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  1. Get " The Spiked Club " sword. Load New Game + save, get the other one. Re-load the old save & continue your Playtrought, this game could be Speedruned with this trick in 2-3 hours if anyone wants to. All of my games was already done by me a few times PS3 / PS4 & tested all of them DDasE
  2. PSVita, as far as I know is already hacked. I will link it because it's a hacker profile: PROFILE
  3. Well, you're right. But that won't make too much sense. if I want to speedrun a game and the Record is on 2d 14h and I know that I can beat it with just 2d, I will do it. But getting the plat in 1min? I can do it in The division, but where is the sense? Yeah, is a World Record, but it's completely broken though :). Yeah, I do know what do you mean, Injustice Platinum (PS4) in 9 hours. He used the same method I've described on my 1st post, but the thing is, where is the difference? He did at, his record will be probably unbeatable unless someone do it a "bit" faster & I did it on PS3. We everyone know that PS3 is absolutely 100% hackable, PS4 no. Same method - Two different consoles - Mine is flagged (that's why I created this post, to show as much legit proof as I can) & the other one in PS4 is not flagged. Doesn't look like more Favoritism rather than justice? DDasE.
  4. I've managed to get to the last part of the level a bunch of times but I'm stuck there. This game is simply trolling us. After 1 week spent to reach the last part of the 1st level, I still can't find the " D " to beat the level. I figured out where it is, but even with PowerUps, it's unreachable. TrollySoft.
  5. Attacking Zegeta II, is the hardest game I've ever played in my whole life. So close to beat Level 1, but it's fucking insane, hell.

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    2. AlphaLloyd


      Me and Sergen still thinks that NGS2+ is possible, since there are a few things which are different compared to the original version like you dont have to revive the AI. Or Bosses like on UN3 doesn't one hit you even with a grab.

      I also had beaten Volf in UN1 Solo allready without much time effort. :)

    3. Jak


      Stalp, guys. Jak II on Hero Mode es da hardist theng en existince.

    4. Dennis-nine-five


      Good to know. I just saw your post with Volf ;)

      Maybe, maybe. I havn't played it so can judge much.

      @DDase did you played Attacking Zegeta 1?

  6. Actually a lover of Nostalgia Games (Manhunt, GTA III)...
  7. For you is easy
  8. Played A LOT of different style of games, wow.
  9. Need help in Diablo III Reaper of Souls (PS4). Anyone can help to kill Diablo & Malthael on Hardcore!

  10. Deception IV Blood Ties & Nightmare Princess! :D

  11. Probably a lover of Assasin's Creed series?
  12. My best congrats on it mate! WOW, that will be incredible hard to beat, hope to be the 3st then! Congrats LLoyd!

    1. AlphaLloyd


      Uhm... thanks =) But for what? I assume DMC2? If you know the Game well it's fairly possible tho.