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  1. That‘s the problem. Do it, as i did it in the video. If i don‘t do it, the connection bar will just appear fine. Nah, i have the physical PS5 version. Even if i want, i couldn’t play the PS4 version by accident. I tried the F1 2020 yesterday by downloading it again and no problem at all there.
  2. Hello, hope some of you PS5 F1 2021 Trophy Hunters can help me out. I got a weird glitch and i don‘t know if it‘s normal or if the GPU of my PS5 has an failure. Every time the connection bar appears in the main menu, at the top left corner and i hold and press the PS Home button to go to the PlayStation menu and after that immediately press X to go back in the game, the connection bar on the top left corner starts to pixel away for a second. I recored it, to show what i mean: Just keep an eye on the top left corner. Maybe some of you fellow hunters, that play F1 2021 on the PS5, can repeat what i do in the video and tell me, if the same also happens to you. Maybe some of you old school F1 trophy Hunters like @Lightsp33d1987 can also have an look at it and tell me, what is happening to you.
  3. Very disappointed with this trophy list. Was expecting two list with two platinums, all trophy‘s from the PS4 version‘s with removed Multiplayer trophies (maybe replaced by new ones). This on the other hand, i don‘t really feel. Still i‘m happy about this version, cause the Multiplayer DLC trophies got removed. The headache of getting 100% on this version, should be none existing.
  4. So if i want to complete it 100%, i should better keep my hands of this? Solo this won‘t be doable, am i right? So it‘s all about finding the right teammates to do this, kinda with the last GTA Online Heists update.
  5. Tried this trophy on a different account, changed the race suit, helmet, gloves. Finished an Online Race and the trophy did not unlock. Is the trophy broken after the recent update or am i doing something wrong? It worked without problems a couple of months ago.
  6. That one DLC trophy, is it so much harder then the Platinum of the main game itself? I really don‘t understand why so many players with the platinum don‘t have the DLC trophy?
  7. Just saw Gameplay of the new Remastered version of San Andreas (Definitive Edition) and the Pay ‚n‘ Spray trophy unlocks normally at the end of the mission „Drive-By“, since you have to drive inside an Pay ‚n‘ Spray at the end of the mission. On the PS2 Classic version (removed one) on the PS4 / PS5 the trophy doesn’t unlock at the end of the mission. You either have to do the trophy before or after the mission in the open world.
  8. Is the girlfriend trophy missable? Or are the girlfriends not disappearing during the story?
  9. Except the weapon / radio wheel & the new GPS, how much did they change the game control whise? Do the controls really feel 1:1 like GTA V now? Or is it just the button mapping? Did they change the controls of all three games to the same (like the Nathan Drake Collection has for example)? Would be very interesting to know for a lot of people (in my opinion). Hope some people, that play the game already, would let us know.
  10. Since Gameplay and Live Streams are already up all over Twitch & YouTube for the DE, i think that Vice City got in some ways improved to the better graphic whise. I really feel all the neon lighting name boards all over the city, at night. Really gives you that Miami feeling.
  11. This Game needs a re-release. It‘s really about time to do it! Instead we get another GTA Trilogy version.. With removing the Multiplayer, the platinum would become to easy imo and almost everyone would have it. Also the Multiplayer was like 40% of the GTA 4 experience on the PS3. I really hope, if it‘s coming one Day, that the Multiplayer part will be in it. They removed it on the PC version, i hope they won‘t do it on a re-release.
  12. Just checked and it seems that the PS2 version‘s are still available on the PS Store (Germany)
  13. Why just why isn‘t there a GTA 4 4K Port for PS5 / PS4? We already got all three Games with Trophy Support for PS4 (also playable on PS5). Also don‘t forget the mobile version port for the PS3. Now there will probably be two more trophy list for the PS5 & PS4 version of each Game? All i really want is GTA 4 (incl. Multiplayer) on PS5. Why is this still not considered for a 13 year old Game that never got an re-release?
  14. If i read so correctly, the only trophy that‘s harder to get with the current version is the safety car trophy. Am i right? Is there something else or is anything else not a problem?
  15. Easy platinum of course but i have to say, that i really enjoy these puzzle games.