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  1. And I’m from New Zealand as well.
  2. Just got Trails Of Cold Steel 1 and 2 and Resident Evil 2 from the Christmas Sale and I also got Cat Quest 2 as well. I was probably going to get RE2 at some point and was definitely going to get Cat Quest 2 so decided to get them both today since I got a 30% off code from Sony which basically gives me a free game with the savings from it. Unfortunately I was less than a single measly dollar from being able to add the Darksiders 3 season pass as well.


    I was going to use my 20% off code for Darksiders 3 season pass but it’s already cheap and I got the game from PS+ so maybe I should give away my 10% and 20% off codes instead. Not to mention I want to buy the Hell On Wheels TV series and a new iPhone in the next few weeks so I don’t need to spend more on games at the moment.

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    2. Sora9427


      @FilmFanatic I did that even just with the normal Outlook Mail and found what to port to the 64code site, still it just basically show what the mail says nothing new or hidden, it's like that or am i missing something? (Like actually using thunderbird i guess) :hmm:

    3. FilmFanatic


      When I used Thunderbird the entire email was converted to just text including the codes for the discounts and no pictures or anything else like what I see when opening via the Outlook website or on my iPad.

    4. Sora9427


      Yeah same for me if you do "Read origin font" or something like that in Outlook should do the same but maybe it doesn't show hidden things, guess i'll try once more with Thunderbird! 

  3. Has anyone used any of their codes yet and can tell me if I can add multiple items to my cart and get 10%/20%/30% of all items or is it each code can only be used on one item. I need to know how much money to put on my account.
  4. I have no idea how to use the method in the OP so if anyone needs another way to view the email in plain text you can download Mozilla Thunderbird. Here’s the link to the previous thread about these type of emails. And here’s the link to the website explaining a bit more on how to view the codes. Mozilla Thunderbird just requires a couple of clicks and you’ll get your codes.
  5. Yep, looking at the email in plain text I have 10%, 20% and 30% off codes. Guess I’ll see if there’s anything else I want in the Christmas Sale.
  6. So another one of these ridiculous emails that have a code but won’t show it when viewing in HTML. Time to go turn my PC on and see if I got a code.
  7. Now that the sale is up online I will also get the Darksiders 3 DLC and the Mooncrash DLC for Prey.
  8. The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel 1 and 2 will both be on sale so I’ll most likely grab those. It was also lucky I saw this thread as I hadn’t paid attention to when the Black Friday sale ended so I almost missed out on getting Persona 5 on sale and having it sit in my backlog for ages before it went on sale again for an even cheaper price.
  9. I was planning on starting The Surge tomorrow but I can’t download the update file. Every time I try I get the error CE-36244-9 Cannot download The data is corrupted. I’ve tried reinstalling the game (I have a disc copy), restarting my PS4, changing the DNS settings, rebuilding the database and nothing works. I’ve even tried deleting the game and downloading the demo but that gives me the same error. I also had the same issue when redownloading Nioh last week but I managed to get that to work eventually (though I just tried again and get the same corrupted data error). I can download updates for other games but these 2 are giving me big problems. My last option is to initialise my PS4 but even then it may not do anything so I’m at a loss as what I should do.

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    2. FilmFanatic


      It comes up once it’s downloaded, installing it to my PS4 HDD. I’m going to try a program on my PC to download it and transfer it to my PS4. The only other option may be it’s a problem with my HDD so I can either initialise it or get a new HDD.

    3. FilmFanatic


      I’ve just finished downloading the update for The Surge..... on my original PS4 which means it’s my hard drive that’s the issue. Hopefully a initialisation fixes it and I don’t need a new hard drive.

    4. skateak


      Ouch. That sounds like the problem then.

  10. I had been waiting to get Persona 5 till the Royal Edition came out but since it’s such an easier version I’ll skip it and get the original version for which NZ$28.95 is a good price. Can anyone tell me if the extra $10 is worth it for the Ultimate Edition.
  11. Cheers To You! Earn all other Trophies! 1.29%
  12. :hmm: That feeling when you pop #12,000 Burnout Paradise Remastered :platinum: and you don’t want to earn any more trophies because it’s such a nice whole number. But you do anyway because you still have a handful of DLC trophies to go.

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    2. skateak


      I am going to PM you so we aren't blowing up peoples notifications. 

    3. ee28max


      Pretty cool milestone! 

    4. DamagingRob


      Nice work! 

  13. Total game owners is calculated by being tracked on this site and having earned at least one trophy in any given game (thinking about it you probably just need the game on your profile even without a trophy though I can’t say for sure which one it is). If one or both of those conditions are not meet then a person will not be registered as a game owner on PSNP.
  14. Is the lack of a Dragon Age series an oversight or has it not been made yet?
  15. I had been considering Outlast 2 for a while now so I’ll happily take it for free. I have already 100%ed Nioh and it’s an absolutely amazing game. For all those people complaining about buying the DLC, my opinion is that Nioh is a lesser game without it. By far my favourite playthrough was on Way Of The Demon (third difficulty and only available with DLC) as that is when the game truely begins. And anyone who tells you WotD is hard didn’t approach it properly.