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  1. I always aim for 100% in a game. If I know a game will be frustratingly hard then I’ll go after every trophy I can. For example Vanquish and Prototype. If I put in the time/effort I probably could plat them but the time and frustration it would cost isn’t worth it (currently). As an add on to the above rule I will always 100% a game even if I don’t like it once I’ve played it for a while. A recent example would be Red Dead Redemption 2. RDR is my favourite game so I was really looking forward to RDR2 and got it day one. Unfortunately I didn’t like it very much and the MP was truly awful and one of the worst grinds I’ve experienced. However I still platted it (took me ~250 hours) and my final thoughts are that while what Rockstar had achieved was amazing, the single player campaign didn’t compare to the first game (however coming back to replay missions for gold medals was more fun knowing how the story ultimately unfolded in the end). I only play games I’m interested in or think I’ll be interested in. For example, I don’t like sports games so I won’t play them. If I own a game including having it in my library from PS+ I must play it. This can be a tough one as I have Teslagrad from PS+ but I don’t like platformers so I don’t want to play it. If there’s one rule that another rule would supersede then it’s this one. Other examples would be Grid Autosport. I like racing games but there’s a big online grind (that I should be able to do solo with 2 PS3s) and I’m not interested in doing that since it was a free game therefore not playing it won’t be losing me anything. I will always boost MP trophies. While I have had fun with MP in some games (Modern Warfare 2, Killzone Shadowfall) I really have no interest in PvP. The quicker I can get them done the better. I’m currently playing AC IV: Black Flag and I got all but one MP trophy done before I started the single player campaign (thankfully most of the MP stuff can be done solo or without much effort). I always mix and match game types and game length. If I play a 100+ hour game then I’ll follow it up with a couple of shorter games. While I still have a PS3 backlog I’ll play a PS3 game then a few PS4 games. I also mix up genres so I’m not playing a bunch of RPGs (for example) in a row. If a game has DLC I will always try to make the final trophy the platinum. I never buy DLC at full price and if a game I want to buy will have DLC released then I’ll wait till all DLC is released or if I buy the base game first then I won’t play it till all DLC is available. Episodic games will also played once the entire game is out. Not this has ever really been an issue but I’ll always play a series in order of release since that’s the order the developer intended them to be played in. I only play one game at a time. I start a game and I 100% it (unless I have to go to my first rule) before moving onto the next one. I won’t play trophy whoring games. My definition of a trophy whoring game is when a game or trophy list is very very easy and short but more importantly it’s a low quality game. For example I have played Cat Quest. It’s quick and easy but it’s a lot of fun and I’ve yet to see anyone say otherwise. There may be other rules I’ve forgotten but these are the main ones.
  2. I’d never buy a Borderlands game day one as I don’t want to have to come back to it 4 or 5 times with each new DLC it’ll get. I’ll pick it up once a complete edition is available.
  3. If there’s anyone who could help me with the booby trapped lift kill in Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag (PS4) in the next few of days let me know.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. FilmFanatic


      Just got the trophy though it took nearly a whole deathmatch for anyone to go up the lift.

    3. Deceptrox


      I only boosted "Sacred Land", anything else can be done on Wolfpack playing solo or against randoms (e.g. booby trap and bodyguard abilities for "All Rounder").

    4. FilmFanatic


      I’ll boost Sacred Land as trying to do it legit when against high level players will be fruitless.

  4. In New Zealand its $120 for 16-20kph over, $170 for 21-25kph over and $230 for 26-30kph over. There is a disclaimer on the police website that says The information on this page is a general guide only. It is not the source of the law and should not be used in place of authoritative legal documents. In addition to a fine, you will also incur demerit points. but even so those are some pretty pathetic fines given that a head on crash at 70kph (20kph over the 50kph limit in cities) is going to make one hell of a mess. Although I’m guessing if you got pulled over by a cop for speeding as opposed to a speed camera you wouldn’t get off so lightly.
  5. @ShogunCroCop what timezone are the results based on? As going by my timezone I earned 3 plats in June; Risen 3, Catherine and Word Search by POWGI.
  6. Well now isn’t that a shame. A water main burst at work which means no running water so instead I get a paid afternoon off to play video games.

    1. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      Hopefully you deleted "How to sabotage water mains" from your Google history at work. :ninja:

  7. If this is intended to fix everything including the number of platinum achievers being wrong due to cheating players being removed then it isn’t working. For example, Bladestorm: Nightmare and Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters.
  8. #212 - Catherine (EU) Cheers To You! Earn all other Trophies! Catherine is a somewhat weird Japanese game about relationships and cheating. The Golden Theatre was the storyline component that was made up of cutscenes, talking to NPCs in a bar but the bulk of the gameplay was climbing walls of blocks with things like ice blocks, bombs and traps thrown in as you progressed further. Every level was a set pattern so it was just a matter of watching a video and copying it. Not that this necessarily made it easier. My first playthrough was a bit hard at times as I was learning the ropes. At some point I was looking at a trophy guide and saw that Hard mode meant no undoing moves if you screw up which made me dread starting it. In the end it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and by that point I wasn’t making a lot of errors. Funnily enough the boss that I thought would give me the most trouble (not counting stage 9) was easy and another boss I had no real issues with previously caused me a lot of retries. Stage 9 is by far the hardest with the first boss form taking me about 2.5 to 3 hours to complete but at least his second form was a lot easier and quicker assuming RNG didn’t screw you. The Rapunzel mini game was not a lot of fun at all and I ended up playing it for 6 straight hours one evening to finish it. The true test of the platinum however is the Tower Of Babel. 4 randomly generated stages that get longer and harder. I did it in pairs (controlling both characters myself) as this meant the block puzzles were a bit easier and you had to climb a lot less blocks to reach the end (the 4th stage difference between single and pairs is over 100 steps which is a long way). Obelisk was the hardest as it threw all block types at you and it was easy to get screwed over if a mystery block turned out to be a bomb and it took me around 9 hours of trying. The final stage, while longer, was easier in that there were only 2 non-normal blocks to watch out for and they were generally easy to avoid. This is definitely one of my hardest and proudest plats to date and the next game I’ll be playing is going to be much, much easier.
  9. If you’re not aware the servers for this game shut down awhile ago so the only option is to go through private servers if you want someone to drop them for you (you’d have to Google it for more info). Also you will need to set this up trade via a Gaming Session.
  10. It only took 3 evenings but I’ve finally conquered the 2nd stage of the Tower Of Babel in Catherine. 4 hours of work tomorrow and I can spend the weekend beating the final 2 stages. F u n  a n d  g a m e s.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. FilmFanatic


      Thanks. I’ve been using 2 controllers as well since it saves you a lot of steps and makes the puzzles a bit easier. I’ve watched some videos and I’m hoping it’s mainly the mystery boxes that make the last 2 stages harder if you get bad RNG.

    3. HaserPL


      Congrats and good luck on the worst stage. I don't remember if Menhir or Obelisk is the 3rd, but it was the worst one. Axis Mundi was okay-ish, I got it after 5 attempts, but the 3rd one, oh man, took me months.

    4. FilmFanatic


      Menhir is the 2nd stage and Obelisk is the 3rd.

  11. Picked this up for NZ$35 with the Days Of Play Sale. A much better price than $88 which was the price the last time it went sale at Mighty Ape.
  12. This is a far better idea in my opinion. In fact this would save me the effort of going to a persons trophy log, selecting plats and then going through and seeing how many they have under each rarity. Not to mention people have asked in the past about displaying their 5 rarest plats over their 5 rarest trophies because (like me) their 5 rarest trophies can all be from the same game.
  13. Nearly 6 straight hours of the Rapunzel mini game in Catherine is not fun at all. At least now I’ve completed all 128 levels. Probably should’ve listened to my own music instead of the awful music in the game but oh well.

    1. TheYuriG


      Easily the worst part of the platinum. Hopefully I won't have to do it again in Full Body as I intend to stack that too.

    2. FilmFanatic


      I feel sorry for the people that did this without any guides at all. Some of those puzzles must have taken a long time to figure out. Even following videos for all puzzles is still time consuming.

  14. That makes it 74 people. I keep a list of all my unplayed games sorted only by console. A backlog on PSNP would be much more useful because if I wanted to go after an UR plat I could see which games qualify quickly and I could go to the trophy guide (assuming the game has one) to see how long/hard a plat is without having to search for it first.
  15. How would things like this work with the max being set at 75%. The Walking Dead Season One and The Walking Dead: A New Frontier both require the same amount of effort yet S1 gets a ribbon and S3 doesn’t. Or better yet, Twin Robots NA Vita gets a ribbon and Twin Robots EU Vita doesn’t get a ribbon despite them being exactly the same game. Or is that just the way the cookie crumbles.