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  1. Unbelievably easy with this setup. Player 1 - Frontline Team Effort - Nearby teammates also receive the damage bonus while using Frontline. Vicious - Enemies take triple damage instead of double damage while using Frontline. Determination - Gain 2 points of Geistchild when activating Frontline. Player 2 - Shellshock Exploit Weakness - Enemies stunned by Shellshock take triple damage. Breathing Room - Shellshock has increased range and knocks enemies back further. Protector - This gives all your teammates a free Geistchild point when they are hit with Shellshock. Player 3 - Shellshock Exploit Weakness - Enemies stunned by Shellshock take triple damage. Breathing Room - Shellshock has increased range and knocks enemies back further. Fiery Burst** - With this mod enabled, every time you use Shellshock, Zombies hit by it are set on fire and getting 3% damage of their health. **Not required, however if you want to get to the boss in a wave as early as possibly (while all team mates are fully upgraded with all perks) this is what you use to get your desired points as early as possible. This player will be responsible for the majority of kills. Using Shellshock with Firey Burst provides 10 points per tick of fire. The other team mates kite all day and group all enemies together for the Shellshock special. If used in conjunction with the Double Points you get 20 points per tick and gain massive amounts. When your special is down this player kills enemies to regain special rinse repeat and share points with other team mates. Using this technique without making mistakes you can get the saw upgraded by wave 2. Have the doors open in the submarine pen by wave 3-4 (the trick to this area is do not kill single zombie while you are inside activating the gas valves). And complete all the spines and getting to boss by roughly wave 12-15 depending on whether or not you make mistakes) Player 4 (Optional) - Freefire Squad Tactics - Nearby allies get a headshot damage bonus while using Freefire. Marksmanship - Headshots deal significantly increased damage while using Freefire. Sustained Fire - Slows enemy movement down. 1 person with Jack in boxes. 2-3 people with the pommels. Strategy 1. Pommel on ground where boss is and it's glowing aura around its chest disappears (not sure if affects damage resistance). 2. Throw jack in box for add control. 3. Pop 1 Shellshock with Frontline and Freefire at the same time. Your enemies will take triple damage from Shellshock. Your team mates will gain triple damage from Frontline and your team mates will gain headshot damage bonus from Freefire. I had Freefire spam bacon and eggs for add control and mass movement speed down and everyone else using svt on boss. 4. If you haven't killed the boss in that phase drop the second Shellshock and finish it off. 5. Use a heart when you abilities are over. You won't need to use your abilities again for that phase however to be safe you might need to use your abilities a second time on the AA gun phase. (Purely because the boss sometimes take forever to reappear if it runs away).
  2. You need to collect 4 charged spines in one match from: 1. Standard Zombie 2. Pest Zombie (fast guy with no arms) 3. Big slow fuckers with the sword in hand. 4. The new spider/tenticle looking zombie.
  3. I will be starting this game in about a month with a friend with the aim of getting all trophies. I 💯 every game I play so you can count on our group to get you over the line if you need it. Add me on PSN if your looking for boost groups.
  4. Can you please re-add First Order to the list. First Order Membership: Open To All Timezone: Any
  5. In no particular order: 1. Chrono Trigger 2. Final Fantasy VII 3. Final Fantasy X 4. Super Mario 64 5. Super Mario World 6. Super Mario Kart (SNES) 7. Pokemon Red/Blue 8. Harvest Moon (SNES) 9. Sonic Adventure 10. Kingdom Hearts 11. The Last of Us 12. Half-Life 13. Age of Empires II 14. Final Fantasy XI 15. Chrono Cross 16. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 17. Uncharted 2 18. Goldeneye 19. Super Mario RPG 20. Sim City 2000
  6. If anyone level 50 has a quick moment to spare I would love to use your time to quickly pop out this trophy. Please let me know, I appreciate it.
  7. I star rated all my dream eaters so I needed a lot of material. It was much more efficient doing the trick than doing a special portal once per drop. U could essentially get as many as 3 materials every 5 mins.
  8. Incorrect. A real easy way to get the desired dream piece is do a little trick where you kill your Dreameater, get it's death item, reload the save and you will get both the dream piece while retaining your Dreameater allowing your to repeat the process over and over until you receive your desired amount of items. Dream Piece Death Spam Trick Select the Dreameaters specific to the material you need (refer to list below) Have your Dreameaters die. The easiest place to kill them is while using Sora, go to the World That Never Was when the Aura Lion is selected as the special portal. Go to the Avenue of Dreams which should be the first option after the Dive chapter. Check your map to see where the portal is and get to it. It should appear on top of a central skyscraper. Start the Special Portal and immediately jump over to the other building behind you. By doing so, the enemies will not attack you, and focus on your Dreameaters. Let them die and have their timers run out. They will drop their death material for you to collect. Cancel the Special Portal by pressing the options button and cancel. Save your game at the save point. Do not zone into another area or turn off the game. Now run slightly ahead to encounter a group of enemies and let them kill you. When the option appears to Continue or Load Save select Continue. You will now respawn into the map. Your Dreameaters that just died will magically reappear in your inactive roster and you will have kept their death material. Rinse and Repeat for your desired amount of materials. Materials Brilliant - Keeba Tiger, Lord Kroo Charming - Frootz Cat Dulcet - Ducky Goose, Majik Lapin, Necho Cat Epic - Kab Kannon, Ursa Circus Fleeting - Electricorn, Thunderaffe Grim - Staggerceps, Tatsu Blaze Intrepid - Cera Terror, Me Me Bunny Lofty - Eaglider, Escarglow, Halbird, Pegaslick, Tatsu Steed, Tubguin Ace Malleable - Flowbermeow, Meowjesty Noble - Catanuki, Cyber Yog, Drill Sye, KO Kabuto, Sir Kyroo Prickly - R & R Seal Rampart - Drak Quack, Fin Fatale, Iceguine Ace, Komory Bat, Pricklemane, Wheeflower Savage - Aura Lion, Beatalike, Ryu Dragon, Skelterwild, Tyranto Rex Troubling - Ghostabocky, Meow Wow, Toximander, Woeflower Vibrant - Hebby Repp, Jestabocky, Juggle Pup, Kooma Panda, Tama Sheep, Yoggy Ra Wild - Sudo Neku Wondrous - Chef Kyroo, Fishbone, Peepsta Hoo
  9. I purchased the physical copy of game of the year edition and Scarecrow DLC was not available for download. I can confirm that WB Games will provide you with the scarecrow DLC and Scarecrow Batmobile skin redeemable codes if you email them. They only require proof of purchase. I didn't have the receipt so instead I screenshotted my GameStop purchase history from their website which they accepted. I got my codes within the same day as when I sent my request.
  10. Having got all community challenge trophies in 1 day here is my advice on iceberg lounge. This trophy is disgusting. I'll share my 16 hours of pain to hopefully make it easier for you. The YouTube videos "easy as shit method batclaw spam" is shitty. Batman would very frequently throw a god damn batarang instead of the batclaw and you will get hit by someone 80% of the time if the baterang is thrown. So to save yourself screaming at your TV for hours like I was, I tweaked my approach to this trophy as follows. My strategy was get to a quick chain of about 150 which can achieved in less than 1 minute by critical hit spamming all the mobs at the start, you will barely have to counter, you will have to deal with a charging enemy at least once or twice and don't use special combos. One of the medics may electrify one enemy before 150 so be aware to use your quick batclaw at least once. Once you hit around 130-150 chain (depending on how fast you are) a shield and a stun baton spawns along with the medics getting aggressive on electrifying enemies. Weapon destroy the shields and the stun batons and quick batclaw any electric enemy you see. I generally used this method from 150 onwards: Batclaw x3 (generally targets electrified enemies) Special takedown, or weapon destroy if you see a shield or stun baton Aeriel jump over 2 enemies to create momentary distance to minimise chance of getting hit Continue to critical hit enemies until you see or hear electric mobs, shields, stun batons or guns Special takedown or weapon destroy if appropriate By this stage there will be 2 or 3 electric enemies by the time your done with that takedown Rinse repeat. Once the ninjas start spawning kill them with a special takedown straight away because they will most likely hit you with a bullshit swipe and ruin your chain. Don't worry about taking down medics. Keep them alive as they revive your downed enemies and delay the ninjas and brutes from spawning. As long as you are in top of your weapon destroys the critical punch spam will not run the risk of ruining your chain and is an extremely faster and efficient way to get the chain up faster. By the time your points hit the required 1,050,000 your first brute spawns and you won't have to deal with them at all. Good luck this one was a pain in the ass.
  11. All those people yet when the time comes 1 person logs in and back to square one from a week long wait. Not an efficient way to organise a session.
  12. Dear admins, since this game is extremely old and its player base is very low, it is quite difficult to organize a Gaming Session unless a person is actively looking for one at that particular time. With that in mind, please allow me to utilize this thread as a hub to organize players to complete this boosting session. Thank you. Batman Arkham Origins Boosting Session Boosting Session with the aim to obtain the following trophies to all involved. First come first serve. Please quote the list in your reply and put your PSN name in the next available slot. I'll update this original thread to reflect the updated list. I will be going for the multiplayer trophies every single day until they are acquired. So check back often for updated times of boosting session. Trophies to Obtain Predator Paragon Clutch I Like Those Odds Know Thy Enemy Time to Commence 14th June 2016 10:00am (AEST) Sydney 14th June 2016 1:00am (BST) England 13th June 2016 8:00pm (EDT) New York 13th June 2016 7:00pm (CDT) Chicago 13th June 2016 5:00pm (PDT) Los Angeles List 1. Nednrb 2. Gold-St 3. Ezzman75 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Reserves 1. 2. 3.
  13. I higly doubt this expansion will come with trophies considering that the trophy list is shared between PS3 and PS4 and there will be no PS3 support for the DLC. If you dont get what I mean look at GTA5. PS3 version and PS4 version are two separate entities on the Playstation network. The PS4 version has more trophies. They were never originally linked. Rockstar did this purposely to add PS4 specific trophies like playing the game in first person mode, which is unavailable on the PS3. You cant release a dlc with trophies if the PS3 cant acquire them and both versions are shared under same game.
  14. Don't believe the hype like I did. They are both bad games. If you really want to play the game, save yourself the headache. Either get it on PC or load up Youtube and watch a Let's Play Fall Out 3 and New Vegas video. Can't stress how many times the game will freeze on PS3.
  15. I'm already living the dream.