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  1. I always loved going the obscure root or all mage team during the last dungeon when you can switch out Zidane. So: Quina - I always loved blue magic Eiko and Dagger - The summoning duo Vivi - well just coz
  2. I just finished this now....I'm late to the party but yeah I concur, it's only saving grace was the song at the end haha so much so I bought it off iTunes
  3. Chris from RE5...Those arms *-*
  4. Shadow hearts covenant? Those battle music tracks I loved them!
  5. Bloodborne
  6. Haven't seen it mentioned a lot or at all but: Overwatch!! The Division FF 15 Uncharted 4 Kingdom hearts 3...(big IF)
  7. Jill Valentine and Ellie...didn't even need to think
  8. I loved this game growing up, I still have the prima guidebook as well in mint condition....I wonder if it'll help with the platinum =/
  9. Abe's Odyssey!! I loved that game as a child so to plat it as an adult as well as having it an ultra rare is just icing
  10. Hasn't decided on what to put in the cabinet yet?
  11. Lmao all these issues I just had to start again after finishing velen because I got a corrupted save data, the new patch didn't help all it did was corrupt all my old saves too. So I've started again ugh...... I miss the days when shit used to work PROPERLY!!! I don't get paid enough to be a frickin debugger.
  12. Wipeout never seen gameplay but I know it's a hard plat to get, grats
  13. Never heard of that before that's an odd glitch. Never had that issue when I played it. Sorry bud :<
  14. No problem, I wasn't trying to deter you just my honest opinions
  15. No problem, just bare in mind this is just my opinion and what I've experienced. I've quit for good but I'm re downloading it to finish off the platinum lol...only missing 3 trophies including the levequests one. The story is pretty good it's just a shame there isn't voice acting in a lot of it. So you'll have to read which I hate and personally I don't retain information if I read lol. And yes having a keyboard is a godsend!!! EU servers are known to be quite nice lol but again you still get your elitist dicks If you intend to play for the long haul you'll need voice apps on your phone to raid. Oh another note, it's been almost a year since I've quit so there's a lot I dunno like how they address lower content completion for new comers because obviously you don't do lower content if you don't need to.