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  1. If there’s anyone who wants to or could help me boost the 100 soups shipped trophy in Nom Nom Galaxy in the next couple of days let me know.

  2. As per above I went to The Warehouse today and got The Surge 2 for a cool $25. And even though it isn’t a PS4 game my Chinese copy of Demon’s Souls arrived from the UK. I get that things might be a bit slower because of Covid-19 but taking nearly a month to get here is a bit ridiculous but better late than never.
  3. Looks like I’ll be going to The Warehouse this weekend because that’s a damn good price.
  4. I 100%ed the game back in May and had no issues with any trophies.
  5. A while back I suggested that any game with MP/co-op could have it’s own official boosting thread but those threads just get ignored anyway I was told so I’m guessing this wouldn’t be any different. Given that most boosting threads are made by people who don’t use the forums (it’s their first and usually only post) would a minimum number of posts before you can start a topic be a better idea? That’s what happens already for topics in Giveaways or would this just lead to other consequences like people spamming any reply to any thread to get their post count up.
  6. Only one playthrough is required. You can kill Citizen E as they show up and you will still get both endings and trophies.
  7. I’ve reported someone that has since been removed and the stats for that game are back to normal again.
  8. I’m just a few trophies away from the plat. Overall it’s not too difficult though some missions can be annoying. S ranks can be easy if you just speedrun a mission. I would advise going after as many mission tasks as you can when you first play a mission. Some won’t be possible until you acquire certain items later in the game. You can also use YouTube videos if you want to try and get as many S ranks and mission tasks completed as soon as possible. I’m currently at 141 hours played and another 4 or 5 should get me the plat. Also to make things easier, even though you don’t get 5000 bonus points if you use a checkpoint, using them makes missions a lot easier when they have checkpoints.
  9. Have you earned a trophy in any game since unhiding those games? If not, that’s what you should need to do to get them to show up on PSNP.
  10. Just ordered Demon’s Souls! For the third platinum stack! On PS3 at least! Bring on the remaster! Also thanks to @Helyx for pointing out the Chinese version has an English language option otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered with it.

    1. Helyx


      I can't wait to play the PS5 version. Not sure what changes Bluepoint plan to make, but hopefully they don't stray too far from a 1:1 port with new models and better textures and a remastering of the original OST.

  11. Yeah it’s annoying having to muck around to get the 1.00 version but it saves a lot of hassle. Wish I had’ve done it sooner. It’s a fantastic game but the RNG for Wes is utter rubbish.
  12. There are no co-op or multiplayer trophies. Everything can be done solo and offline if necessary.
  13. Vanquish at 91%. Just one measly little gold trophy left to get the platinum.
  14. As a recent 100%er I can tell you the only thing consistent in this game is how often Two Worlds shows in chapter 3. 5 times getting to chapter 3, 5 times getting Two Worlds. If you get Two Worlds on chapter 3, back up your save, delete and reinstall the 1.00 version of the game and find Wes in the first world on a playthrough in save slot 2. Save yourself a lot of time and frustration by not praying that RNG will favour you on a second, third, tenth time. Also Two Worlds only shows up in chapter 3 or 4, NOT any other chapter.
  15. I already have this game, what should I do? Edit. Just so no one else quotes me, this was a joke reply. OP says don’t get this game but I already have it so should I return it or not play it at all just because of one persons opinion? I am of course going to play it and I’m well aware of how buggy/glitchy it is.
  16. Having a wee play around with various users it seems that any profile with 1000 or more plats breaks it.
  17. This is pretty cool. @Hakoom care to show us your platinum image
  18. You need to delete the trophy list, earn a trophy in any game and then update your profile on here.
  19. After you have completed a mission once on any difficulty you can replay it at any time you want. There are no auto-saves on Authentic Plus, that would defeat the purpose of the difficulty. There is however a checkpoint on mission 8 when you have to destroy the plane to complete the mission
  20. Definitely. The Souls series is my all time favourite game series and I took a week off work to play DS3 on day one. The only thing that sucks is where I currently live I have no where to display all my statues from all my collectors editions. However I wouldn’t spend that much money on a game these days.
  21. $900 for the Dark Souls 3 Prestige edition.
  22. I take it these guides are no good and don’t give you the information you need?
  23. Yes you still get Far Cry 3 Classic with the Far Cry 5 season pass.
  24. Since I’ve seen a lot of people on here say they really enjoyed Dragon Quest XI I’ve just ordered myself a physical copy for $29 which is a great price given the cheapest it’s been on the PS Store is $52. Also getting a copy of Shutter Island on 4K Blu-Ray.

  25. Yes, all difficulty trophies stack.