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  1. Probably my fav game of 2020/2021, wacky, fun, entertaining campaign, and playgrounds are a great addition. Also the year 1 pass was probably the most bang for your buck season pass I ever got
  2. Plat #160: Dirt 5
    Finally got the 1000km trophy, probably my fav game of 2020 and they keep the DLCs coming, love it.

  3. Right so I can't bother going through all the comments again but tell em if someone had this issue particularly. Trophies are not unlocking (this part seems universal), except ONE trophy, "Shore Thing" popped and it's in my Notifications. HOWEVER, the trophy does not show up in the trophy list along with all others and when I sync the trophies it still doesn't show up. It's very weird, I have had trophies pop but not show because the game isn't out yet so the trophy list isn't there yet either, but to pop but not show up on the trophy list that IS there, that's new to me
  4. that's the problem I am facing, it will probably be only higher resolution and better framerate even a $40 release is hard to swallow for DS1, it's incredibly short and the worst part is if it doesn't sell EA will think oh, people aren't interested instead of oh people won't overpay for it
  5. pretty sure the Origin listing was leaked recently, we are getting the remaster of the first game but for $70 and Deluxe edition for I think it was $119
  6. Platinums #156 and 157: Immortals Fenyx Rising and Biomutant

  7. which trophy?
  8. I was literally trying on basic enemies, perfect timing, doesn't work
  9. idk if anyone mentioned it but Agents of Mayhem is very very underrated because of the state it came out in and since everything is now fixed it's a very fun game with tons of content and you can usually find it for like $5 2nd game is Gravel, it's a very very fun offroad racing game and literally only negative I have to say about it is that it's too short, if you see ti for cheap and like offroad racing games, just pick it up
  10. Does anyone else have a problem getting this? I see it's at 55%but I haven't been able to do it once during 72h of gameplay, I am in NG+ and trying it on basic enemies in the prison but it's not happening, it's never green, only yellow. I know how to do it, it just doesn't work, my timing is better than people from the guides I looked up and yet, no perfect block, I just don't understand, at this point it's 100% a bug, has to be.
  11. Platinums:
    #148: The Crew 2
    #149: AC Liberation Remastered

    #150: NFS Heat

  12. Can I make a suggestion to change the color of the "PS5" icon, like how previous ones were different shades of blue, but PS5 is the same shade as PS4 one. If possible maybe make a white square with black outline and blue PS5 letters?
  13. Honestly I am finding it easier than the first time back in 2011. I pretty much did everything naturally just playing, the encyclopedia is going pretty quickly cause every time I have to go back to homestead I just check up on everyone
  14. Honestly, Rocket Arena si pretty fun and the trophies are pretty easy
    shame they botched it with the price

  15. So it would seem that Modern Warfare Remastered (aka CoD4 remastered) has been secretly delisted from the Playstation store in Croatia and you are unable to download it even if you have it in your library.

    Now, I have ti from PS+ so I don't know if you can download it if you actually bought it so if anyone from other countries could check if the game is still available there, that would be a good way of knowing where the game got delisted. So far I know that it is available in US but not in Croatia

    1. Rally-Vincent---


      If only retail was the future, not digital...

    2. Leo Leopold Leon III

      Leo Leopold Leon III

      so far it's confirmed that the standalone game is missing from UK, French, AU, Indian, and Croatian stores