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  1. has anyone noticed some of the trophies are glitched? ive done a couple of the different summons in the game and have not received the trophies for them just yet
  2. So i am on chapter 4 of the game and am at about 60 kisses still no trophy? Should i just start a new game when i finish?
  3. that's what it says it's actually at 48
  4. So ive been playing just got to the turf wars part and i cannot remember the game being this hard i think its the fact im so used to using cheats and now i cant for the trophies and its hard im getting killed like 3-4 times on some missions
  5. Currently have 5 working on 6 and 7 right now so ill be in silver Tales for the Borderlands Life is Strange Until Dawn The Wolf Among Us The Walking Dead will update when i finish mc story mode game of thrones and walking dead season 2
  6. just finished my playthrough and damn that was good def topped walking dead starting game of thrones and also waiting on mc story mode for other episodes
  7. ambulance missions are kinda hard from what i remember but they are easy money so thats good trying to hit 12
  8. i used this guide to get the trophy friggen 3 hrs of just staying at my game making sure my controller didnt turn off well i got my platinum now so
  9. this is gunna be a easy fun platinum im looking forward to al lthe gta games again
  10. the 100% completion gunna be a pain in the ass
  11. does anyone have mass cube mats i would like to get some if anyone could help me
  12. anyone available right now to help me with the takedown one all i need for my plat
  13. episode 5 needs to be here
  14. finally got the platinum thanks to my friend!!!
  15. So can anyone help me get the flapmaster one I've been trying to get it for like 12 hrs
  16. I'm going on 13 hrs of trying to get this trophy
  17. very lol been going for 3 hrs highest ive gotten is 2
  18. its not even worth it for me i dont wanna have to buy another controller
  19. i will literally pay someone $5 to get me flapmaster i just had to go buy a new controller
  20. Is there an easy way to do this after you have beat the game? i didnt get all the godly possesions or the other collectibles during my first playthrough
  21. next attempt is diablo 3 just need some gear to make it easy
  22. just got the plat thanks for the encouragement guys only place i died was the spike room that rotates but the game made an autosave at the entrance when i died i quit instead of reload and it worked wont let me update my profile right now but it will be there soon
  23. ok so collectibles done just to get to the labryinth and do it without dying
  24. using this right now speedrunning sucks without everything but oh well just defeated hades is the other 3 trophies for like burning and stunning collective over all playthroughs?
  25. ok so i realize i need to post here looking for items any can help me with some leveling gear for a dh and maybe level 70 gear im trying to get the plat i have the d3 ps3 one and wanna get this one