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  1. Haha! Very profound and truthful. I too remember being 16 and "knowing it all", only to later realize how stupid and naively clueless I was ^^. As for the boys in the argument, take a time out! Back to topic. I am from Portugal and have been getting weird ass ads, such as this one: Laundry detergent and gaming don't really go hand in hand, but I see a possible perspective. Also I appreciate your intention of monetizing the traffic on your website and still keeping in mind the gaming community, thanks =)
  3. There's a trick to "boost" them yes.
  4. ID: Palpable_Hate I have the EU version of the game, help will be much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for you help directing me to that page, I don't see why you had to take an attempt at correcting me, 'tho the game is colloquially known as MK9 I believe that the vita version has also been called MKV, as in Mortal Kombat Vita, as many times. EDIT: Pay more attention to the game the post is related to rather than trying to correct things which aren't wrong to begin with.
  6. Due to the lack of EU players playing this right now, I decided to create this thread where we, owners of the EU version of the game, can find a boosting partner. Leave below your PSN ID and some additional information you might find necessary. Add: Palpable_Hate Info: Add MKV to the notes. Thanks in advance.
  7. I have the EU version of the game. add Palpable_Hate Need boosting on all online trophies. Thanks in advance
  8. I have the EU version of the game. add Palpable_Hate Need boosting on all online trophies. Thanks in advance
  9. I'm done Thank you.
  10. King of Battle Achieved five-star ranks in all Coliseum Attack stages Also my 1000th trophy
  11. I def agree with your statement but these generation of half completed games only goes on because we gamers still throw them our money for the rest of the content that should have been included in the retail version of the game. We've got ourselves to blame. Let us all boycott the system!
  12. This! And also because life is empty of purpose and there's really nothing else out there besides the fake sense of completion awarded by a Platinum trophy. Don't take me wrong I'm, in general a happy person, but sometimes games do serve as some sort of an escape ^^
  13. This is the Vita LBP thread. So I believe you're posting in the wrong section.
  14. Hi, As stated in the topic, I'm searching for fellow gamers that can/need help with LBP multiplayer trophies. Anyone's welcome to add me just drop a note. Palpable_Hate Edit: The reason I created a thread similar to the "LittleBigPlanet Vita 100% Score Bubbles" thread is because it seem to have died 9 months ago.