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  1. I'm surprised that there aren't people with PS4's offering to delete 0% trophy information for people for like $3 or $5 a pop, that way they could pay for the cost of the PS4. Offering it like a business or service. Just a clarification on PSNP, if I have the game deleted or do it myself on PS4, will it unsynch from this website as well or do I need to go into my trophy settings and hide it? ------------- In regard to the EA issue, I'm not really sure what to do about that, and since I believe they are using a "perma-ban" to grand the "right to be forgotten" request, than to discuss it in public on a forum is a faux pas I'm sure. If I knew how the account was locked by them I could know how to get around it. If it's an IP ban, I could just change my IP address, use Proxy Servers, if it's an email ban, just change my email; yet I think their tech team would know these things as most people do so they would reassociate my email with a different account that is unused or they would ban the PSN ID. In either case per your explanation there is no way I could get around that, since if I changed my user name and you're saying my old user name is still tied to my account then it would still block me I gather. It's just frustrating because I did this mistakenly to delete my account, and now it's like I'm going to be locked out of all online EA play going forward. Is there anything I can do, prior to testing different email addresses or PSN ID? I mean if I do nothing and buy a PS4 or PS5, I still won't be able to play their games online.
  2. I tried using the code that came with my game from Amazon, it wouldn't work. I then tried purchasing a new code, it wouldn't let me buy one. So for me, it's 48 hours or skip the game. Haven't used my free 2 day trial yet though. That's the key, get your session all planned out with who is playing/participating so you can be sure to get the trophies you need in time.
  3. We just had an outage at work, and I also tried going to ea.com both on my PC and at work, and the sites were down with a DNS server error.
  4. I own all of them, except the exclusive PS4 one's. I bought them under the same idea that you did, which was my now 8 year old son and I would be able to enjoy them together. I'm not for sure if he got interested in other games, or if it just wasn't his style. He likes Lego's, yet he is not too particular to playing the games. We will go months without him wanting to turn one on. He has gotten into Minecraft and enjoys some Racing games and Little Big Planet. So since he didn't want to play them that much, I was like, I will just complete them when he is at his mothers in the summer. I think Lego Juraissic World is the best one, I think the levels were good, the challenges were alright, there was a ton of items to unlock, at the same time it had a really good graphical look in comparison to some older grainer lego games, that weren't as refined. Lego Batman 2, my son and I will both agree was our favorite in cooperative play, it was just perfect. Lego Batman 3 gets a little weird. Ultimately I think there are 2 things to consider while playing these games, granted easy plats, no one is going to deny that, however from the first games like the original Lego Batman which I have and beat as well, which has no trophies to the newest of games; there has been a steep increase in level length. Ultimately I cannot warn you enough to get a variety of games at your disposal because the one thing I've found while enjoying these games as fun, funny, cute, interesting etc....is that as a player they are also really tedious. I mean I think I'm going to plat Lego Marvel Superheroes next because the last level my son and I did took like 90 minutes to complete...it was so long!! Which is indifference to maybe the 20 or 30 minutes a level you might spend in Lego Pirates of the Carribean or Lego Harry Potter. So some things to consider, recommendations: PS3: LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 LEGO Jurassic World LEGO Pirates of the Carribean PS4: LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - if you really love Batman P.S. Unlike others I have never had the glitch problems that many people have said about Lego games. I also never use the in game cheat section with cheat codes though. The only type of glitch I've ever ran across or close to would be either a character getting stuck behind something, which if that happens and you can't get out, if 2P, have the person trapped Drop Out, if 1 player switch to the other character and leave that trapped character behind. Only once in 8 games or so I've played of these did a character get trapped and I had to restart the stage because the computer controlling them wouldn't get them out and I needed them as a part of a 2 player puzzle to continue with the level. Otherwise their is the occasional game freeze, this has happened with other games though so I can't say its a Lego issue and instead a my system issue, just save often and you will be fine.
  5. Ok here is one of my faves:
  6. Thank you guvnah! I never got to play the Dreamcast, or the TurboGraphx 16 for that matter. I had my Sega Genesis before my SNES, and did I love that system. Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Sonic, just mind blowing stuff at that time. Then SNES came and Super Mario World was incredible. Actraiser was always a game that should have been better. Super Castlevania IV was my fave Castlevania, I don't know so many good games. I liked watching people play Zelda, yet I didn't like playing it myself. I know what you mean with the kids, I thought they were going to close the PS store so I challenged my son to get the platinum trophy for the game before they close the store and if so I would buy him $40 of downloadable content. I ended up doing 3 odd trophies for him, and he did the rest ...we kind of adventured together and it was really fun for him. ............ Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, I'm exaggerating I'm not ancient, just not 16 playing Mortal Kombat II anymore. Oh the memories...
  7. So I'm way late to the game of playing in this day and age and don't even have enough games or background to say one "broke" me yet, I could even complain about the recent plats I've got or say how much they sucked...yet nothing I would think groundbreaking. Rayman Legends grind sucks, there is nothing to it, you technically can make it faster if you could be in the top 1% in the world during daily and weekly challenges, yet I never was. I settled on getting golds or silvers every day for months, bronze's were unacceptable unless the challenge was total bullshit. I sped up my time by getting mostly gold's and a few silvers, was even 0.20 off of a Diamond one time and I was like...I can't see where I can shed more time. Bottom Line - it's gonna take months, and if you want to make it quicker my suggestion is as soon as you unlock any form of challenge while you are playing the normal game through, start participating in daily and weekly challenges, the sooner you start, the sooner you can accumulate points that you will need later. Yet other than that, you can't make it quicker, you have to wait for the next day to do another daily challenge. Pre-Trophy Era - games I tried yet never beat: Strider (NES) - could never figure out how to beat the final boss, he kept knocking my sword away. Ninja Gaiden (NES) - you only had a few continues, the game was so awesome story wise and we wanted to know what happened as gamers, yet it was so damn hard and a lot of cheap kills and resurrecting monsters. Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) - I never could get past like World 8-3 I think it was like a set of tanks or something, I just gave up I couldn't do it. This was without using the warp whistles either. Russian Attack (NES) - the only weapon you had was a knife, so stupid, we never beat this, my friend or myself. TMNT (NES) - we wanted the game to be good, yet it really sucked, that water level was bullshit and even if you got past it you were so close to death. Bayou Billy (NES) - the game was just all over the place, good story, fun, yet just challenges were so various from 2D side scroller to racing, it was difficult and I didn't really care I guess. Playstation - I can't think of any games I didn't complete/perfect on this. Diablo 1, I only got 1 of the 3 characters to level 50, it took 40 game hours to get from level 49 to 50, so ridiculous. So "not perfected". Playstation 2 At this point perfecting games was becoming more prevalent with Final Fantasies, the use of gamefaqs.com to help us out, and yes people...we actually had physical strategy guides, books with the clues about the game in them. Game I never beat/perfected- Gran Turismo 2 - after unlocking everything in the original GT including all Gold License tests, this game just kind of shocked me in that it was visually worse looking than its predecessor. I tried playing it, tried to like it, yet I just couldn't get over how ridiculous that was to me, a newer game that looks worse than the 1st; so I abandoned it and never went back. ESPN NFL 2K5 - best NFL game ever, I didn't complete/perfect this game, yet I was damn close, just ran out of time before I met the next woman. Baldurs Gate 2: Dark Alliance - I only maxed out the Archer/Female, I know I got far with the Dwarf and there was a way to get a ton of levels at once, or up to level 40 to finish out this game, yet at this point I wanted to play other things, and frankly do other things, this is possibly one of the last games I played on PS2 before retiring.
  8. This right here is the single reason I never "perfected" this game like 20 years ago. I never really gave it much of a try either. A friend and I played through the game to beat it, and I examined "before trophies were around" what we had to do to get all items, treasures, chocographs, etc. I came to the conclusion that getting the Excalibur II and getting all the missable items, cards, beating Hippal was impossible in 1 play through. So I was like...no. Yet this specific trophy and challenge is the one reason I hesitate every time even considering continuing my perfect FF streak. I just don't think I can do it. I also don't want to do it either. In fact, thinking this through I would rather go out, get in shape, and literally do 1,000 jump ropes in real life without stopping at a slow and steady pace of course, and then just emailing the video to Playstation and have them give me the trophy; than actually sitting there hitting a button 1,000 times in a row without a single mistake. A sneeze...an itch of my beard...perhaps even a fart that throws me off balance could ruin it all.
  9. Freezing after a certain amount of time is most likely a disc issue. Try giving it a good clean and if that doesn't work order a new copy of the game.
  10. Probably trying to get 100% in NFS Most Wanted considering my game has been glitched to hell and back and I might not get it sorted out to get the last trophy before server closure.
  11. Thank you for your responses. Perhaps I could pose another technological challenge. My NFS Most Wanted game had a glitch occur...long story short...I tried to use something in game to bypass the glitch...Concourse level 71 mode...and even that glitched...freezing my single and online player speed level so I couldn't progress. I spoke with EA advisors and they said they had no idea when I should check back for a fix just make a forum post and hope basically. After a few days I thought they won't fix it so I'm like...I will just delete my account from their servers and start over so I put in a Request to be Forgotten which is a permanent removal of my account "suppposedly". I then log in Wednesday Night as I got a response saying my request has been processed and the online game works again. So I play for 4 hours. I wake up the next morning and my entire online profile has been deleted...or has it? I submit a new ticket to EA Help stating I want my account reinstated as they fixed the strange glitch on my account and then deleted my account. When I go to Origins EA my user name there is LegendExeter1 and when I try to edit it...to without the 1 my PSN ID it says that username has already been taken on another account. So it's like they banned me in a sense to lock me out of my account online per the right to be forgotten request. Yet my email is still active on EA Origins. When I go into the game it knows my user name and it even knows the 6.7 million speed points I have it just won't connect to their servers because of my PSN ID. So as I don't want this affecting other EA titles do I change my PSN user ID to bypass the permanent ban on my original user name? If I change my PSN ID on my ps3 do I keep my trophy and game saves or do I have to start all over with a new ID entirely losing all trophy data?
  12. Hello, I put in NFS Shift 2 today and I'm like...I don't know about this. I had a thought if I was to consider skipping this title and remove it from 0% off my list clearly I could just buy a PS4 which is possible. However could I not just get a playstation plus membership, put all of my save files in the cloud, then reformat my ps3 hardrive and remove the 0% trophy list that way? Then re download all of my saved files to my hard drive? Is there any cons to this plan that I'm not thinking of?
  13. I'm sorry simple question and can't find a clear answer on Google. Can you not change the controller figuration or setup in this game? Meaning change the accelerate or break buttons to a different button?
  14. I might take the plunge I really loved the concept of the game so much and the comical artwork. Thanks that's what I had found on Amazon I'm just not interested in the other games. Don't know why it got delisted. Probably fat people were offended. I have dad bod and I'm not offended lol
  15. I've always wanted to play and own this game and I've been disappointed that it was delisted. Trophies or not I would love to get a copy of the game. Isn't there still a disc version you can buy with Portal or PSN favorites or something?