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  1. Don’t worry, you don’t need to post them here for them to be counted . I update everyones profile and go to their trophy log for platinums when I update the points.
  2. Yes. Complete the mission The Queen’s Eyes and this will unlock the 3 DLC areas.
  3. Here’s the latest points update. Team A has 7925.04 points with 107 plats. Team Sheep has 8231.97 with 68 plats.
  4. Here’s the latest points update. Team A has 7807.19 points with 105 plats. Team Sheep has 8231.97 points with 68 plats. So does anyone else have their plats already planned out for the rest of the year or is that just me? #194 - Wasteland 2 #195 - Red Dead Redemption 2 #196 - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas # 197 - Monster Hunter World (won’t get that platted this year though) #198/#199 - Cat Quest, Undertale (moving into 2019 now) #200 - Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen #201 - Gravity Rush Remastered (pencilled in) #202/#203 - Catherine, Port Royale 3 And that’s as far out as I’ve planned.
  5. Backwards compatibility doesn’t matter to me. I stopped playing PS1 and PS2 games a long time ago though I do still have the consoles and all the games I bought for them. By the time the PS5 comes out (or at least by the time I get a PS5) I want to have earned every trophy on my PS3 games that I want to so I can retire that as well. That just leaves the PS4. I won’t be getting rid of my PS4 (just like every other Playstation I’ve owned) so I’ll be happy to play my PS4 backlog on my PS4.
  6. I got the game near the start of the year when I found out there were Community Events for 2018 so I was able to get the Community Ambassador trophy. Currently there aren’t enough Events left this year to earn the trophy (you need 20 total) so unless they release more next year then that trophy as well as the plat will be unobtainable.
  7. Thanks. I wanted to play another racing game after having so much fun with DriveClub so I picked this up when I found out there was a 2018 roster of Community Events. Unfortunately I didn’t know this was a racing simulator so I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. The plat itself is easy if you put the AI on the easiest dfficulty and all races on the shortest distance though it does take some time to get used to the way some cars handle (apparently on a wet track with racing slicks you can’t even drive in a straight line without spinning). There may be a 2019 roster for Community Events but if you want to play a racing game this may not be the best one to go for.
  8. #193 - Project Cars
  9. I’m going to be playing Monster Hunter World in December and I can’t find a physical copy cheaper so might as well grab it in this sale.
  10. Here’s the latest points update. Team A has 7705.1 points with 102 plats. Team Sheep has 8060.51 points with 67 plats.
  11. I don’t but coming up to plat #200 I do want to get there quicker as Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (PS4) will be #200 and having played and absolutely loved it on PS3 I am looking forward to playing it again. But I’m not in a rush as I want to play Monster Hunter World over my Christmas holidays this year so I can put some serious hours in to it and I want that to be #197 so I can play a couple of very quick games afterwards and then move onto DD which I plan on spending a lot of time playing.
  12. No. Basically uncover every inch of every map (no dark spots on the map) in the base game to get the trophy.
  13. I loved this program when it first came out but it’s well and truly gone downhill now. The theme song talks about all the violence in movies and sex on TV and that’s what it’s full of now. Violence, swearing and sex jokes. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have a problem with that sort of content but the first however many seasons didn’t rely on that sort of thing and that’s what I like about it but these days it’s in basically every episode. Not that that has stopped me buying each new season but oh well.
  14. The person you need to get in contact with is the site owner @Sly Ripper as he is the only person who can help with Premium Membership issues.
  15. Here’s the latest points update. Team A has 7517.93 points with 100 plats. Team Sheep has 8060.51 points with 67 plats.