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  1. I wanted to get the premium edition, as it has the preorder bonuses available until November 22. But is this only available for PS5 ?
  2. Ok. Thanks. I’ll hold off for now and play something else.
  3. Hi. do we know if the dlcs will have trophies?
  4. I think there are regular boosting sessions, but im unsure how successful they are. I’ve started to think about starting the game just not used to playing online since Red Dead 1 on PS3 I’m curious if it can it be done without mics and such?
  5. To bad. Im not sure I want to pay and replay just for these two trophies. But thanks for replying :)!
  6. I just dusted this game off after I noticed I never got 100% on few of the DLC’s and I noticed they added this DLC addition that came with PS4 I’m curious if there is still no way to get those for PS3 ? edit: just saw that this is the PS4 thread. Should have posted in PS3 I recon :-/