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  1. :hmm: That feeling when you pop #12,000 Burnout Paradise Remastered :platinum: and you don’t want to earn any more trophies because it’s such a nice whole number. But you do anyway because you still have a handful of DLC trophies to go.

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    2. FilmFanatic


      Thanks everyone.

      @skateak I’m going to have dinner now but we could knock some out in about 90 minutes if you’re free otherwise I should have some time tomorrow.

    3. skateak


      I will be getting to bed around then, that would be past midnight and I have work in the morning. We will figure something out, maybe tomorrow. Feel free to get them without me though if you get the chance. 

    4. FilmFanatic


      I’ve only got the 10 miles on a bike in an 8 person lobby trophy to go but I’m not gonna start my next game till Monday but I can help out before then if we find a time that works.

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