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  1. No NG+ trophies? Absolutely brilliant. One playthrough was enough for me plus I borrowed the game off a workmate and didn’t want to have to borrow and go through it again just for 100%.
  2. Another game this constantly happens to is Bladestorm Nightmare. I’ve been reporting multiple people every month for most of the year. Every profile that I’ve reported has been the same with most, if not all, games on the profile having been hacked so manual reports are definitely causing it to happen. The rarity of the plat does change as people are removed although so many people are cheating it that the rarity of the plat is hardly ever correct.
  3. #187 - Darksiders Warmastered Edition #188 - Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition I didn’t get around to doing the points update at the start of the week as I had packages that were arriving and by the time I had opened them and sorted them out I had lost a bunch of gaming time so I’m doing the update today and have also updated the rarity values of everyones plats. Team A has 6400.96 points with 81 plats. Team Sheep has 6896.17 points with 58 plats. Having finished Darksiders 2 earlier than planned I’m going to be taking the day off to watch some movies and I have all of next week off work during which time I’ll be binge watching movies. Next Saturday I’ll be starting my third and final bonus game which is Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch.
  4. There’s no NG+ so nothing carries over. You can only have one game save as well so when you start a new game, the game you did have will be gone unless you back that game save up. For my second playthrough where I killed everybody I went stealth as long as I could but once an enemy spotted me I went loud as it’s easier than trying to hide and continue stealthing it. That and I rushed my second playthrough solely for the trophies.
  5. I started the DLC soon after I was able to, going in the order of release and I never had too AFK anything for reaching Max Herbalism. It just came naturally as I went through my first playthrough. Fully upgrading the growhouse can take a bit longer as it requires a lot of money but as long as you bank your money regularly (you lose 50% of all money on you if you die) then you should be fine. If there’s any trophy to start on ASAP it’s the Pop, Pop trophy for getting 4 kills in Slow-Mo Shooting 10 times as I didn’t even know this was a thing until late in the game. I ended up Googling how to do it after noticing the trophy for it again, as it never mentions anywhere or at anytime you can slow-mo shoot (and slow-mo drive but I never needed it). I did find a good place to grind it (right at the end of the game) where there was a checkpoint and 4 enemies but it would have been easier and quicker to get as I played through the game
  6. I don’t remember either. I do know it was annoying trying to update trophies only to be told you can’t which is the main reason I went Premium.
  7. Surely one of the best things about being a Premium Memer is being able to update your profile literally every minute and not have to rely on auto updating.
  8. I used Warrior Of The West armour through my first 2 playthroughs, just keep equipping higher level versions of it as you come across them. I wouldn’t worry about increasing your casting speed. Just go for the Mystic Arte when you can. Realistically you should have more than enough time to cast it with a bit of distance between you and an enemy. You’re better off using items/armour that play to your style of combat and weapon of choice.
  9. Yeah it does come down to timing to use them but once you have the instant cast it becomes much easier. Once you have Sloth then using that first gives more time to use any others you need to.
  10. Can’t tell if that means it’s easy or not since I wouldn’t want any of those things . If you want to make things easy then invest in the Sloth and Weakness talismans under Onmyo magic as soon as possible. These make bosses considerably easier. On subsequent playthroughs Sloth is kinda useless as it lasts for a very short time but anything can help. I love the Soulsborne games and found Nioh just as addicting if not more so. Spent 4 weeks getting 100% and loved every minute of it. It wasn’t luck. A lot of people who make themselves available for co-op have completed the game on Way Of The Demon or higher so can easily kill anything on lower difficulties. I struggled with one of the DLC bosses as I was way underlevelled and he could one-shot me with any move so I summoned someone and after a few tries I got someone who took him out in literally seconds with a WotD build.
  11. I can’t say how hard going for just the platinum is as I went for 100%. The hardest part of going for the platinum will be completing all missions as there have been updates that add double boss fights to that list so if you struggle against any of those individual bosses then taking on another as well is going to be rough. I highly recommend getting the Season Pass while it’s on sale as all of the DLC is fantastic. I personally found going for 100% laughably easy. Playing through every single base game and DLC mission on the 3rd difficulty, Way Of The Demon, was by far my favourite of my 3 playthroughs. I have seen a few people on here say WotD is hard but with the right build it’s an absolute cakewalk. I personally used this build when I got 100% back in April and I died 3 times going through the base game missions and a few more times on the DLC solely because the build I was using was so good I didn’t bother playing through the second and third DLCs on an easier difficulty before playing on WotD so I didn’t know exactly what to expect. And even though I have hundreds of hours of experience playing the Souls games, I always went with a sword and shield build so coming to Nioh which has no shields, my experience only prepared me for the game mechanics. However the combat of no shield in Bloodborne and to a lesser extent, The Witcher 3, was enough for me to not find the combat in Nioh much of a challenge to get used to.
  12. Here’s the latest points update. Team A has 6349.06 points with 80 plats. Team Sheep has 6701.21 points with 56 plats. Yesterday I started playing Darksiders Warmastered Edition. I hadn’t planned on getting this as I liked Darksiders 2 more but a few sales ago it was on special for less than $4 and for that price I’m happy to play it again. It looks really good on PS4 and although I don’t like doing single playthroughs on the hardest difficulty as it can be frustrating, I have played it before so I know what I’m getting into. The one trophy that I really wasn’t looking forward to as it took me a long time on the PS3 version is so much easier on PS4 and I got it on my first attempt. Should have the plat by the end of the week then it’ll be onto Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition.
  13. #186 - Mafia 3 Loved this game. Soundtrack was fantastic, enjoyed the story and combat was a lot of fun. Didn’t care for having to do a second playthrough for the last few trophies but I just did everything I needed to as quickly as possible.
  14. Like @Edunstar84 I’ve been waiting for Hellblade to come down in price but I’ve been putting it off for so long I told myself the next time it’s on sale I’ll grab it so I will. Tales Of Beseria is tempting at 70% off but I still have Symphonia: DotNW and Zestiria in my backlog so I’ll pass on it for now.
  15. Here’s the latest points update. Team A has 6278.19 points with 79 plats. Team Sheep has 6389.18 points with 54 plats. I’ve been making pretty good progress with Mafia 3. I’ve finished the story missions for all the DLC and just have 2 miscellaneous trophies left to go for them. I think I’m nearly finished the story missions in the base game and other than a few ‘do this’ trophies I’ll just have one more playthrough to do though whether I can plat it by the end of this week is another thing.