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  1. Add Me For Co-op H4RLI33_
  2. SPELUNKER HD 9 of 47 Trophies Last trophy: 7th Oct 2011 Probably the hardest game I've ever played!
  3. Happy Accident? Execute your first successful barrel roll. 53.62% Common
  4. Tieso's Power Mix!
  5. Looked Around For Ages And Haven't Come Across A Singstar Trophy Boosting Thread Yet So If Any One Needs The Singstar Trophys I'd Be Happy To View And Rate Any Media For People Who Rate Put Your Name Down On The List So Others Can See, Rate And Put Theirs Down 1 H4RLI33_ 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  6. If You Want A Boosting Partner On RE5 I'd Love To Help You Add me H4RLI33_ Could Play That Game Forever