no different from warface. Servers are based in California yet the playerbase is not, horrible hit detection on high ping players, basically just an asset flip of a game. If you like the zombies aspect just go play World War Z multiplayer it's much more polished.
  7. You did it when the trophies were bugged where it only took 10 sniper kills not a 100 probably. What about those grenade and melee kills tho? Did you boost them?
  8. This game is basically impossible to 100% unless you boost as the 100 kills with grenades, snipers, and melee, are all basically impossible. As grenades have a 5+ second fuse time no matter how long you hold it you'll never get a kill. Snipers are only a 1 shot headshot and 90% of the time just dont register instead shooting off the players hair. And melee weapons you basically can't kill them if they are moving as it'll just keep doing a lunge animation but won't stab them. To top all this off the entire playerbase is not from America so they all have 280+ ping making it really hard to kill them if they ever use the left analog. Good luck.