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  1. Any changes you make regarding trophies being private or not will require you to earn a new trophy, sync it with PSN then update your profile on here to show any changes.
  2. It’s a typical Far Cry game as far as gameplay/missions go but you can ride around on a sabre-tooth tiger hunting wooly mammoth with a bow and spear, how could that not be scientifically awesome. Hurk is pretty good funny as well. I’ve played 6 Far Cry games and I would put Primal in my top 3.
  3. I say review it and see if the upgrades change it’s position. Then again I’ve platted all 4 lists so maybe my opinions biased
  4. The guides shown above a trophy list rotate if there is more than one. Some times it will show the guide for the original, other times the guide for the redux version.
  5. Not counting the game I’m playing at the moment I have 25 incomplete games on my profile, 8 of which are impossible to 100%. Once I’ve completed Nioh 2 my completion rate will be around 96.15%. My aim is to get 99.99% but realistically I’d either have to complete all games I can complete and earn whatever trophies I can in games I can’t complete then keep 100%ing every game I play till I reach that figure but that likely won’t happen. Most of my incomplete games are for the PS3 and going back to it feels like a chore sometimes but I do plan to complete a few of them and I only have 3 unstarted PS3 games on my backlog. My current goal is to get high enough above 96% that starting a new game won’t drop it below that. My next goal will be 97% then high enough above that so it doesn’t drop below it on starting a new game and so on. However my completion rate is high enough that 100%ing a new game without DLC gains me ~0.02% (if not 0.01%) so once again it’s going to rely on completing games already on my profile to make any real gains.
  6. No it’s a game mechanic. If you had at least 5 minutes (I think it was) on your timer you’d get an extra 50% scrap on top of what you dropped. In fact the easiest place to do it was right at the start of the game. It starts off slow but builds up pretty once you get into the hundreds of thousands of scrap. Not sure if that mechanic is in the second game but if it is I won’t abuse it again lol.
  7. The Surge was a great game but being able to get back more scrap than you had dropped, providing your time limit was above a certain amount, somewhat breaks the game. I don’t mind admitting I abused this mechanic which meant I could use all the best cores as soon as I got them making the difficulty pretty much trivial. Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed the game even if it was a very short game (though I did do 2 full playthroughs instead of backing up my save to get the second endingon my first playthrough). I would also like to nominate Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor as it’s one of the best and most entertaining gaming experiences I’ve ever had (at least it was after I started playing more stealthily since going in swords blazing kept getting me killed).
  8. Has anyone ever been successful in getting a refund for a PSN game outside of the 14 return policy? I bought A Plague Tale on 31/5 but I’d rather play the PS5 version but probably won’t bother if I can’t get a refund for the PS4 version.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. funboy1246


      since its been that long im not sure your chances are very good. i dont know about new zealand but it was recently an american free game of the month. i think the ps5 upgrade on that game is free. but i may be wrong. 

    3. FilmFanatic


      @gruffiiti Unless I like the game enough that I would want to stack (which as good as I’ve heard it is I don’t think this will be the case) then I’d rather play the free PS5 version instead of the paid PS4 version.


      @funboy1246 I doubt my chances are good either but it doesn’t hurt to try anyway.

    4. SnowxSakura


      Sony will give you at least one courtesy refund on your account

  9. Although I haven’t played it myself (it is on my wishlist) one of my workmates says that Ashen is a fantastic game plus it was developed in New Zealand.
  10. A published author, a scientist and an artist that’s some serious talent you got there.
  11. Dark Souls (PS3) - March 4th, 2012 My first platinum and really couldn’t have had a better one (my trophy cabinet will show you why). God Of War - January 3rd, 2013 Killzone: Shadow Fall - January 6th, 2014 My first plat of 2014 was also my first PS4 game/plat. You couldn’t earn trophies using bots so it took me 111 hours to do the MP trophies but this was one of the few games with MP I enjoyed. Far Cry 4 - January 6th, 2015 Goat Simulator - January 1st, 2016 I popped 15 plats in 2 hours for Plat Rain Day in 2016. I tested when and how long it took the final trophy I needed for the plat to pop and earned this plat 2 seconds into 2016. Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time - January 1st, 2017 My first plat of 2017 and also my 125th plat milestone and boy did that piss me off. I don’t care for platformers so didn’t really enjoy the HD trilogy but this was at least easier than the previous three. The reason it annoyed me so much is plat 124 was Destiny which I absolutely loved. I got someone to carry me for Flawless Raider and they asked if I wanted to do it again on Hard difficulty which got the the plat. If I had thought about this at the time I would’ve held off to make it plat 125 instead. Killzone 2 - January 6th, 2018 I was very very thankful the server shutdown for this was announced while I was on Christmas break so I was able to get the Grand Valor trophies out of the way with very little effort unlike the people going for it right before shutdown. Monster Hunter: World - January 8th, 2019 These days I always play a long game over my 3 week Christmas break and I was able to plat this game in just over 3 weeks. It was a fantastic game and the grind for crowns is probably the only grind I’ve done in a game where I enjoyed it. Skyrim (PS4) - January 9th, 2020 I bought this game 3 times. The vanilla PS3 edition, the Legendary PS3 edition and although I told myself I was going to buy it a third time when the PS4 version came out…..I did. Only kept and played this version and while I mostly liked it I still think it’s incredibly overrated. The combat (I went with sword and shield) was extremely boring and even when I had a full Daedric armour and weapon set that meant I could one shot everything so had to change to Legendary difficulty, it still wasn’t fun. Everything else about the game just felt very generic, there really wasn’t anything about it that really stood out. Tom Clancy’s The Division - January 11th, 2021 Thoroughly enjoyed my time with this game. The classified Striker build I went with was exactly the type of build I wanted and was a heap of fun. The only annoying thing was getting the classified gear and I ended up going with a classified Nomad build at first since there was an event that meant I could get classified Nomad gear. A couple of days before I finished the game there was another event that got me classified Striker gear so I only used it for a couple of days. I was also lucky enough to find a group that was boosting Last Stand wins as the NZ/Aus servers are dead so couldn’t have done it legit.
  12. #272 - The Evil Within (PS4) Pure Evil Unlock all trophies for The Evil Within. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. My first playthrough was a no upgrades run which wasn’t too bad but not being able to run for more than a few seconds got very annoying very quickly. My second playthrough was my speedrun (clocked in at 3h and 40m) while being fully upgraded which made things so much more fun but running through the game meant I couldn’t enjoy being maxed out as much as I wanted to. And my final playthrough was the daunting Akumu difficulty. It wasn’t quite as difficult as I thought it would be but then again playing it so long after release meant that there was no shortage of tips and videos that I could follow. I completed it in just over 10 hours with 62 deaths. To anyone looking to plat this game I would highly recommend checking out Jigzaw_Killer on YouTube as his Akumu guide makes a lot of sections much less difficult than they could be.
  13. According to the wiki it unlocks on Quapel which is in the Bol d’argent, Gravlock A region.