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  1. Even Punishment. After new update no one has gotten it and I've done the requirements 4 times and not gotten it
  2. they are hard but not impossible. also many trophies are currently bugged so wouldn't bother but it is fun to play
  3. As title suggests, the trophy Evil Punishment (hit each invdividual survivor at least once after they trigger a teleport) no longer works. I have done it 3 times in a row and it has not popped. Many of the trophies are currently bugged so DO NOT go for the platinum.
  4. The old killers, specifically Hillbilly, Nurse and Hag, are the 3 worst killers in the game by a very large margine. The platinum is borderline impossible due to every single person you match with being over prestige 15 meaning they have everything in the game and who in their right mind would ever level these 3 killers. The original killers desperately need a buff but instead they do a For Honor crossover and make another op killer that far outclasses the old ones. You cant even use perks like NOED to make these killers easier for the trophies since it requires you to use their 3 unique perks and get a MERCILESS victory. The perks for these killers are terrible compared to new ones and shouldn't the trophy just be for getting a 4k because doing that is borderline impossible already let alone doing the extra mile for a merciless. These trophies simply shouldn't exist or should be changed to DLC killers since paying for the DLC is much better than using this abysmal characters.
  5. absolutely horrendous. almost 80% of the trophys rely on RNG. not a fun Dragon Ball game to platinum and barely to play tbh
  6. my friend code is Z72S7