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  1. Years ago I had people on my friends list who had platinums. I decided that I wanted a plat of my own so I decided to plat the game that I was playing at the time which was Dark Souls. Once I got that first plat there was no stopping me. It did take a few games before I started going after the plat/100% on every game that I played. I doubt I could ever stop trophy hunting at this point unless Sony decided that devs no longer had to have a trophy list (making it optional) and even then there would still be plenty of games that I could still plat.
  2. My favourite game series is the Souls series so I’ve put all my Souls plats as well as the plats for Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Basically it’s a From Software plat cabinet.
  3. This is the build I used for Way Of The Demon. Absolutely everything in WotD was a cakewalk with this build. I died, at most, 5 times across the entire game on WotD and all those deaths were in missions I hadn’t completed on any other difficulty. If you only have 10 missions left you might be better off just trying to do it co-op as putting together a brand new build (probably from scratch) will take a lot longer.
  4. Since I do everything on my iPad and not my old computer I use this website to make my profile pic the necessary size.
  5. The leaderboard is based on total trophy points earned. is 15 points, is 30 points, is 90 points and s are worth 300.
  6. If you’ve deleted someone or they delete you and you’re still seeing their notifications then it’s most likely because you’re still following them. Deleting someone doesn’t automatically mean you unfollow them as well so have a look at your list of followers and see if they are still on there.
  7. I hope they start doing this for all PS+ games going forward. Especially when they put a game in a sale and then the next month it’s on PS+. I’ve had this happen and I was pretty pissed off about it (granted I bought a physical copy). Any game that is in any sale should be ineligible to be a PS+ game the following month (cue people complaining it should be 2 months, no 3 months, no 4 months....). Sure glad I decided not to buy Shadow Of The Tomb Raider from the current sale. Might be a bit different if you buy a deluxe version but for the base version this should absolutely apply.
  8. Every single playthrough is the same. Give him the Searing Demons Soul and you can get all related trophies in NG+ and beyond. Also if you want to make things easier you could always dupe things so any NG+ playthrough is easier.
  9. I grabbed The Crew 2 (turns out I don’t need the season pass since all it actually gives you is 3 exclusive vehicles and a couple of outfits) and Code Vein Deluxe Edition.
  10. It’s available on the New Zealand and UK stores so maybe it’s only been removed from the Spanish store.
  11. I did my first playthrough blind on Hardcore just to get it out of the way. On Hardcore you have less health but since it’s a stealth game you shouldn’t be engaging in open combat anyway. Guards also spot you quicker but I didn’t think the spotted time was hugely noticeable between Hardcore and normal so by all means play on Hardcore right from the start.
  12. Given that you’ve platted Demon’s Souls on PS3 three times I’m not sure how you could be confused given the spell trophies work in exactly the same way on the PS3 version as they do on the PS5 version.
  13. Do you have the Recovery miracle? Saint Urbain won’t offer it to you till you’ve killed a Primeval Demon.
  14. Did anyone else come to this thread thinking it was going to be a TLoU2 shitfest because they assumed GOTY stood for Game of the Year not Guide of the Year? Or it it just me?