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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LocoRoco_Cocoreccho!
  2. I finally completed every single Info Book and the only thing between me and the platinum is one more Globegate Skillbook. I've heard mention that using Change Scrolls or Magic Compacts can help get the item you need, but I've tried ten consecutive runs using every Scroll/Compact in my inventory. Is there a trick to it, or is it just completely random? Edit: Well, I kept trying and eventually the book showed up for me. Platinum #100 woooo
  3. I'm down to the last two Speed Runs, but I can't figure out the best build for them. Honestly, I winged it for most of the rest and just used the lv. 399 Regera, but these last two are in the mountains and I'm losing control too easily to get more than 2 stars. Mercifully, traffic plays a very small factor here. I'm sure some level of Live Tuning will help me, but I don't know much about cars so I can't easily tell what the tuning is even affecting. Anyone have any recommended builds and/or helpful tips for the Speed Runs "We Have a Problem" and "Dusty Trail"? Edit: I just cheesed them both with the Regera. Don't know how to delete this post.
  4. Awesome, thanks. I'll figure out what I did from there.
  5. Those numbers add up then. I don't remember hiding any trophies though. How do I unhide them?
  6. On my PlayStation app, the number of trophies it says I have is different than what's on my trophy card here. For example, my app says I have 98 platinum trophies, while my trophy card (which I just updated) says I only have 96. I also have 11 fewer golds, 15 fewer silvers, and 50 fewer bronzes. What's going on?
  7. This worked for me for the most part, but I have two jumps left and the Koenigsegg just ain't cutting it. Maybe if I equip it with Jump cards (it's all Speed right now).
  8. This could totally just be confirmation bias, but I was able to get two theater items today by trying to avoid all chests along the way. The second of them was found after a dozen or so failed attempts. Take it with a grain of salt though. Now all I'm missing is the one on the 34th floor of the Curry Tower. I wonder if I can resist opening chests all the way there.
  9. I am saving it for last actually, I only have two to go. Sorry for quoting you here lol but I've gone through that 256-floor dungeon 1-1/2 times now and haven't seen a single Theater Item spawn. I haven't seen any guides mention that either. Unless you're referring to the Spicy Curry Dungeon, the 10-floor one that forces you to go in empty-handed. Haven't finished that one yet.
  10. What a pain. One of them is apparently on the 34th floor of a late-game dungeon. That's not gonna be fun.
  11. Sorry I'm reviving a six-year old thread, but what do you mean here? How do you save beforehand and retry it? All I know of is the temp-save which deletes itself when you reload it.
  12. I was not aware that was a thing. I wondered that about Sorcery Saga as well. That game's platinum has a 26.2% rate on PSN, but under 4% on PSNProfiles.
  13. When I was working on this platinum a few months back, I'd noticed that it was only marked as Rare on PSN with an achievement rate of 43.5%, one of the most common platinums I've seen, especially considering how much of a grindy slog it was. I assumed at the time that the majority of people who bought the game did so specifically for the trophies. But when I get on PSNProfiles, I see that only 8.45% of users have actually unlocked it. I wonder why there's such a huge difference there. 🤔
  14. I'm missing Blinky Approved and Thorough, and I'm kind of running out of ideas. I've tried using every mutator individually, finishing a match, then changing, but the game crashed about 2/3 through the list so I don't even know which, if any, even got registered. As for Thorough, does anyone know if the trophy pops in the Customize menu or you have to actually start/finish a round? Any time I go deep into customizing, the game will soft-lock trying to load the stage. I got this the other day by setting up a three-player battle (you can use two controllers with Buddy mode), with no AI players. Health - Low Health Customize Rules and Scoring: Scoring - Winner Takes All Match Rules > Customize > Round Limit - 3 Rounds Match Ends - Even If Tied Let all three players win one round. This will end in a 3-way tie. Keep trying until the profile you want wins the match. It's luck-based.
  15. I personally enjoy how buggy the game is just from a stupid-fun point of view, but yeah, the trophies are a pain. In particular, the ones that involve playing 1,000 rounds (with no way of keeping track) or doing some deep customizations before a match (that will likely crash the game).