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  1. Alright, here are the final standings. It was a fun event y'all, thanks for participating! @Shorty132471 - 61 games complete, 1460 points @JaM - 35 games complete, 910 points @DoctorDrPepper - 22 games complete, 565 points @nrs1nrs1 - 15 games complete, 250 points @edolusill - 10 games complete, 200 points @hotdog_president - 10 games complete, 175 points @jens108- 8 games complete, 175 points @Leon Castle - 7 games complete, 160 points @hsn963 - 8 games complete, 120 points @Kishnabe - 1 game complete, 25 points
  2. Today is the day! This is not a drill! It's time to reap the rewards of the past months and get all those platinums done! Have fun everyone! I'll update the OP with your final standings once the day is over and I can confirm the dates on all those platinums. Enjoy the day - I just got my 8 platinums for today :-)
  3. Nice job! I just got Shovel Knight ready, getting me up to 7 plats for this Sunday. I hope I might be able to squeeze in a quick 8th one, we'll see! Updated the OP with your updates.
  4. Good job everyone! Updated the OP with the updates. We have one week left to go, so let's get your final plats ready! I am hoping to get Shovel Knight ready until Sunday. Guess my ability to do the speedrun trophy will make or break that...
  5. Updated the OP with all your progress updates. Good job, everyone!
  6. Just got Dead Space ready - glad I did that! Was hard, not because the game is hard but because I am so scared haha! Up to 6 games ready now
  7. Awesome progress everyone! I updated the OP with your progress. I got Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor ready (quick and fun one!) and am now working on Dead Space. Only one last playthrough left, and I'm about 50% done with that one. But the "impossible" difficulty is a bit hard hehe @JaM you currently hold the high score with impressive 690 points! And your list still doesn't have a single game that I have played before, which is super interesting @nrs1nrs1 can you check if I updated the list correctly? It's a bit hard to keep track with the incremental updates :-)
  8. Yes, PS5 platinums are counted the same as PS4 plats @CJ-Olly6 oh, no! Sounds like a tricky situation; sorry to hear that. Take care, and good luck with your new account! I'll update the OP with all the updates soon; got a lot going on atm :-)
  9. I updated the OP with all your progress updates. Nice progress, y'all! Especially those Vita titles, @CJ-Olly6 I also thought about doing Beyond: Two Souls, but remembered Heavy Rain to be a drag so I skipped that one.Good to see you have it ready! @edolusill Your list is super impressive @JaM. 575 points is a LOT!!! @nrs1nrs1 nice job on Uncharted! I have a plat for all other uncharted games, some even on PS3 and PS4, but somehow never had the motivation to do Uncharted 4. It's a super good game; no idea why I am shying away from it haha I myself added Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Got the campaign ready and only have a "mini-grind" left, as the guide calls it.
  10. Cool cool, updated all your lists! I also added Life is Strange: Before the Storm to mine, which is ready to plat! Had the game just sitting there at about 80%, had totally forgotten about it. @Shorty132471 That is one impressive list! Tbh I didn't think anyone would make the ABC one, wow! @hsn963 Welcome aboard, I added you to the OP! @CJ-Olly6 Updated your list, good job! Also, I am just pinging everybody else who signed up because it seems that some people haven't been too active on their lists lately. A small refresher for @BlazzingWind @JaM @HcG Clawz @Leon Castle @hotdog_president @edolusill @Leenewbe @nrs1nrs1
  11. @Tesla_Rules Haha alright! Yea I accidentally popped the Bioshock 2 plat a few weeks ago @hsn963 Yes sure you can join, welcome aboard! Looking forward to that list. @CJ-Olly6 Cool, updated the OP
  12. Awesome to see so many people joining and so many plats ready for December 20th! I updated the OP with all your progress. @Tesla_Rules if you want to, it would be cool to have a list of your 6 completed games :-) I just completed Tr├╝bberbrook and now have three games ready.
  13. Great, signed you up and added your list to the OP!
  14. Awesome, added both of you to the list! Also, that is one impressive list @nrs1nrs1