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  1. If you’re finding it hard to take someone down with a gun especially since you have limited ammo then start crafting. Molotovs are an insta-kill and once you know your way around the maps start placing bombs where you think people are likely to go, a good choice is always at a corner since there’s a 50/50 chance they’ll come from the opposite side where you place it. I’m pretty average at MP games and a good chunk of my downs came from placed bombs.
  2. DLC rarity is calculated using a geometric mean. If you use DLC owners as people who have earned a trophy for that DLC then the rarities are going to be ultra common. If you calculate it using base game owners as DLC owners then everything is ultra rare. It was changed to using a geometric mean to try and satiate both camps since there was never a majority who wanted it one way over the other. The only way DLC rarities will be accurate is if Sony lets PSNP pull data on who actually owns the DLC. For some games this is a no brainer like The Last Of Us Remastered comes with all DLC or free DLC can be calculated from base game owners but everything else would need Sony telling PSNP who has bought what DLC even if they haven’t earnt a trophy or even installed it which I doubt will ever happen.
  3. Don’t quote me on this as I was mostly skimming but I was reading through some GTAV trophy guides yesterday and some plat awards from heists don’t count towards the Decorated trophy.
  4. So uhhh, did I do something wrong when playing the game if I liked Kratos lol. Yes he is the reason for his own undoing but once he gets going he won’t let anything stand in the way of his vengeance. One reason why I didn’t care for the reboot is because it wasn’t the same Kratos but I guess that’s why it’s a reboot and not a direct continuation of the series. On that note the game icon you’ve used is for the reboot, not the original game. Could I also request a review for God Of War 2 as that’s my favourite in the series.
  5. The Souls games. Currently have all 4 stacks of Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls for PS3/4, Dark Souls 2 for PS3/4 and Dark Souls 3. I wouldn’t think they would get a remaster for PS5 but if they did I would plat every one of them again.
  6. I posted my trophy hunting rules in this thread.
  7. Thanks and for the guides as well. Yeah I won’t be touching either of the other DMC games. I got the HD Trilogy because it’s a classic series and DmC I got from PS+ and those 4 are enough for me lol.
  8. Banner by Floriiss, check his work out here. Hi everyone. I've moved my Theatre of Trophies to this new and bigger premises. Please enjoy. *If a spoiler tag won’t open, go to page 2 then back to page 1 (but not by using go back in your browser) and it should work again.* Platinums 1 - 25 Platinums 26 - 50 Platinums 51 - 75 Platinums 76 - 100 Platinums 101 - 125 Platinums 126 - 150
  9. Definitely not lol. Won’t be touching any more DMC games ever again, even though the definitive edition has a much easier trophy list.
  10. When hiding or unhiding games you need to earn any trophy and then update your profile on here.
  11. 281 which is DmC Devil May Cry is done. Doing another DMC game straight after DMC3 wasn’t the best idea as I had had enough of DMC after 7 playthroughs of DMC3 but once I got into it, it wasn’t so bad. Still 6 playthroughs of the base game and 6 playthroughs of the DLC was a bit much. I have also completed 8 out of the 10 Survival maps in Uncharted 4. I would have done all 10 but a few weeks back there was an event in Dying Light that made the 2 parkour trophies easier and earning them gave me another 100%ed game but also put a slight kink in the plan I had. I am now sitting at 14,919 trophies and the next game I’ll be playing is BioShock Infinite (PS4) which has 81 trophies total and it is no coincidence that this will take me 15,000 trophies as the plat from one of my all time favourite games will be #15k. Once I’ve done this I will go back and earn the last 2 map related trophies for Uncharted 4.
  12. It’s my life and I’ll “waste” it how I want. There are far worse things I could be doing with my time.
  13. Just a heads up for your checklist. To reserve posts for future use, lock your thread then reply in about 20 to 30 minutes as replying too soon will merge your posts. I think mods can insert posts if anyone else posts before you do though.

    1. Stevieboy


      Mods can't insert posts, or at least I haven't found a way to do it. Just clearing that up.

    2. FilmFanatic


      That was the old forum software then I guess.

    3. Stevieboy


      May have been. The only thing we can do now is remove any posts that anyone makes.

  14. There are worse things that could happen to you.
  15. Borderlands 2, came out in 2015, got a new DLC in 2019.
  16. Yes, you need to earn a new trophy for the change to show up on here.
  17. I wonder what percentage of trophy video guides are going to be removed a month from now.

    1. enaysoft


      Most of them are not even guides. And it's almost always for the ones that end up being 5-10 minutes.


      Filming yourself getting a platinum on a 5 minute reading game where we watched you in the options screen setting all the reading options to fastest, no writing, no commentary.


      I am sorry but that is NOT A GUIDE. Anybody can a youtube movie to the beginning of a movie you get off PS4 share button.


      a -> add youtube movie

    2. FilmFanatic


      Yeah completely agree. It'll be interesting to see how many people keep posting their ‘guides’. My favourite part of the new rule is where it has to have an intro to the game to generate discussion yet we already know how the discussion goes for a lot of these ‘games’.

    3. enaysoft


      I'd go one step further and just not include guides for the "games" that only take 10 minutes to complete.

      (Or are so easy that there is literally no point of a guide)


      Aabs animals springs to mind.

  18. There are other games I have with unobtainable trophies but these are the ones that I really liked. Without going through the actual trophies that are unobtainable I will go with the trophies that got me the plats for the following: Driveclub Killzone 2 The Last Of Us
  19. I was just having a look at my trophy checklist and back in 2016 I had broken into the top 10,000 on the leaderboards and I said I just needed to keep earning trophies to stay there. That certainly didn’t age well as these day all I do is slowly move down on the leaderboard given how many people play certain types of “games”.

    1. kindajustin


      The leaderboards mean more and give more value to people who enjoy quantities of trophies over quantities of good games. It can't be helped, least not on this site. But you have a really impressive trophy list with plenty good games, that's all that matters ^_^

    2. FilmFanatic


      Thanks and yes I completely agree. I used to care somewhat about my leaderboard ranking but since I have no chance of moving up these days I don’t. Quality will always beat quantity for me and I’m very happy with my profile.

  20. I got 280 this evening. I had to do 7 playthroughs. 7 playthroughs. 7 of them! If there’s one thing I don’t miss that seems more common in older games it’s non stacking difficulty trophies. Once you know what do and where to go it doesn’t take too long to run through the game but 7 times is 5 times to many with 2 playthroughs being done on one day. At least now I can move on to my next game which is…….DmC Devil May Cry. *looks at trophy guide* 6 playthroughs for the plat and 6 playthroughs for the DLC you say . Still I believe DMC3 was the only PS3 game I hadn’t completed that was incompatible with a PS4/5 controller. So now I can put away my cheap wired controller with the X button stuck down but still working (Shadow Of The Colossus required a lot of pushing the X button) and use a PS5 controller instead.
  21. There are only 2 plats, one for the PS3 version and one for the PS4 version. You can find all Dark Souls trophy lists here. As for Demon’s Souls, there are 4 plats, EU PS3, NA PS3, AS PS3 and the PS5 remake.
  22. I ended up with a Prince Of Persia game as 125 despite not liking the game as I don’t like platformers. 124 however was Destiny which I absolutely loved and would have been a fantastic milestone. When I found someone who did carries for the Flawless Raider trophy he asked if I wanted to to it again afterwards on hard difficulty to help a friend of his. I said yes not realising this would pop the plat which sucks but it’s not the end of the world. I did also accidentally pop the plat for The Last Of Us early when trying to make it trophy #6,000 so instead I went with the plat for Demon’s Souls. I did however make the plat for The Last Of Us Remastered 250 to make up for it. Trophy milestones do take some planning to make sure you don’t pop an unintended trophy or you have to choose games to play with a specific number of trophies so you can’t make a mistake but I’ve been making every 1000th trophy a plat since #6000 (including ones that aren’t a milestone like 11000, 12000 etc) and so far it’s all worked out.
  23. Everyone who posts a status update when they reach a rep point ‘milestone’ obviously does. I don’t particularly care about my count and the amount you have is kinda pointless anyway as you can easily whore earn more by posting every plat you earn in the Most Recent Plat thread even if it’s yet another 30 second game you’ve platted.
  24. Looks like it might be a good idea to follow through with my thought of taking a week off work so I can play Elden Ring day one and have that finished so I can play this on day one as well.