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  1. You have the option of disputing the flag. That’s what you need to do.
  2. Oh look, yet another one of these topics, just what we need. Play what you want, don’t worry about what other people think if what you play.
  3. Unless I’m missing something here then there is no challenge for finding all history relics. If you’re talking about the trophy for finding all history relics then trophy progression is not tracked in the game.
  4. Your first relics challenge is to find three. Your second relics challenge is to find 15. The three from your first challenge are not counted as part of the second challenge. Therefore the 3 from the first challenge and the 7 from the second challenge equal 10, which is the same as your stats say. All challenges work this way.
  5. Your “missing relics” are under Completed Challanges.
  6. You’re not the first person to suggest this and you won’t be the last.
  7. Yep, maybe one day it will change but I wouldn’t bet on it.
  8. You can’t. This feature stopped being available a long time ago and may never come back.
  9. 24+36=60 so you’re fine.
  10. I pre-ordered mine from Mighty Ape here in New Zealand and they required a $100 non-refundable deposit due to high demand and limited stock.
  11. While I was filling out my leave application at work for 12/13 of November I decided to see if there was anything on Mighty Ape and it turned out I could pre order it. Less than 5 minutes later when my workmate tried to pre order one they were all sold out.
  12. Dead Nation (PS3) Created Monsters - Abomination. Handing in my second bounty for Mystery Inc. Cutters, the hardest enemy in the game, were created to help fight the zombie hordes but things went wrong and an even worse enemy was created. Having recently platinumed the PS4 version made coming back to it on PS3 a lot easier. I’m also going to be starting Mad Max next as the servers are closing down next month however I’m pretty sure there won’t be any enemies that could count for a bounty that aren’t already being taken care of but I shall know more once I start the game.
  13. Just Cause 3 Evil Humans - Psycho Claiming my first bounty for Mystery Inc. The monster in Just Cause 3 is a military dictator who has taken over your home country and you have to wrest control back from him. The penultimate fight takes place in a volcano and you have to take down his shielded helicopter after which you can kill him yourself or left him commit suicide (I killed him).
  14. Updated you.
  15. If anyone is looking to go through Dead Nation (PS3) in co-op I have a session set up.