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  1. I feel the same with games like DMC1 being 8s but due to the plat letting you use items (power ups and invinsibilty buffs) it feels like a 4. I rarely see 10s though and that makes me want to see all the games that have 10s apart from Wolf2, SMB and Crypt.
  2. Is there a list somewhere or a way to seach guides by difficulty to see all the games that have received a 10/10 difficulty rating on psnprofiles?
  3. Just want to know as I'm playing the game after most of the activity is probably gone. I'm ok with boosting even if it isn't active.
  4. How would you even do that given that Mein Leben never saves at any point?
  5. Thank you for the encouraging words but I already have the platinum was just wondering why it had gone up so much.
  6. Has something like a new strategy or video guide come out for this game because I've been seeing it go up and up in my trophy cabinet?
  7. I really care about having my account 100%ed and was wondering if the online was going to be axed soon given I only see a couple of matches going on at a time.