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  1. :hmm: That feeling when you pop #12,000 Burnout Paradise Remastered :platinum: and you don’t want to earn any more trophies because it’s such a nice whole number. But you do anyway because you still have a handful of DLC trophies to go.

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    2. skateak


      I am going to PM you so we aren't blowing up peoples notifications. 

    3. ee28max


      Pretty cool milestone! 

    4. DamagingRob


      Nice work! 

  2. Total game owners is calculated by being tracked on this site and having earned at least one trophy in any given game (thinking about it you probably just need the game on your profile even without a trophy though I can’t say for sure which one it is). If one or both of those conditions are not meet then a person will not be registered as a game owner on PSNP.
  3. Is the lack of a Dragon Age series an oversight or has it not been made yet?
  4. I had been considering Outlast 2 for a while now so I’ll happily take it for free. I have already 100%ed Nioh and it’s an absolutely amazing game. For all those people complaining about buying the DLC, my opinion is that Nioh is a lesser game without it. By far my favourite playthrough was on Way Of The Demon (third difficulty and only available with DLC) as that is when the game truely begins. And anyone who tells you WotD is hard didn’t approach it properly.
  5. Claim To Fame - Bladestorm: Nightmare 0.42% Walk Of Shame - The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 81.18%
  6. Work is finally finished for the week now. 3 more sleeps then I’ll be off to the USA for 3 weeks. This also means no trophies till I get back though the friends I’m staying with have a Switch so I’ll have a go at a few games on that. And depending on price I’m giving serious consideration to purchasing Untitled Goose Game for me to play them.

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Welcome to america!!


  7. Weeblympics #11 - Catherine Catherine is a game that is weird in the way that only Japanese games can be weird. You play as Vincent who has a girlfriend Katherine but he is cheating on her with Catherine. By the time you complete the story line you will find out just who this mysterious Catherine is and why you are cheating on Katherine. The gameplay involves climbing up a wall of blocks while avoiding the blocks that can send you to your death if you’re not careful and a boss on each final level. The storyline levels are mostly easy as they are all scripted so you can watch a video then repeat it. On Hard difficulty you can’t undo any mistakes you make so you need a good run or be able to work around your mistakes. Hard mode wan’t quite as bad as I thought it would be and repetition means you can learn the level without watching a video repeatedly. The Rapunzel mini game was by far the worst part of the plat with 128 levels which while short get tedious very quickly. The hardest part of the plat is the infamous Babel Tower. 4 randomly generated levels that are each longer and harder than the last. Thankfully you can make it a bit easier and quicker by doing it in pairs mode by controlling both characters which isn’t as hard as it may sound. It took me a week to conquer Babel but I was pretty damn happy that I got there and this is easily one of my proudest plats. Weeblympics #12 - Samurai Warriors 4 Samurai Warriors 4 is my second Koei Tecmo game and I can only assume that most of their games are long and grindy. The game is based around feudal Japan during the Warring States period. It features a number of real people and real battles. Each level in story mode consists of choosing 2 officers to take into battle and running through a map killing soldiers, officers and bosses while completing objectives. Like Bladestorm, once you’ve completed your first level that’s the entire game repeated for 100+ hours. There is also Chronicle mode which involves ‘writing’ the biographies of 1015 officers. This is done simply by either killing the officer in battle or fighting along side them. You can also collect the best weapon for each officer in story mode once you have made enough progress in Chronicle mode. The grindy part is completing every objective for every level as well as completing every level with all available officers which can range from 2 to 12 officers which really drags on by the end of the plat. Even though it looks like this event is dead in the water as far as updating the original post goes, I already own 19 out of the 20 games I choose so I’ll be playing them all anyway. And for anyone who chose Grand Kingdom you may want to check this thread out.
  8. @Cyvnyde if you haven’t beaten Venom Hot Lap 2 yet you might find it easier to not do a perfect lap. It took me about 40 minutes to beat this time trial using the below method.
  9. You’re looking at an easy 150 hours to plat it for starters. However the main reason is because once you’ve completed one battle that’s it. You’ll be repeating the same thing over and over and over.
  10. Bladestorm: Nightmare is one such game. PSNP rarity is 0.42% meanwhile PSN rarity is 1.5%. This is almost entirely due to hackers because I’m reporting profiles for this game all the time. I’ve reported 4 people just in the last week. Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is another one. 6.40% on here and 19.9% on PSN. Catherine also has a slight variance of 1.29% on here compared to 1.5% on PSN.
  11. This has been brought up many times before. No one has the plat as it’s impossible and anyone who does have it cheated to get it. There are more than a few games like this where cheaters have been removed but their stats still count for whatever reason. There is no fix in place for it and it doesn’t seem like there ever will be.
  12. I downloaded Thunderbird on my computer and viewed the email as plain text and there was the 25% off code! It really makes you wonder how often this sort of thing happens. In the end I got a physical copy of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the Season Pass for just a couple of dollars more than the sale price of a digital copy of just the base game so I’m pretty damn happy with that.
  13. Decided to get Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (physical copy) for just $36 and it was the last copy at that price too. Season pass is on sale as well and although I have no interest in platting AC3 again I’ll give AC: Liberation a go.

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    2. freddie1989


      I picked this up for £10 a couple of weeks ago. Need to do Unity and Origins first though

    3. DamagingRob


      @Copanele What was so bad about Liberation? I played it on the PS3, and don't remember it being terrible. Just felt like more AC3 to me, to be honest.

    4. Copanele


      @DamagingRob I played it only on PS4 and sadly I had some stupid issues. Always getting stuck in the Bayou, the canoe is like trying to steer a boat on the highway, falling through the map countless times, Aveline having the most irritating voice ever xD the lack of proper mission tracking and especially the last mission with the villain. I don't know I had a really bad time with it. Which is sad because the ideas in this game are really really good , I loved the Mayan setting and the personas. But it's kinda my least favorite AC game this far.

      It is a pretty easy platinum though that's for sure.

  14. These 2 statements are how this whole thing came about. In the real world trophies have no worth or value whatsoever. As far as gamers and trophy hunters go, a trophies value is entirely subjective. Person A considers trophy X worthwhile whereas Person B doesn’t and vice versa. But the great thing about it is that a trophies worth is not a fact, it’s an opinion. This means that neither Person A or Person B is right or wrong when they give a trophy a value that the other disagrees with. However these ‘ribbons of effort’ are seeking to change that by putting a worth/value based on their rarity which is just stupid. Also at no point has Sony devalued platinums. If anyone think they have then the problem lies with them because everyone gives a trophy it’s own worth not Sony. However with the advent of so many quick and easy plats the thing that has been devalued is a persons number of plats. It used to be that having 200 plats was impressive but these days you can’t say that without first checking to see if 150 of those plats are stacked EZPZ games. I platinumed Steins;Gate earlier this year and it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played and probably will ever play but according to the effort ribbon that plat isn’t worth anything because it sits at 50.29%. And the same can be said of some of my other common plats like The Walking Dead S1/S2, The Wolf Among Us and Telltales Guardians Of The Galaxy. None of the plats are deemed ‘worthy’ of anything purely because they are considered easy (I won’t say quick because these days there are plenty of 5 minute plats which makes 7 - 9 hour Telltale games seem long) and therefore have a high plat rate. I of course completely disagree and say they are absolutely worthy plats, in my opinion. If someone else thinks otherwise then I’ll live and let live because I give my trophies value, not anyone else. But as mentioned previously, as long as these ribbons being on my profile are optional then I don’t care about their existence.