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  1. The last guardian. It looked great, the story was nice, but the controls were so wacky. I couldn't play it for longer than an half hour without raging at trico because he would never listen to me. Ruined the whole experience.
  2. I'm not sure which fight you're talking about, but here's a link to a walkthrough guide. Hope it helps Maybe you can find out more about that fight from previous playthrough information.
  3. I've done some searching and here are some points to keep in mind: Each hit must connect, If any part of the combo is blocked or deflected then you must re-do it. Any combo which results in an enemy death, even with the final blow of a combo, will not register. You must kill the enemy you have performed combos on for them to register to your total. This trophy will unlock after you defeat the enemy you performed your last required combo on, it will not suddenly pop mid-fight. Each combo must not be interrupted by scenery, that is to say that you enter into a mini-game because you were performing the combo too near a wall or the edge of a platform. This includes the final hit which may propel your enemy backwards and initiate the small cutscene of them almost falling. Found it on this site. Hope it helps!
  4. It's an easy story to understand, but if you play Dishonored + DLCs and Dishonored 2 it'll be so much more than just a simple story and nice gameplay.
  5. Alright! Good luck, I hope it will get sorted out
  6. have you checked if you have the games Save data? Ive looked it up and Naughty Dog em selfs said you can try to remove the save data (you can back it up first in case you dont want to lose your mp progression) and try to save again after that.
  7. Is your autosave turned on? Maybe you can try to save manually too. Other than that I don't really know what can cause this 🤔
  8. The trophies shouldn't be glitched, are you sure you have everything?
  9. @cam_wick Yes 200h is very long, but if i like it that much maybe i will play the NG+. And I have learned about saving the hard way so I hope I won't make the same mistakes again. @FilmFanatic I think I might start with hardcore and switch to normal if i don't enjoy it. I really liked DAI on nightmare since it was a challenging. So hopefully this will be too. And I havent checked the dlc trophies yet. Do they also need to be completed on the hardest or can I just switch back to normal after completing the main story? @nyonmyan I hope I will get at least slightly get the story since I havent played the first games, but Ive also completed DAI without playing the previous games and still enjoyed it. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy this game too no matter the difficulty. @Shadiochao I will definitely make use of that ability! Ive also seen some glitches that can boost up your lvl. Are they worth making use of or does it spoil the experience? @TurdFlingingApe lmao I will check that build out for sure. Thank for the tips!
  10. I'm really excited to start this massive game and obviously as a trophy wh*re that I can sometimes be, I looked up some of the difficulty related trophies. I have found out that this game needs you to complete it on the highest difficulty and the opinions about it are devided. Some say it spoils the experience, some say that it's pretty easy to get used to. I have previously started other games like Dragon Age Inquisition on Nightmare and The last of us on Grounded immediately during my first playthrough. It didn't spoil my overal experience, but I sometimes did get annoyed (mostly in TLOU because of the limited resources). Should I start the game on the highest difficulty or play it first for the experience and try the highest during a second run in NG+?
  11. I've actually written a walkthrough guide on nier. I've listed many helpful tips, and ways to lvl up fast
  12. Lmao, at least some countries got brains. Tbh I hope it gets banned... I don't mind loot boxes but not when you gotta pay real money for it
  13. As long as you save after picking it up it'll be in your inventory. You don't need to complete the whole mission for it to save. You can even pick up some story/chapter related materials, save and leave without spending them. (for some upgrades)
  14. You gotta buy it from a shop for 100G or find it somewhere else. Then find an animal and use the bait near it. Wait for it to walk up and eat it. After that you can mount it. Later in game you can buy items from vendors that let's you ride animals without using bait or anything else.
  15. I think I'll start writing the guide for Dishonored in a few days. If no one publishes theirs by then.