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  1. Thanks, this worked. I'm actually pretty computer savvy but jeez trying to find it on a phone is different then on a pc. It's cleared and is showing up again.
  2. What island is this on?
  3. When I try to hit the trophy page for this game I keep getting a 400 Bad Request Error. Can this be fixed please? Or is there something I need to do? It is only occurring on this games page.
  4. LMAO! Never played the game, yet I can feel for those who have bad platforming games to play, so frustrating.
  5. This was going to be my answer, the entire series. Why? Because it's lame, its like a series of games that tries to rip off Scarface, and while that movie was legendary and memorable, it was also really cheesy at parts. I get it, it has this open world aspect to it, yet if I want to drive cars I play racing games, if I want to shoot people in game play a shooter, if I want to fight I play Mortal Kombat, etc. Basically the elements that make up GTA as a whole, are pretty much done better by every other genre; and the mash up of these genre's in this games leads to an overall mediocre look and feel.
  6. Strangely this occurred last night. I had about 900 K in studs, and I was going to upgrade the Batmobile to grab the 2 trophies for that, plus the 3rd trophy for the Pink paint job. I was unsure how the process worked, and did I even need to save it to the toy tag or would the game just remember that I had done the upgrades to the vehicle? Well I figured the trophies would pop in succession as I purchased the upgrades, and perhaps I was going a bit fast. However after I purchased all of the level 1 upgrades, and then the level 2 upgrades, I didn't "Save to the Toy Tag", I just started buying upgrades for the 3rd Upgrade Model. The trophy for the 2nd Upgrade did not pop, I kept unlocking until I ran out of studs and then finally saved to the toy tag. It gave me the trophy for the 3rd Upgrade, yet not the 2nd. Then I figured out how to change the color to Pink for that trophy. Then I saved, quit, synced, went upstairs, updated profile here on PSN and I noticed the 2nd Upgrade trophy was missing. THE FIX I went back downstairs as I was quite bothered, hoping I didn't have to make a second playthrough just for this trophy. I also had switched between the 3 forms while in the Voltron Hub driving around, which didn't cause the trophy to pop. I went back into the Upgrades menu and only had the Batmobile on the toy pad, so it opened to that. I then put my selection choice on upgrade 2's design at the top of the screen, and then I noticed an option on the left top corner that says "Reset Toy Tag". While I hoped it wouldn't delete all of my upgrades, I was thinking lets give it a shot, as I can always get more studs, and sure enough after doing that I kept my upgrades and the model 2 trophy popped. I can confirm this is a glitch where it seems to pass over the upgrade 2 trophy, if you don't save to the toy tag when you have upgraded to Model 2, BEFORE you upgrade to model 3. Otherwise if this should occur to you, just follow the steps I did in "THE FIX" above. Needless to stay the time stamps are about a 1/2 hour apart due to me not catching it right away while upgrading.
  7. When you say endurance since I'm going through the Challenge Towers in Mortal Kombat it makes me think of those 2 on 1 fights that are totally cheap. I guess I would agree with the above posters, it does take some skill, if you are completely inept at the game, then you could bring the other partner down and neither of you could finish the arena or overall Trial. On the aspect of Endurance, this isn't a grind trophy per se', if so it's a Skill Grind, and not a Time Grind. The issue of it is that you need to know when to use Divine Armor to restore your health and sometimes get the Health or Mana at altar's. This is based on how much damage as well as how fast you take damage from the enemies, based on the enemies you are fighting that round, and the overall arena difficulty setting for that Trial. Classic is Easy, Zealot is Normal, Hellish is Difficult, Infernal Hard as all Hell. So basically its kind of like combat, mixed with health and mana management, yet it's a lot easier than I'm probably making it out to be. You will adjust based upon what you see in the fights. Personally while it's harder than God of War in challenges, simply due to the variety of challenge types there are, it's also a lot more enjoyable. Doing the take no damage or don't get hit round in GoW is pretty cheap. While this game has a couple of "Take No Damage" rounds, yet doesn't feel as cheap as there are strategies you can employ. Example, you could try to keep your distance with Dante, fly around and shoot fireballs with Lucia, or you could use Divine Armor magic and try to kill the enemies while that is on, as you take no damage from enemies during that time(yet you still can take trap damage). I greatly enjoyed doing the MP with Charles, at the same time, after you really analyzed or did your research on how to beat the challenges, I found them strangely kind of fair or an acceptable difficulty. I mean, you don't think the trophy is just going to give itself to you. It takes a bit of work, yet I feel, it's worth it. Granted this is me saying it with 4 SP challenges left, 3 Dante, 1 Lucia, yet I'm confident enough that I will complete the last 4 and get the trophy. While harder then GoW, I would say to anyone that enjoys the Hack n' Slash genre, this is a challenge you can accomplish.
  8. On which Island?
  9. Like the first game there is a method for getting the platinum in a single playthrough, and I used this method: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/topic/217069-guide-to-all-trophies-in-one-playthrough/ Maybe you could call it 1 and 1/2 playthroughs. I modified somewhat off what he says in the guide. In the first game there is a moment in the story I think most know near end game where you can do a massive Karmic Shift. InFamous 2 doesn't have that at the end of the game, it's actually about 1/2 way through, or 2/3 through. So this is what I did, I followed what he said in the first few paragraphs, making a save before a karmic trophy mission, then doing it on Evil, then reloading the save I had made, and redoing the mission on Good and then continuing on with the story. I also literally right away at the start of the game, turned the difficulty to hard, and just to not mess with things, when I did the Evil side of missions, I just did them on Hard anyway. I also did the Take Out the Trash mission, as you will need that for a trophy later on. Where I differed mainly from what he says is how he finished it out. So I finished it on Hard - Good and then waited for credits to roll and I got the Hard Trophy and Good Ending Trophy. The only thing I did on the Aftermath file of the Good playthrough, was play through the 4 Ice Conduit Good Side Missions for that trohpy, then saved. After that I debated what to do and I agree with another poster on that thread that dropping your karma would take a long time, yet you also need a good amount of XP in order to buy all the powers. So I reloaded my Save File I had right before "Storm the Fort", and I turned the difficulty to easy, and this is the mission in the game where if you are at Champion (high good karma) and you choose Nix(evil), it will take you all the way down to Thug. So I took advantage of the massive karmic shift, and from that point on just kept going through the missions I had completed prior on Easy, choosing evil of course, killing civilians for that trophy. I got Arch Villian before I reached the final mission. After beating the final mission on Easy Evil, wait for the credits to roll, the game gives you 15,000 XP for beating it now on both karmic paths. At this point I then needed the island trophies still, so I did all of the evil and regular side missions, which just gave me more experience. I bought all the powers as needed, you need all the Neutral powers and powers of your Karma, so I needed all the Red colored powers and the Neutral ones for "With Greater Power Comes Greater Power". When I was done I had nearly 6 or 7 K experience to spare after buying the necessary powers. I feel its also easier when you beat it on Evil the second time, to stay on that file, as if you are needing experience or just want to make sure you have enough I like the Ionic Drain ability. The Ionic Vortex is good for the Convoy missions where the pickups are lined up in a row on the street, send a tornado down at them. However the Drain is awesome, as it doesn't matter who you hit, since you are evil anyway, a pack of monsters, drain them, you see a bunch of protesters, drain them. If you do enough at once you will get Super Drain (x5), 3, 4, or 5 in 1 combo x 5, and some other multipliers, which nets you quite a bit of experience. I don't mind anyone enjoying the game and wanting to play through it twice, yet it's very doable with a 1 playthrough method and this saved me at least doing 20 missions twice. EDIT: The dead drops in this game are pretty easy to find, however keep in mind if you are 1 short at the end almost everyone misses that there is one back at the encampment like zone that you first arrived to New Marais at. So wait until you have the ability blast and then head back to that area getting you the "Back to the Bayou" trophy and find that dead drop before you go back to the city. It was the last one I needed, and I had to google this during play, so you will want to remember this.
  10. I appreciate the review and sharing your thoughts on the game. I will avoid it like the plague. Yeah I mean no offense yet it's hard to be a subject matter expert if you haven't platinumed the game yourself in the case of guide writing.
  11. I had no issues with it. It just feels like it takes a long time because it does. To play, then rate the trial, then find a new one in the list that you can rate.
  12. Yes I would be interested. Did this ever get completed?
  13. I think they will close down the servers eventually. I wouldn't waste anytime on any PS3 Online Trophies, I would make them my top priority in trophy hunting.
  14. It took @CharlesB753 and me 4 total tries. It was a good challenge not too hard, not to easy. We had to improve on a few early levels like Explosives Only and Melee Combo, we also had to kind of manage like if we were going to fail a challenge and we knew it ahead of time, we would have the person with the most lives die, so that we don't get the Trial Failed as in that case you both lose a life. There were just certain strategies, teamwork, and good communication that has to be used in order to make it much more manageable. Like where are enemies at, is someone coming toward the other player, which side the summoner is on. We just called each other on the phone and put it on speaker while we played. It worked well. We beat Ascension with 5 lives and 4 lives at the end.
  15. Yes as of October 2021.