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  1. Maybe I've been lucky, but I've only used maybe 2-3 sessions on this site and I've never ran into problems myself. I find that proper planning and coordination helps a lot, and whenever I join a session I always volunteer to get my trophy last because that way people know I plan on staying until the end to help out. Usually the people that ask to always get their trophy first are the ones that I don't trust to stick around. Plus I look at the profiles of the people wanting to boost, and I see what other (MP) games they've done to know if the person seems like a decent helper or someone who will just leave after getting their trophy.
  2. 3 trophies this time instead of just 1! -Complete the DLC -Complete DLC with 2 stars -Complete on Authentic Should be easy enough, hopefully the Authentic glitch works for this DLC as well. Also from what I've saw this is the final DLC for Season Pass 1, so who knows what's coming up with Season Pass 2 or if it will even release...
  3. I would say it is. When comparing a game like that to Stroke the [...], both games are a matter of "Press X for trophies." I remember when I used to work for EB Games, we'd see the occasional Wii game release that everyone called shovelware (which it was at the time), but they still had substantially more content than anything EZPZ on PSN nowadays. So I might be a bit biased but I'd consider anything that was released purely for the trophy hunters/addicts to be shovelware. I also used to give Ratalaika shit all the time, but I do realize that a few of the games they port are legit games, just with incredibly easy trophy lists. As for the OP's original question; Yes, the first game is definitely shovelware. Even if it's the first of many, it doesn't change the fact that it was made purely to target trophy hunters.
  4. We have complete opposite takes on this game haha. I'm loving the game! I think my only issue with it is that there are only like 3 cars that are worth using in MP due to terrible stats on everything else. Haven't noticed any major rubber banding AI when I've been playing, albeit I've been doing mostly MP lately. I've been loving the MP, it's nice that you can play other people's creations to keep things fresh instead of just doing the normal tracks. My favourite thing to do though is look up all the best shortcuts on the original maps (lots involve driving offroad to skip major track sections), then use those shortcuts in MP to annihilate the other racers! I find looking up the shortcuts added some extra incentive for me to show off to the other racers every race haha.
  5. If you're gonna remove the "Easy Games" box, can you at least update the Hard Games box to have a button you can click to sort the games list automatically?
  6. The one thing that always frustrated me is that for people like me who want to look at the hardest games out there, I always have to go to that Easy Games list, then go to the last few pages of that. Wish it could be the opposite and have it filter the hard games first. I have no issues about removing shovelware from that Easy Games list, but if it's not possible, then I'd rather have the list of "Hard Games" have a box to click instead of the Easy Games box.
  7. If I were you, I would do what I did and delete/recreate your profile, even if it means losing your capture gallery stuff. That PSN error is such a pain, and knowing that it skipped certain trophy events for me means that on other games you might not get so lucky. Even worse, if a trophy fails to pop and then you unlock a trophy later in the game, it can be grounds for flagging on this site since you would have impossible timestamps. It wouldn't be worth it having to hide your profile games due to a PSN glitch.
  8. I had been having some issues for a few days as well. I kept getting an error code NP-32091-5 before starting any game the first time I was playing for the day. I was researching online and it sounds like one of the trophies earned in the past may have had corrupted data, so my profile couldn't manually sync properly. The only solutions I read were to rebuild the database (safe and doesn't lose anything, but it didn't work for me); or deleting your profile and recreating your account on PS4. I had to resort to the latter to solve the issue, but be warned that you will lose all your saves and capture gallery videos/images. So make sure you upload all your saves to the cloud first, and back up your capture gallery stuff if you want to. This fixed the issue for me and things are unlocking normally now. I will have to replay the game though because the trophy for completing all challenges on Kronos Island did not unlock for me, but everything else after that is working fine now
  9. I don't know if I'm the only one having issues, but I've had 3 trophy glitches now. First one I mentioned above, where the tutorial trophy did not pop, probably because I started exploring as early as possible without getting any Chaos Emeralds. It popped on a new run the next day. Second trophy glitch, I never got the Celestial Shower trophy, despite me getting a meteor shower on the first island (I will test to see if I can get the trophy by spawning another meteor shower). Third glitch, I completed all challenges on Kronos Island, but never got the trophy for unlocking the whole map (which is done by completing the challenges). I will have to restart my game to get this trophy, as I have the entire map 100%, including every single Heart Fragment. Has anyone else ran into any trophy glitches like the ones I've gotten?
  10. When is "The Journey Begins" trophy supposed to pop (for completing all the tutorials)? Because I have a feeling my game skipped the moment when that was supposed to pop. Looking at my list and sorting by rarity, I've earned a bunch of trophies that everyone else has earned AFTER the tutorial trophy, which I assume is supposed to pop once you get complete free roam unlocked. I had been exploring a lot before getting my first Chaos Emerald, and doing challenges and collectibles like fishing before getting the emerald, and I wonder if that somehow skipped me earning the trophy? Here's where I am story-wise: I'm pretty sure the trophy should have popped before then. edit: So yeah, I did a new file and as soon as you pick up the first Chaos Emerald, the trophy should pop. On my initial run I skipped the chaos emerald and just started exploring everything, which looks like it negated the trophy from popping. So make sure you grab the emerald right away to avoid the glitch from occurring!
  11. I didn't preorder from the PS Store, I mentioned that above. I did preorder a physical version from gamestop though, just the regular PS4 version. I'm thinking something is screwy with the App, because it unlocked as I was setting up Remote Play from my phone.
  12. OK so craziest thing just happened to me! I was trying the Remote Play thing again in the false hope that it wold work for me (which it didn't), but something else even better happened! As I connected to Remote Play, I see a Stars campaign pop up on my feed saying something along the lines of "Thanks for preordering God of War Ragnarok on the PS Store, here are 1225 points for you!" But the thing is, I didn't preorder GoW on the PS Store. I did preorder and then bought the physical version from Gamestop earlier today along with Sonic Frontiers, but I haven't installed the game yet so there's no reason that campaign should have unlocked for me! Unless somehow Gamestop is partnered with Sony for certain physical preorders or somehow my Remote Play challenge activated the wrong campaign?! Either way, I was hoping for the 75 points from the Remote Play campaign and I got 1225 instead
  13. And you did it for PS4?? So far all the PS4 users (or more accurately people that didn't buy a PS5) including myself have had no luck.
  14. Wish the game had more 100% completion trophies. I'm still gonna get everything regardless because I love Sonic games, but the list looks too easy so far. I haven't checked yet, but does anybody know if there are in-game leaderboards for any of the Cyberspace stages?
  15. Anyone manage to get the Remote Play campaign work for PS4 yet? I've tried every single day usually playing around 10 minutes and still nothing