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  1. Bullring and School 2 are the hardest i would say. Needed 2 hours for each. Rest was ok. Maybe heaven was a bit annoying with Timing but everything doable. Just dont stop to try. Watched some Slow motion Videos on Youtube when i had Problems with Timing. It Was helpful
  2. still glitched trophies in 2022?
  3. Yea thats true. I will play some hours every day until i get it. Played 10+ h every day last week. Maybe it Was too much.
  4. Which one of you is about to play at level 99 right now? How is it going and how do you keep the motivation high? I'm 97 and it's getting boring :D.
  5. Yes, just make sure that you have max block that gives you leeway if things get dicey. You can also farm Mephisto in Nightmare if the items are not that good. In any case, take your time and don't progress too quickly. Make sure your resistances are always high enough. That's super important. I also farmed everything with Sorc and then played the Paladin. You should also always be careful with champions with Conviction Aura or with curses where you suffer double damage. Always have purple potions with you in case you get in trouble. You can also use a mana shield for extra protection, but that's not necessary in my opinion, it's a matter of taste.
  6. Congrats for beating baal in Hell hc. Sorc for speedfarming or paladin to kill ubers for hellfiretorch is best you can do now. Necro is fun to play but Not the best choice to start the game. You should Start with blizzard sorc to farm andariel and Mephisto in hell. There you get 95% of the items in the game. Then farm runes with LK Runs or Cows. If u want to grind lvl 99 in HC i would play Tesladin or Javazon. Really strong builds which can handle P8 if u play offline.
  7. Nice. Congrats man.
  8. Hey Dan what was your total Playtime for 99?
  9. Anyone knows about these events in future?
  10. Start public game over night. People will join you. Worked for me.
  11. Private and public stash dont save at the same time. If u put something New to shared stash it should be saved after 5 minutes. Just keep in mind dont quit from game with PS Button. Always Go to menue first. Try it
  12. Yes u should Plan 500+ hours for 99 Grind hc offline with /players x command. They will Patch it next month. Back up save is a big advantage to this time u have to invest.
  13. Do you think they will bring /players x command back to console ?
  14. Sry for this buddy. Thats the reason why i started with sc. Servers are instabile. I wait until they bring Chat back to the game so you can use /players x command. In offline mode you can save the char in Cloud and lvl 99 is not too crazy with this.
  15. Maybe its a way to play classic D2 without LoD. I remember it Was easier to reach 99 than LoD