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  1. EA is shit, everyone knows that and it's not EA who issues fixes for their games, pretty sure it was DICE who fixed the trophies for BFBC The less of an influence EA has on developers the better the game is, look at NFS Payback, it came out lacking features and grindy as all hell but after like a month EA had to deal with Battlefront 2 problems and let Ghost do whatever they want with the game...fast forward to today, the game received several updates which improved upon base game, it's less grindy, it performs better, it has more content (a lot of it free), it's "lootcrates" are unnecessary and you get them in such high numbers that you never have to buy one for actual money and they are actually listening to the community (they added a bunch of things community requested) The point of this is, just wait, they had a huge backlash for the microtransactions thing and had to change everything, they won't risk another backlash cause Disney is threatening them with taking away SW licence, so they'll do everything to make people happy ...and also EA games USUALLY get fixed (there are exceptions ofc)
  2. it makes sense to them though, they want you to play MP from Black Ops 4 and WW2, not this one
  3. I didn't think I had one, but a-ha I do have one: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5636-lara-croft-go/killer_cryptid15 Consider this my entry in the giveaway
  4. platinum #106 Uncharted Golden Abyss

    pretty fun game, few trophies were annoying but overall easy

    it's a shame PSVita didn't get more games like it

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    2. LostLunar


      Congrats, love all the uncharted games 😊

    3. Elvick_


      congrats, yeah it sucks ND denied a second Uncharted for Bend and then Bend's infamous vita was denied from Sony since they had already ditched Vita by that point.

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  5. Platinum #105 Ratchet and Clank (2016)
    Ridiculously fun, looks amazing and everything in it is almost an exact copy of the original but better...except all the cut content cause it had to be a movie tie-in <_<

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    2. Leo Leopold Leon III

      Leo Leopold Leon III

      apparently this was kinda rushed and had to be a tie-in and that's why a lot of content is cut and it is how it is

      they want to remake other ones and seeing how the game was really well received, that is probably going to happen

      also seeing how the movie flopped it probably won't be a tie-in and they'll actually have time and funds to make it as good and big as it should be

      I mean they better cause the 2nd one is my favourite

      I'm also hoping for a re-release of the future games since I never played them

      and yes I want the HD version of Secret Agent Clank and Size Matters almost as much as Motorstorm Arctic Edge xD

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. Jaco


      Nice work!

  6. while this is an amazing month, I think they did it only because they had to announce the 2nd thing and giving us worse games wouldn't please people in other note, removing 4 games, leaving only 2 and still asking the same price? shitty move on Sony's part, atleast make it 3 games
  7. Platinum #104 Assassin's Creed origins
    after 72h I finally have it and I loved every minute of it, I took like 800mb of screenshots, tomorrow I'm starting the discovery update and once I get the DLCs I'm back xD

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    2. Captain Anura

      Captain Anura

      Congrats! I had a lot of fun with it too, and need to dive back in for the DLC :D 

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  8. so is it suppose to be fixed now? cause I just finish the story and all locations but my trophy didn't pop
  9. ah ok cause on the official page it says that the beta is free for all PS+ subs ah well I'll just wait till the official release then
  10. and can someone tell me why I can't find it on my store other than the founder pack?
  11. Platinum #103, Rime
    First plat on PS4 and I'm proud it's this one, beautiful game, easy platinum and great storytelling that made me cry in the end. :D

  12. UK getting M&M crispy spread and I want that so bad, any brits here that would send it to me? :holy:

    1. bezdomnekoty


      Crispy M&M's (2014)

      Here You GO :D

    2. Leo Leopold Leon III

      Leo Leopold Leon III

      maaaan, we don't have that stuff here :(

    3. LuciaRosethorn


      I have M&M, Terrie's chocolate orange is what you need. =D

  13. finally I have 399 rated Chevy C10 pickup drag car in NFS Payback ^_^

  14. I actually enjoyed Fairytale Fights a bunch idk, never felt that bad, I knew what it was and it was exactly that, I still want to go and plat it though as for my worst game...honestly don't know, maybe Stormrise or Deep Black Stormrise is...ok at best it's a really bad RPG from Sega, the controls are clunky, the ai is too harsh, the limitations are dumb, the story is meh, probably the best part are the graphics and how much unit variation there is I guess (also want to go and finish that plat at some point) Deep Black, aiming is clunky and that is enough to throw me off the whole game and make it the worst experience I ever had honorable mentions would be NFS Undercover and Brink, just because they were kinda boring after short periods of time (I will however make myself plat Undercover)
  15. I'll say Amnesia cause Machine for Pigs was a bit underwhelming comparing to the first one