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  1. In order of completion, I’ve got: - Nothing. Because God hates me and doesn’t want me to have a PS5
  2. Didn't even think of purchasing wallet funds until now. Thank you for reminding me I could do that. You're a saint!! I'm gonna give this a shot tonight and let you guys know how it goes. Will make a post with a walkthrough if I am able to pull it off. Fingers crossed!
  3. I see, so make sure the region codes match and pray that it will let me access the DLC from my main account after purchasing. Can anyone who has tried this before with the Re:mind DLC confirm if this works or not?
  4. Hi, hello!! So I’m kinda a noob at this stuff, but I recently purchased a physical copy of the Asian Region version of KH3 because I wanted to complete the separate trophy list for it on my US PSN account. However, I also hope to complete the DLC trophies on my main US account as well. I believe I remember reading somewhere that it is possible to download dlc from another region’s store and access it on your US account, but I have been unable to find specific information. For example, assuming I was able to make an account on another country’s PSN store and find the game’s DLC for download, would I even be able to purchase it with my US credit card? Has anyone else come across this on their road to 100% and what exactly is the work around for it?
  5. If that’s true then BioShock could rival Bethesda’s now Xbox exclusive series. Although I think what Bethesda said they’re gonna do now that they’re owned by Microsoft is release their titles as Xbox exclusives originally with a delayed PlayStation release, which is what BioShock 4 will likely do if it becomes a PS exclusive.
  6. De blob and de blob 2. Not a ton of trophies, but the majority of them are all silvers and golds. Plus, they’re pretty easy platinums!
  7. New Super Lucky’s Tale in 14hrs 18min Not a speedrun time by far, but pretty quick for me 😅
  8. Well I really enjoy the Epic Mickey series, so I certainly took my time with the game. But I’d say and average platinum run could be done in an afternoon with a guide. As far as advice, SAVE OFTEN and backup to the cloud whenever you get a chance so you can always fall back on an old save if you need to!! I love the game, but she’s a buggy mess. Sometimes Lucky Emblem photos won’t register, sometimes the Player 2 AI will screw your over (keep a second controller close by for those moments). All in all, not a hard platinum, just a little frustrating at times. I’d say if you’re going guide-less, be prepared to do a second play through WITH a guide, cuz some of the side quests for the Perfectionist trophy are very particular. Keep in mind though that a second play through IS ALREADY REQUIRED in order to get the Off the Rails achievement, but you should only need to play up to the midpoint to receive this trophy (and considering the game is literally 2 hours long, it’s no biggie) I’m sure I’m missing something crucial, but that should give you a rough idea of things to look out for. Lemme know how it goes if you decide to try for it though!
  9. Just popping a comment here in case this ever becomes possible. Really a bummer though, makes me wish I hadn’t put it off so long!
  10. To the nice gentleman above me: STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM CUPHEAD! it’s a cute game with plenty of charm, definitely worth a single run through, but the platinum is pure pain. (Especially Hilda Berg on hard difficulty) save yourself the torture and settle for the incomplete!
  11. I am both equally embarrassed and also incredibly humbled to know that this is currently the rarest platinum in my collection to date and likely will be for a very long time (until I eventually finish Stardew Valley which could be years away knowing me) It’s certainly not the coolest game to brag about having the platinum for, but just knowing I’m part of a very small group of people who love and cherish (and, at times, tolerated) this forgotten sequel to one of my favorite games of all time makes it all worth while! Yes, it was a buggy mess and yes, it was incredibly short, and yes, it may have completely killed the franchise, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I had this much fun chasing down a platinum. I loved every moment that I spent with this game and I hope for the chance to platinum it again with (god willing) a remaster at some point in the future (Wishful thinking I know)!