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  1. #A Battle Trivia KnockoutCastle CrashersDetuned E Fat Princess Golden AxeH Infamous: Festival of BloodJourney Kick-Ass The Game Limbo Matt Hazard: Blood, Bath, and BeyondNO Pain Q*Bert: Rebooted Rain Sam and Max Beyond Time & Space Tokyo JungleUgly Americans V When Vikings Attack! X YZ Progress: 16/27 Letters 8/27 Ultra Rare * There wsa definitely a bit of delay there. Took a couple months to get started and wrap up Pain, definitely a mountain to climb. So hard, yet a very facinating game. Lots of fun and pretty comical. Don't think I've seen anything else like it. * Completed the bizarre title Ugly Americans, clearly I never heard of this show, this game was funny, also ran pretty smoothly. It's not perfect by any means, I think the weapons in the game while trying to be different or unique are kind of poor. I mean, they do the job, it's just a lot of the time you will be getting swarmed at the rate of fire is so damn slow. I enjoyed both games. -- still working on Castle Crashers, going to take longer than I thought.
  2. So for those who started as a group and went through the game, good for you. The rest of you who started solo and then tried to join an online game to go for insane mode, might have found a rude awakening. In an online multiplayer game, you CANT be the same Knight or character as someone else in the current team. While it might seem so simple, this came as quite a shock as after creating the session, getting 5 of only 4 people needed and then finding out 3 of us used the same Orange Knight and cannot all play together. Should this random and rare event occur to you, you can either create a new session, look for new friends, or you will have to take a different character and level them all the way up and go through the whole normal mode game again. We tested the idea of, "can I just go beat the final boss with a level 20 character and then quick jump to insane mode"...no...no that doesn't work either. We beat the boss, yet the dune where the insane mode is supposed to appear, does not show up, because all of the levels that this level 20 character skipped, they have to go through and beat(similar to how insane mode works). I didn't see this mentioned in the guide or the forums, I'm sure many might say "I knew that", apparently none in my group and myself did not though. Hope this helps someone
  3. Thanks for mentioning this game. I'm a huge hellraiser fan so this definitely looks interesting.
  4. Yeah I wrote strategies for her in this thread:
  5. Yes it appears I am talking specifically about the ps4 version. Since the 5 doesn't seem to be unlocking the trophy.
  6. Thanks so much for that indepth analysis and response. I think I will pick it up for my son then, I can handle the time trials, and he really loves Hot Wheels. I kind of wanted to make sure there was a good selection of cars, as I remember cars that I had when I was a kid 30 years ago; so I'm hoping the game has some nostalgia value to it as well.
  7. So I noticed after the leak for this game for PS Plus next month, soon a trophy list came after that on site, and then I watched some gameplay. Am I the only that is thinking Fortnite clone? Looks like Avatar meets Fortnite. For anyone that has played this game, does it stand out in anyway positive or negative from Fortnite or other PVP shooters? Opinions on the game so far, fun, shite, MUST PLAY, avoid at all costs???
  8. A longer visual novel that spans hours and cannot be rushed through in 30 minutes or less is a different experience. I mean, you can actually die in a Telltale game like Walking Dead and you can't die at all in something like Journey, yet that game is an "experience" to. The main difference being stretching the dollar. So you could buy (pick any number) of X games from crap, lets say 30 at $1/piece, and that $30 = 5 minutes of entertainment per game, so 150 minutes or 2.5 hours. Or you can spend your $30 on 2 games at $15, or 3 games at $9.99 or less and get at least 8 hours x 2 or x 3, minimum, so 16 or 24 hours of gaming. If they are longer titles, 16 or 24 is an underassumption. Point is you get a lot more gaming and experience for your dollar buying any non-ezpz than you do by just buying the cheap shit. Same as almost anything in life really, you get what you pay for - including the rare occurrence you screwed by buying a game that sucks or isn't fun.
  9. As the title suggests. Good game for kids, or are the trophies in general past their skill point and will have to be finished by an adult? What can you tell me about the game, is it fun, too repetitive, wide car selection? Pros/Cons?
  10. 50 users in the past 24 hours have got this trophy at least in the PS4 North American version so clearly it is obtainable and so is the plat, which is why the large throng of players are playing it.
  11. With over 50 users that have unlocked Head Turner in the past 24 hours I would say the trophy probably isn't unobtainable any longer.
  12. To quote this again, I didn't have a preconcieved notion, I had various thoughts or reasonings. Another one was...does someone have the inside track? Meaning do we know that the 1 lone trophy that is not working is going to be fixed? Because if we know that, or someone knows that, it would explain why its been picked up so much and clearly I should be considering playing it then to.
  13. Really, because as I look around the site at games, and then glance at the forums I see it everywhere. Like can I still get 100%, is platinum still possible? I'm like Jesus Christ, so I'm amazed now that people are literally playing this over the new Turtles game that just came out, Elden Ring, etc. Apparently the game is really fun maybe and I missed the boat, I thought it looked wacky, kind of stupid, and I heard people complain of the difficulty nor did I have a PS4 at the time. No, it wasn't what I wanted to hear, more like some type of rationale that made sense. Rather than I don't know what I'm talking about or how dare I ask the question. I have the platinum for Payday, I play it to waste time in between trophy hunting, and because it's fun. I get the point, yet surprising to me that on a trophy hunters website again...with so many people focused on full completion, that so many are playing a game that at least currently, can't complete.
  14. Wow...I feel so burned!! I should have probably expanded off my initial question. I'm amazed that Fall Guys is currently the top played game right now on multiple systems, considering that it cannot be platinumed amidst a forum with a majority of users who are damn near paranoid about not being able to get a platinum or 100 % completion off a game. That is more clear, so maybe more of a statement then a question. This is the answer I was looking for, key text in bold, in that your basically using it as a bridge or time waster between trophy hunting.
  15. Hardly, if you haven't looked around these forums at the 1000 posts of people asking Platinum Still obtainable? Or is 100% still possible?