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  1. Yeah maybe one day games with the same trophy list across consoles or regions will link to the guide that’s been written but for now only shows up for the specific trophy list it’s been published for.
  3. @HusKy I’ll update my iPad to iOS15 this evening and can help with beta testing.
  4. I upload them to the cloud then delete them off my hard drive. I’ll never need almost all of them again as once I 100% a game then I don’t play them again but I still like having a back up of them just in case.
  5. This feature was never fully implemented so any ratings given/received are worthless. Might as well just ignore it completely.
  6. Seeing as how the PS+ game announcement threads always go exactly the same way, a thread should be made announcing the games with links to trophy lists or guides and then get locked. If you don’t like the games then surely you have better things you could be doing than whinging about them like it’s going to make any difference to anything.

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    2. Silver-I-Chariot


      Well if it's amusing to you too then there is really no point having it locked :)

      People have different tastes in games so there will always be people unhappy about the lineup. I think the problem is that the genre selection is limited and there always seems to be some sports and FPS games. People who don't like them are out of luck. Personally, I'd rather have some cheap indy games rather what we have now. 

    3. DrBloodmoney


      Just look at those threads as a safe outlet for the rage…

      …if they weren’t ranting about how PS+ isn’t worth it every month, they probably be on top of the local Tesco with a gun, picking off stragglers 😂

    4. JoesusHCrust


      Nope. I literally have nothing better to do! The lineup last month was poor, as was the month before that, but this month is dire. I can't imagine more than 2% or so of players getting excited about golf and Mortal Kombat is also very niche. Sony definitely know it's my birthday this month and have released a crap lineup just to spite me, honest. ;) 

  7. Good point, just how did this thread get off-topic? It definitely wasn’t a user who likes to come into a thread about Topic A and instead post about Topic B.
  8. All the pros who have completed Hardcore Mode (complete all stages on Crushing in a row without dying) in Uncharted 4 Survival mode seem to be playing this week as 3 days in a row I joined a lobby with one them and another player and was able to get this trophy.
  9. Here’s my trophy checklist review for Deadly Premonitions: The Directors Cut. Words to describe Deadly Premonition....craptacular...craptastic...crapnificent all come to mind. Suffice to say I did not like Deadly Premonition at all. It's one of the ugliest looking games I've played. The sound effects are laughably bad. The cars handle like a ton of bricks even with upgrades. The main character is weird and not in a good way. Trying to find a rainy day for some side missions was frustrating. And the music/soundtrack was highly irritating. In the end I skipped every cut-scene I could simply to platinum this game as fast as possible. I really liked the Twin Peaks TV program but this was a very poor imitator. I’m just glad I got this from PS+ and didn’t buy it. Do yourself a favour and watch Twin Peaks instead of playing this crap.
  10. If there’s one thing that makes a game ultra realistic it’s animating a dog to take a leak. Once developers animate dogs to take a dump in a game then gaming will have reached it’s peak (unless they already have and I haven’t played that game).

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    2. Anxiety


      Apparently the horses balls shrink in the snow in RDR2 but I haven't played it enough to know if it's true.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @Anxiety they do according to youtube. 


      @FilmFanatic it may not be a dog, but i think Trico from Last Guardian takes a shit. 


    4. Cleggworth


      D-horse in MGSV can take a dump on command. It appears horses are ahead of the game when it comes to toileting in videogames

  11. Sparta Kick is the single best thing about Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

    1. Copanele


      Agreed! Exploration might get stale, more skills get overpowered, but Sparta Kicking a guard off a cliff/house/pier never got old.

    2. zizimonster


      Haven't played a single Assassin's Creed game since Syndicate. -_-


      I, however, bought Chronicles trilogy pack recently. :awesome:

  12. They lost out on double sales by combining Level 1 and Level 2 instead of separate releases.
  13. Thanks. Yeah it’s an absolutely amazing game. I was originally planning on going with the Outlast 2 plat for the milestone but in the end I changed it which I’m glad I did as I like to use my milestones as an extension of my trophy cabinet to showcase games I love. Well mostly, Prince Of Persia was not intended to be a milestone and Mass Effect Andromeda has a specific reason for being there.
  14. Thanks. I always make the plat the last trophy when all DLC is out for a game. Would have been nice to do it the much quicker way but a little extra work for a trophy never hurt any one.
  15. That’s because it didn’t work for me. Had to use the delete profile save glitch instead.