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  1. I just got the plat in a little over 200 hours though I would add on anther 20 to 25 hours due to save scumming my investigations when I started crown hunting. Also managed to get 23rd on the fastest achievers list.
  2. Just want to say a massive thanks for all these incredibly well done videos. I just got the plat and my save file clocked in at just over 200 hours though I’d probably add on another 20 to 25 hours due to save scumming my investigations. These videos made things a lot easier and certainly cut down the amount of time I had to grind for crowns.
  3. #197 - Monster Hunter World Conqueror of the New World Unlock all trophies for Monster Hunter: World. Overall this was a very good game although there were a few things that got pretty tiresome like monsters jumping all over the place literally every few seconds. I went with the long sword which was a lot of fun and got to try a few of the other weapons when doing the arena matchs. The grind for gold crowns wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I got a good chunk of them from events. Playing the game with other people was easily the most fun especially when everyone had different weapons. I also managed to get 23rd on the fastest achievers list as I played this mostly over my Xmas holidays and was regularly going to bed at 2 to 3am every night (and as late as 5am once).
  4. Yes they overlap and you should have Herbalist Challenge #9 going at the same time as the Exotics sidequest.
  5. If you want to boost a trophy you need to set up a Gaming Session.
  6. Guess you didn’t see my post right above yours. You can’t quit out of the game or reload a save otherwise you reset the challange.
  7. You can’t save and close the game. Doing so will reset the challenge. You need to get all 3 wins without closing the game.
  8. If you want to boost a trophy you need to set up a Gaming Session.
  9. Monster Hunter World Mmm, So Tasty! Cook your first well-done steak. Better go actually get that trophy now.
  10. Here’s the latest and final points update. Team A has 9565.39 points with 134 plats. Team Sheep has 9304.80 points with 79 plats. It’s just after midday on the 1st when I’m posting this so it should be January 1st for everyone now but if @Precision-Playyy @sephirothdude @voodoo_eyes @Edunstar84 or @xZoneHunter have earned a plat that hasn’t been updated yet then let me know and I’ll change the numbers.
  11. Yep. Just telling you here you need to set up a Gaming Session if you want to boost trophies.
  12. If you want to boost a trophy set up a Gaming Session.
  13. Having a quick look at the Walmart site I’m guessing you’ll be getting the RCA Voyager? The iOS app store has ad blocking apps so the Android store should as well though I don’t use one myself so I can’t tell you how good they are.
  14. Given that’re you’re a co-author of the guide to getting the 100% trophy in RDR2 and you’ve had to start a thread asking how to do something suggests to me that your guide doesn’t provide enough information for anyone looking to complete this challenge. I caught mine above Brandywine Drop which is in the north eastern corner of the map. Hopefully once you have your necessary fish you will update the guide so people can complete this task if they have already caught all legendary fish.
  15. $40? How old and fifteenth hand is it for that price? My iPad cost me over $1000. Since I got my iPad I pretty much never use my PC for anything anymore as I can do everything but update things on my iPod/iPhone on it. You shouldn’t need to worry about anti-virus software as viruses are far less common on tablets and phones. Having a tablet is extremely handy for trophy hunting as you can have trophy guides, YouTube, notes all right next to you as you game. Can’t say anything about streaming on a tablet as any videos I watch are through apps.