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  1. THE VITA IS THE BEST!! i strongly agree that u quickly go buy the vita, friend with me n play games with me!
  2. HP! Britney Spears or Taylor Swift?
  3. its would be better if vita had pokemon x and y! if on choosing pokemon, i will choose the pokemon by its look! it really depends on what i'm thinking! by the way, anyone had the full version og 6th gen pokemon pokedex?
  4. is Sly cooper: thieves in time (ps vita) wroth getting?
  5. affordable console (actually, i don't really know what is all this) one piece: monkey d. luffy or roronoa zoro?
  6. i'm so exited!!
  7. crysis2! Ninjaz_88 or NightWing?
  8. heard all those positive comment of this game from u guys makes me exited bout this game. i think i'll get it!
  9. left. if u can make extinctions animal back to life what would u make alive: dinosaur or dragon?
  10. i'll get it if its really out....on the vita!!
  11. i choose huckleberry hound!(i really don't know what n what r those guys but that name is cooler than the other 1, a little) ps3 games or vita games?
  12. transformers! WWE: Triple H or Daniel Bryan?
  13. deadpool! cod black ops declassified or unit 13?
  14. he/she is right!!
  15. pokemon naruto or one piece?