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  1. You need to request rice 3 times. To request rice again you need to use it (eat it yourself or give it to an old lady) then rest at an idol. After the 3rd time they will be exhausted and ask for a persimmon. Give them a persimmon and they will give you rice for Kuro. Take it and give it to Kuro who makes a rice ball out of it. Return to the Divine Child and you will have the option to give them the scroll. They then move to the Hall Of Illusion where you can talk to them and they request another item. Get this and return it and they will tell you about the fresh and old fruit. Give them this and they will use them. This is as far as I got before I accidentally locked myself into the Shura ending but from here advance the story line by staying loyal to Kuro and you will be able to return to the Divine Child to get the item needed for the Return ending.
  2. Fairly sure though I don’t have the game on at the moment. I also have 4 skill trees and they aren’t buyable in the 4th skill tree. So unless they expect us to get a long way through the game before we get a skill tree where they can be bought from then they are automatically applied. I haven’t been paying that much attention to how much gets healed but I have 3 health upgrades and I don’t have to use multiple gourds to fill up my health bar most of the way.
  3. You don’t need to buy anything, they are automatically applied latent skills.
  4. It’s been a while since I last played the game so I can’t remember if there is. The easy way is to just drive very slow around the track. It sucks driving that slow but it will stop your brakes from heating up too much and you won’t need to worry about braking hard for the other trophy.
  5. Keep a very close eye on how you drive as I wanted the Community Ambassador trophy as my first but I ended up popping Emergency Stop (brake from 100kph to 0kph in 2 seconds) and Do You Smell Somethin’? (let your brakes reach 1000 degrees) just by driving normally if not slower than I otherwise would.
  6. Let’s just get rid of the leaderboards entirely then since they are so pointless. At least then I won’t have to waste time reporting cheaters. Do I care about my ranking? Somewhat. I want to move up in the ranks but without playing trophy whoring games I won’t so I’m happy where I am.
  7. Really looking forward to this game. Pre-ordered the collectors edition as soon as it was available. I rarely play a game on day one these days but this is certainly one exception. Even if the game can be platted in one playthrough by backing up saves I will be doing multiple playthroughs anyway.
  8. Here’s 1 of 3,873,345 already done for you. Any other profile requires a few more clicks however .
  9. Customisable means you can choose what you want and how many you want. He might not choose to do every 1000 trophies. Also have you scrolled down the entire length of his game list. What would be longer, over 2,700 games or 75 #1000 trophy milestones? Lets include a milestone for every 10th plat as well which is another 188 milestones. Still way way shorter than his game list.
  10. My most recent trophy milestone was #10,000. My next is #15,000 whch is going to take me between 2 and 3 years to earn at my rate. I would like to change it so every 1,000 is a milestone past 10,000. I would also get rid of my 500th trophy milestones and the incredibly pointless and lame #1,337 that gets questioned every other month in a new thread. As for the being picky, I simply mean if the trophy cabinet doesn’t get increased then you’ll have to be more picky about what’s in it. I’m not against the idea of an increase but in my opinion 10 is enough. Plus what is the best number to increase it to. It’s like being able to delete 0% trophy lists. People get that and then they want to delete 1%lists. If they got that then they’d want 2% lists and so on.
  11. Aside from being suggested a couple of week ago, my opinion is that 10 trophies is more than enough for a cabinet. If it’s not, you should try being more picky. I’ve recently redone my cabinet and now I have less than 10 trophies in there (though I’ll be adding one more soon enough). I’m willing to bet more people would rather see the ability to customise their trophy milestones than have a bigger cabinet but that’s another story. I also wonder how much a person pays attention to someone elses cabinet after more than a few seconds.
  12. This issue has been brought up in multiple threads before and there’s been no permanent fix for it so I wouldn’t hold your beath on anything being done about it.
  13. Weeblympics #8 - Monster Hunter: World This was my first Monster Hunter game and I absolutely loved it. I went with the long sword which was a lot of fun. Farming for crowns is much easier these days as I got a lot of crowns from Events and crown sniping took care of the rest reasonably quickly. It took me about ~230 hours to plat and given that I spent most of that time playing during my Christmas holidays I was able to get on the fastest achievers list as well. Weeblympics #9 - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided For a while it was touch and go whether I would play this game as the Breach servers weren’t working making the plat unobtainable. Luckly they came back online after a few months and I jumped into it as soon as I could. I really enjoyed this game like the previous one and the augmentations you can unlock make playing it stealthily that much more interesting. There are a lot of missable trophies as well as branching story paths wihich makes for a lot of reloading but overall it didn’t take anything away from enjoying the game. Permadeath mode was pretty easy as you can just go invisible and waltz past every enemy. The first time I ‘died’ I very nearly forgot it was on permadeath mode and almost lost my save before quickly quitting straight out of the game.
  14. Since you’ve posted this in ‘Site Help, Issues & Feedback’ are you wanting PSNP to track progress for these types of trophies? How are they going to do that without having access to your save files which is where that information is kept? Or are you talking about having it tracked in the game itself? In which case you would need to contact developers to ask them to put this in their future games. Not that they would do this unless they wanted to.
  15. So you’re saying people will purposely ignore a pinned official boosting thread? I haven’t seen that happen on PST so why would it necessarily happen here? I would say that once people start to realise PSNP has proper boosting threads they won’t see the need to make their own. As for annoying people after they have finished the game. I’ve had this happen once on PST and that was because I had forgotten to update the post I had made when boosting the game saying that I was no longer playing it. If people are really that concerned about this happening then don’t post on the thread and can’t happen. There also is no obvious clear rule about not making boosting threads here. The only place I have seen it is in the What To Do When You Want To Boost A Trophy thread and the people making these threads don’t look for that.