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  1. I guess I'm getting Anthem and Days Gone on that day
  2. Platinum #110: Cosmic Star heroine (PS4)
    absolutely loved every part of the game

  3. it's really not that hard, normal playthrough should be pretty easy, collectibles are easy, and hard mode is a breeze once you get used to the punching guy who destroys everything much easier
  4. yessss finally, I wanted it on PS4 and yeah this will take a while, creating all themes, 100 quests, 20 legendary dwellers...I hope you can start the game more than once and that it still counts
  5. oh my this is a great month XCOM and Trials are great games, Ghost Recon is a really underappreciated game, loved the crap out of it zombie driver was short but fun, Vita games I'm not sure about
  6. might actually get this one the fact that it's a control vault is peaking my interest
  7. platinum #109: Headlander
    such a fun (although short) game, been eyeing it for a long time and I totally didn't regret it

  8. man Headlander is fun

  9. nice Beyond is good, Rayman too Risen 3 isn't the best RPG out there but a solid game, Eat Them was fun when i tried the demo years ago Oddball looks fun and it's from 10tons so it has to be atleast somewhat good, Furmins is from Housemarque and their games are always good
  10. eh I asked them for a PlayStation bundle the other day, didn't think they'd actually have one lmao on other note, idk if I'll take it, I'd have to make a new US account since you know, Humble doesn't know EU exists, and the offering is somewhat not up my alley (no vita games, focus on RE and more PS3 games than I would want at this point)
  11. I see a lot of arguing who is right and who is wrong here and the answer should be, no one it's not about if you can or cannot see it, it's about the technological advancements and PS is always behind PC, that's just the nature of it The point here is if nothing changes from 4 to 5 or if it's minor then it really isn't worth your money if the only reason to buy PS5 would be that games aren't made for PS4 anymore, that would be quite shit 4k is nice but most don't use it and if the hardware is powerful enough (which it quite should be) next gen then 60 fps isn't a possibility, it's a necessity graphics are good enough, textures could be better and some more AA but other than that only tech advancement would be better framerate you can't tell me any of you would buy a next gen console if it didn't offer anything better other than maybe faster loading screens
  12. I don't really care THAT much, but, PS4 gave us 4k, somewhat better graphics and more stable framerate...so having that in mind if PS5 games aren't majorly 60fps that would mean that the hardware is falling behind and not really worth it for early adopters...just imo
  13. Platinum #108: Claire Extended Cut (Vita)

    not a bad game but unless you are playing in a dark room it's impossible to see things and definitely use a guide cause my god I would never find half the things normally

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      Well done! 💯

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      Leo Leopold Leon III

      hahah thanks guys and yeah, wasn't planned :D

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  14. Gonna leave this here https://www.konami.com/games/us/en/topics/1012/