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  1. 15 minutes would probably be enough.
  2. The guide mentions one of the communist photos being buggy. I won't be able to play for a little while, but I guess nobody has had any problems with it? Edit: Got on and the photo is fine. No issues.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm expecting to complete Wo Long in the next day or so. I'm Level 110. In advance of any future DLC, would prior Nioh/Team Ninja players recommend grinding out NG+ missions for more Genuine Qi/5 Star loot before the arrival of any potential DLC? I see that Nioh 2 DLC had trophies related to difficulty. Did this require the base game already being conpleted on that difficulty, or could you jump straight into DLC missions with NG gear rarity and having never played NG+? I understand we won't know for sure until any future DLC actually releases, but I'm just looking to hear the thoughts and recommendations of Team Ninja veterans.
  4. Pretty sure the Qinglong set is only available for people who bought the deluxe edition/season pass stuff, so not everybody going for this build would have access to it. That being said, this is a great build. I'm working through my first run with Wood as my secondary skill (Water is my primary), so I can confirm that casting Absorb Vitality right before a critical attack when an enemy is staggered makes the game much easier in the early levels.
  5. Tiger Seals are also used to summon NPC reinforcements, such as Zhao Yun. These NPC companions can be used to get both the trophies you mentioned.
  6. Looks like the Powerpyx guide is already up. No missable trophies. No online trophies. 6/10 difficulty over 50 hours. https://www.powerpyx.com/wo-long-fallen-dynasty-trophy-guide-roadmap/
  7. Wow that's crazy. Clearly I underestimated how much time a day people can commit to gaming, or maybe I'm just a slow player.
  8. The first couple of achievers got it in four or five days, so I think you're right.
  9. I may be wrong, but I think the Vengeance mechanic for Righteous Judgement is for killing NPC enemies that have killed you. Edit: just checked the latest FightinCowboy demo stream, and at the 48:40 mark you can see 'Revenge Accomplished' after he kills an NPC enemy that had killed him.
  10. I was around the 100 mark. Like others have said here, it was progressing Patroclus' favor that took me the longest.
  11. The other two games I've played with my partner are Sackboy and Nobody Saves the World, and I'd definitely recommend both. My partner struggled a bit towards the very end of Sackboy, but this was offset by the frankly absurd amount of character customisation there is. Nobody Saves the World can be a little grindy, but it involves a lot of fun teamwork to overcome certain dungeon modifiers and challenges.
  12. You should get 5 Stars for Peter Englert after successfully completing all his orders, regardless of rank.
  13. From the Powerpyx guide: 'There are a couple of points in the final two Chapters where the game sort of implies a point of no return, but the main one to watch out for is in Chapter 14 (Finale) where you are meant to speak with Otose at Teradaya to travel to Tosa. Up to that point, you can still travel around and complete most things, as well as purchase from shops. This is also the last point in the game you can change the difficulty, as after this is one long combat section leading up to the end of the game'.
  14. I've just had a look on the Social Club and you're missing the Band-Tailed Pigeon. Check the Bard's Crossing bridge.
  15. Optinooby doing The Lord's work as always. My personal recommendation is to go for the two playthroughs outlined here. I went for three (normal plasma only, NG+ clean up, impossible) and I ended up using the plasma cutter for 90% of my impossible playthrough anyway. I was also pretty burnt out by that point too.