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  1. You are so wrong on so many levels it's ridiculous. Also, no, believe it or not hard evidence does not make "gamers who don't play games they judge" "scum" a fact. Because that still would be your opinion. It's not a black and white topic. And where did I downplay your opinion? Because your poll was very biased and all you did in your opinion piece was say how you felt and you didn't say anything "While I can see it from this aspect, I don't agree with it because...." again, didn't your high school teachers ever teach you this for the opinion essays? I said it felt like you were complaining, which it felt like you were, and gave you evidence on why I felt that. That's how an opinion works. Again, no. "pot meet kettle" still doesn't work. Keep trying Edit: Also, never said your opinion meant less credible, nor did I say you couldn't form an opinion. I said if you wanted to make a better and more credible opinion, you'd use more evidence. Which is true to any extent. But apparently, you failed to understand that and read too much into it. Seems like you are doing that a lot since we're all a bunch of "semantic nazis"
  2. Anyone is allowed to form an opinion, yes. How ignorant are you to believe that you can't form an opinion on something if you haven't played it before? Will it be as credible? No. But can someone do it? Absolutely. So "Pot meet kettle". Yeah no. Try harder. Edit: Oh yeah, also one more thing. Nowhere did I mention opinions=fact and were indisputable because there is no such thing. You could say ET was the best game in the world and it wouldn't be indisputable. But, the more facts you have to back up your claims, the better and more credible your opinions will be . Didn't your high school teachers every teach you that when writing an opinion essay?
  3. I'm sorry that it's clear your poll is somewhat biased. But, I didn't try to dissect your opinion on this subject, Nor did I go on a tirade. But what I did say was that if you want to make your points clearer, try to have something that backs up your claim, and try to have a less biased poll (which seems to have been said a lot). If you don't do either of those, your opinion loses all credibility. At that point it's just a statement.
  4. So, just to clarify here. Your poll is clearly biased. Option 2 uses a passive aggressive statement that basically says "Hey, I think it's okay to form an opinion from watching gameplay/reviews, and to avoid playing the game, but if I'm that person I also think you can trash and totally berate a game with no knowledge on it" and that's just simply not the case. Option 1 basically says "no one is allowed to voice their opinion on a distaste for a game". I'm sorry, but if the last 20 Tony Hawk games have sucked, what gives you the right to tell me I'm not allowed to form an opinion based on the previous 20 attempts to make a good game and watching them fail miserably? What gives you the right to say I can't form an opinion based on gameplay videos? Sure, I can eventually play it and be pleasantly surprised, or I can just say "I've made the mistake of wasting money on Tony Hawk games the past 20 times, so I'm not trying for a 21st mistake." Now, besides your poll clearly being biased, everyone is allowed to have a claim if they can make it credible. If I'm watching about halfway through the story and can tell that the story is as cliche as an 80s horror film, or I see plenty of glitches, or I see any other thing I wouldn't like in my video game, why am I not allowed to say "I think this game sucks and here's why"? Maybe I'm overthinking things here, but it seems like you're complaining just for the sake of complaining.
  5. I agree with you dude, there's nothing wrong with calling the person who runs this site a douche. Almost like calling your boss at work an ass. No harm done. I agree.
  6. Basically, as fucked up as this sounds, I made the first two decisions same as you, Playbox X and Francis dead. I never cared for either of them, and Dwayne is a cool guy and Derrick is a really good guy. Not only that, Dwayne makes a good friend with the people he'll send to help kill gangsters with you Now when it comes to the third choice, I made the decision based on what choice I would make if I was put with this decision in real life. Granted, I'm pretty sure it'll never happen, but I thought it would be better. I mean, if I had to make this decision, would I rather kill the guy that I had spent the last few months chasing? Or would I rather sell out and then have to worry if he would backstab me and kill me again? Obviously I would rather kill the guy and live my life in harmony, so I chose that .
  7. So I just walked off in MLB 13 the show :)

  8. Why? You never said that in the original post. You never said that we couldn't ask questions that required your opinion. Maybe an opinion would actually help me realize what game is better and what I would rather spend my money on. You should know this.
  9. Silent Hill is more psychological mindfuck scary than Resident Evil's pop out scary. Which do you like better?
  10. What do you like to do for recess?
  11. Me and Buster the Bronco. It was my favorite updated picture, everything else was from a year or two ago.
  12. It's kind of hard to ban about 20 people in one chatbox especially when 5 or 6 of them were staff members lol
  13. LOlolol I remember that highfive chain in the chatbox. Me, Jaymon, BT, and Hitman planned it out on Skype and it was executed better than we thought
  14. I don't understand how to play this game
  15. I'd buy it since I'm selling my God of war 3 copy and God of war collection copy .