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  1. I saved this to my library when it was PS+ free, was busy at the time with some other shit. However, after just finished platting FF7Remake and waiting for money so I get RE:3 Remake (I know it' has shitty reviews, but whatever :P), I thought I'd download this and give it a try... I quite like this game, how it doesn't spoon-feed you information and requires you, the player, to actually apply gamer skills and thinking that used to be required by most games years ago, although I feel I sense of loneliness when playing this game, which I'm sure was intentional but the environment is so expansive it begs to be explored, so I'm enjoying this game a lot but cannot wait to max my stamina and move on to RE:3 ahaha.
  2. I'm proud to say that, I've rubber banded my control and running a script to complete this trophy >.>
  3. Dragon mines and oxide station will really test you. But stick to it. It took me 3 days for dragon mines and about 1.5 days for oxide. Looking back i suggest doing the other tracks first especially the CNK ones to really understand the mechanics of USF. Plus seeing the speed of USF on the CNK track normalises the speed imo so it eventually doesn't seem as fast? If that makes sense. Good luck!
  4. Just got the platinum and the 3 hardest tracks imo are: 1. Dragon mines 2. Oxide station 3. Tiny temple Honourable mentions: crash Cove and deep sea driving lol I'm still recovering from nerve damage to my thumbs and some fingers.... Exactly same shit happened when they released the crash trilogy >.>
  5. Does anyone know if it's possible but if you create a private game and invite a friend. Can you boost the challenges in the grand Prix? I'm interested to know and do so haha.
  6. Only tip I have for you is: have a spare pair of hands because if your attempts are gonna be anything like mine. You'll be fingerless in no time I used a speed character personally. I tried a turning character but I couldn't get used to their supreme turning mechanics. And tbh mine was 60% luck, and 30% skill with 10% sheer persistence lol.
  7. Yeah doesn't work anyway. And yeah I know haha but being a trophy Hunter the completionist in me won't accept it
  8. Hahahah Yeah crash Cove was hard. It was the first one I did though lol I just went down the list but of the 2 I spent 3 days on dragon mine and 3 on oxide. I think dragon's mine maybe a bee's dick harder. And I'm dreading deep water driving >.>
  9. All i can say about this topic is... Someone buy me some new fingers coz they fucking hurt :< Dragon mines and oxide station have rendered my hands to completely useless, I just race with my feet now.
  10. In the DLC dungeons. And there's one at his house.
  11. Oh gosh I just finished this yesterday. If they never release another DLC again, it'll be too soon. It's pretty much the same set up except for slog 27. The other posts pretty much cover this I'm currently at my partner's place but if you're still struggling tomorrow I'll reply with my set up on the computer.
  12. Not in AUS yet either
  13. I always loved going the obscure root or all mage team during the last dungeon when you can switch out Zidane. So: Quina - I always loved blue magic Eiko and Dagger - The summoning duo Vivi - well just coz
  14. I just finished this now....I'm late to the party but yeah I concur, it's only saving grace was the song at the end haha so much so I bought it off iTunes
  15. Chris from RE5...Those arms *-*
  16. Shadow hearts covenant? Those battle music tracks I loved them!
  17. Bloodborne
  18. Haven't seen it mentioned a lot or at all but: Overwatch!! The Division FF 15 Uncharted 4 Kingdom hearts 3...(big IF)
  19. Jill Valentine and Ellie...didn't even need to think
  20. I loved this game growing up, I still have the prima guidebook as well in mint condition....I wonder if it'll help with the platinum =/
  21. Abe's Odyssey!! I loved that game as a child so to plat it as an adult as well as having it an ultra rare is just icing
  22. Hasn't decided on what to put in the cabinet yet?
  23. Lmao all these issues I just had to start again after finishing velen because I got a corrupted save data, the new patch didn't help all it did was corrupt all my old saves too. So I've started again ugh...... I miss the days when shit used to work PROPERLY!!! I don't get paid enough to be a frickin debugger.
  24. Wipeout never seen gameplay but I know it's a hard plat to get, grats
  25. Never heard of that before that's an odd glitch. Never had that issue when I played it. Sorry bud :<