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  1. that's what it says it's actually at 48
  2. So i am on chapter 4 of the game and am at about 60 kisses still no trophy? Should i just start a new game when i finish?
  3. Currently have 5 working on 6 and 7 right now so ill be in silver Tales for the Borderlands Life is Strange Until Dawn The Wolf Among Us The Walking Dead will update when i finish mc story mode game of thrones and walking dead season 2
  4. just finished my playthrough and damn that was good def topped walking dead starting game of thrones and also waiting on mc story mode for other episodes
  5. ambulance missions are kinda hard from what i remember but they are easy money so thats good trying to hit 12
  6. i used this guide to get the trophy friggen 3 hrs of just staying at my game making sure my controller didnt turn off well i got my platinum now so
  7. So ive been playing just got to the turf wars part and i cannot remember the game being this hard i think its the fact im so used to using cheats and now i cant for the trophies and its hard im getting killed like 3-4 times on some missions
  8. this is gunna be a easy fun platinum im looking forward to al lthe gta games again
  9. the 100% completion gunna be a pain in the ass
  10. does anyone have mass cube mats i would like to get some if anyone could help me
  11. anyone available right now to help me with the takedown one all i need for my plat
  12. episode 5 needs to be here
  13. finally got the platinum thanks to my friend!!!
  14. So can anyone help me get the flapmaster one I've been trying to get it for like 12 hrs
  15. I'm going on 13 hrs of trying to get this trophy