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  1. I would not recommend this. The guides that I've seen don't reveal the spoilers, and I would do the collectibles so you don't have to play the whole game twice.
  2. It should be there if you got the PS3 version. Should have just installed together. Double check the titles of the DLC to make sure it's really there and your not just confused.
  3. I've been stumped on this trophy for a long time now. Nearly 4 months. I have made it to stage 10 twice, 9 about a dozen times. I've died on every stage except 5 and 8 at least once. I've tried the freeze the screen trick by pressing the Playstation Button, yet it only helps so much, and mainly only on Stage 9. I've scoured online for additional knowledge or hints, and have found none to be actually helpful. Throwing this out there to see for anyone who has actually accomplished this, if not to share any final tips or words of wisdom, please share your experience with getting this trophy? This is probably not the hardest trophy I've ever had to get, yet it is a complete nuisance. So many things are against you that literally it seems like Luck plays a huge part in achieving this. I mean yes you need some skill, you also need to commit less than 4 errors per round or your usually done for. It would be one thing for the path that the balls go on to be winding or curve like, it's another for them to be on such tight turns that it is harder than hell in a fast paced game to actually get your ball in the right spot when firing. This game must truly have been easier on PC, with the mouse being able to increase the accuracy of your shots. It also would have been nice if you could actually practice the levels of Iron Frog without having to go through 8 or 9 rounds to lose each time. It's just such a hassle, the chains are near luck dependent, the power ups are either never where you need them to be, or are plentiful when you are doing good and don't need them, yet are not when you are having a tough run. I hate how the gaps close, and how sometimes they don't. I know how to bring the line back yet it would have been easier if they automatically closed the gaps all the time. That is just so damn stupid how they created this and some of the gameplay for this. Should never have power ups disappear if you don't get to them in a certain time limit, the power ups could actually give you a chance rather than completely screwing you over by them disappearing right as you finally can fire at them. Gonna start keeping track of all my losses Lost Stage 9 Lost Stage 2 Lost Stage 9 Lost Stage 6 Lost Stage 2 Lost Stage 6 Lost Stage 6 Lost Stage 6 Lost Stage 6 Lost Stage 6 Lost Stage 1 Lost Stage 1 Lost Stage 1 Lost Stage 4 Lost Stage 1 Lost Stage 6 Lost Stage 6 Lost Stage 6 Lost Stage 6 Lost Stage 3 Lost Stage 2 Lost Stage 1 Lost Stage 6 Lost Stage 1 Lost Stage 1 Lost Stage 3 Lost Stage 3 Lost Stage 4 Lost Stage 6 Lost Stage 9 T R O F E THANK YOU @StarFoxMania
  4. Hey, I love these Wired videos, and this one is a Video Game Director answering some questions, it was released just yesterday so you might not have seen it yet:
  5. I enjoy reading your posts when I have time of course. Congratulations on Cloudberry Kingdom, I've been tempted to go and do that one since I got through Pain, yet have a bunch of games I've already purchased that I want to get through first. Currently what has me stumped is Fe Frog or (Iron) Frog in Zuma's Revenge. I do not understand how this is a Rare trophy, yet is so difficult to do. I would like to think that I've got some good game accomplishments under the ol' belt. Yet this one perplexes me. Even what someone said on the forums for using the PS button as a "pause" trick, hell I still lost round 6 of 10 using that the entire round. In fact I've never got past round 6. I would love a detailed explanation for how the hell to get this trophy: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1615-zumas-revenge/LegendExeter However if you want a somewhat mild challenge, you could join the 11 of us that have 100% this game: XPosed Reloaded https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/14787-xposed-reloaded/LegendExeter
  6. I actually did that exact thing, caught the one bunny and then caught the momma bunny but didn't get the trophy. However I did not know what I was doing and before hand had tried to make a few swoops down with the R1 button. I caught 2 in a row without missing, however I technically missed before I even caught one, and the trophy didn't pop.
  7. Same as the above poster. I platted both PS3 Harry Potters, and never had any glitches, they ran smoothly. The grind in this game wasn't so bad, and while Lego games are sometimes tedious, the grinds aren't as bad as a lot of other titles out there.
  8. You can email the developers with your trophy issues, I've heard they have been responsive in the past with those who have had problems with buggy trophies. The only trophy I thought was off was the 500 Qualifies, and I was getting to the point where I was like...maybe I should contact Mediatonic, and then literally within 3 days of that I got the trophy. I wasn't counting, it just felt like it was taking longer than it should have. It looks like you've been counting so maybe they can see if there is some issue with the trophies.
  9. Yeah they have to be kickoffs not punt returns. Just make a player really fast and another team really slow. The trophy won't pop until the end of the game.
  10. I don't know how the fastest person got it, however they probably used a trophy world where someone built all this in survival or the tutorial and they went in and did all of the trophies. Not sure how they did it with the Passing the Time trophy, requiring 100 in game days to have passed unless they worked on that first. No, your ideas for using creative worlds will not work on ps3. The tutorial world is easiest for most of the trophies.
  11. It is incredibly grindy. I tried it the first week it was available and thought it was pretty cool. Proceeded to play for a couple weeks and got most of the trophies. The long grind one's in this game are incredibly boring though, like hard to stay awake boring, and I honestly have struggled to even go back to finish it. It reminds me a lot of Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends, where the majority of the time you are waiting on load screens, and since I recently did that platinum, I don't have the gumption yet to do that again.
  12. We did complete it on Howling Aces as well. Used Crack shot and spread, heart ring. I used the spread in the dog bowl part while jumping. 3 Bosses left to platinum: Calla Maria Dr. Kahl Wally Warbles Beat on Expert and get A ranks or higher.
  13. So I missed photos after the Heart Shaped Box Puzzle at the end of the Entrance level. My question, since I missed them do I have to restart the game to read everything in 1 playthrough? Or can I complete the game and then start over, finish the Entrance part again and will the trophy pop? Basically wondering if I should just start over now or keep going? EDIT: Should have started over, you need to get all the readings done in a single playthrough.
  14. Hello, Are any of the trophies impacted by the difficulty setting you choose? I didn't see it mentioned in the guide, and I'm guessing it's a no. Thanks,
  15. For the security gates I literally watched a video of youtube and drived through them all as the host did. 45 minute video and the only 2 I was missing were on the 44th minute lol. I don't know which link it was otherwise I would share it, however do a youtube search for it, and just follow along.