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  1. Gravity Rush or Tales of arise? I'm not really into anime style games sorry
  2. just reached level 15 and the trophy 'making Dunn proud' hasn't unlocked. Is this a glitch?
  3. I am personally not a big fan of the auto lock on aiming in this game, and do not know which of the settings turns it off / lowers it's intensity. Is there one or not?
  4. Bought the game a few months back but never played that much of it, but i hear it's a great game. Should i start playing it soon or wait till the PS5 version gets released?
  5. I've had a look at the trophy guide and it seems quite easy, yet the platinum is 4%. Is there something I've overlooked or is it something else?
  6. I've heard a lot about this game but I have forgotten most of what's been said. I know it's bad but how bad is it really?
  7. Maybe attempt Rocket League, it was my first plat, although i do not remember how hard it is. If u rather not try to plat rocket league you should probably attempt Sponge Bob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom.
  8. I've been looking for a list like this for a while. So I'll put down as many of the games I found are only on ps3 and have not been ported, remastered, remade or anything of that nature (Besides PS Now) to Playstation 4 or 5 consoles, (Most might be on other platforms like Xbox or PC though) GTA 4 Infamous 1 2 and Festival of blood Fallout 3 and new vegas Split Second velocity Star Wars Force unleashed 1 and 2 Max Payne 3 ( Not sure about 1 or 2) Batman Arkham Origins Almost every metal gear game Just Cause 2 Most Lego games before 2012 (besides Lego harry potter) Red Dead Redemption 1 and Undead Nightmare Silent Hill Series Portal 2 Motorstorm Series Call of Duty Bo 1 and 2 Call of Duty MW 3 (Probably getting remastered soon) Call of duty games before Cod 4 MW Resistance Games All Killzone Games except Shadowfall Bionic Commando (2009) Splinter Cell Games Sly Cooper Games Dead Space 1,2 and 3 Dragons Dogma Echochrome Ratchet and Clank Games before the 2016 reboot Mirrors Edge God of War Games besides 3 (I think) Sorry if I went too far. Hope this helps any of you as much as it helped me. Please feel free to correct me if I got anything wrong
  9. I am going for an afk trophy in a game, and it is one of the last trophies, but it is a grind. I am thinking about putting a rubber band on my PS5 controller but idk if it will damage it. does anybody know?
  10. I haven't played that many games with good comedy or an aim to make the player laugh. But ill give a few games that i have found to be funny. Guardians of the Galaxy (Funniest game i have played. Comedy is similar to the movies) Ratchet and Clank Series (Haven't played any of them in a while but i remember them being funny) Immortals Fenyx Rising (I remember the comedy being similar to Ratchet and clank) Yakuza Games (I haven't played many of the yakuza games yet, but i have heard they are funny in sort of stupid ways, i can't really describe it but its funny non-the-less) Devil May Cry Series (Maybe not the funniest of games but they have their moments like the Yakuza Games) Fortnite Save the World (Probably not the best recommendation on here but the writing and comedy in this is surprisingly good, at least that's what i think) Edit: A couple extra i forgot about: Stanley Parable, Deep Rock Galactic.
  11. I have heard many people say that this game is great but I'm really hesitant to play it because of the subscription thing. However a reviewer I watch a lot and trust says people should play the free trial cause it has hundreds of hours of content. How much do i get out of the free trial? And is it worth trying?
  12. I just got HFW, I never started The Frozen Wilds DLC and was wondering if it is any important or if it has anything to do with HFW story?
  13. I have been saving my money for the first part of this year hoping for a RE4 Remake announcement or something like that from capcom. Because there seems to be very little to nothing about RE4, i'm considering getting a new/upcoming game like Horizon Forbidden West or Grand Turismo 7. However i don't feel comfortable paying £70 for a game. So i'm waiting for either game to go down a bit in price. Does anyone know roughly how long after release a game would go down in price? Or should i consider getting HFW or GT7 at full price?
  14. Can any of u actually play the game or are all of u stuck on timer screen?
  15. omg thank u so much!
  16. Last couple of days my internet has been bad, constantly turning on and off. I have achieved some trophies but they haven't seemed to pop up on my profile on this website. Do i have to do the trophies again or am i ok?
  17. Ok so the only game i've played since my internet went was Red Dead 2, and the trophies I achieved aren't even showing up on my PS5. And i can't really re-do one of them because its story related and i would have to play half of the game again. I'm not really even going for the plat, but if i ever decide to it might be a problem.
  18. I have updated my profile numerous times over the last 2 days and the trophies i should have are not there. How exactly do i sync my console with PSN?
  19. Over the course of the past few months i have been trying to find some good games to play, and whenever i do some research Persona 5 never fails to make the list. I haven't heard much about the Persona series and am usure whether it is worth playing. Does Persona 5 live up to the amount of praise I've seen it being given?
  20. I'm definetly going to check out persona 5 soon. Just wondering is P5 Royal a better version on P5 or does it not really matter?
  21. Lately i haven't been sure what games i want to play, and i am getting a bit tired of most games looking similar, so i want different looking games to play to freshen things up. Are there any games with good / different / interesting art directions?
  22. I want to eventually get to playing some PS3 games that i have missed, or go back to play some of my older games, but im unsure whether i should get PS Now instead or try and find PS3 games cheap somewhere. Which would i be better off with?
  23. Another question, is the quality of games better on PS now or PS3?
  24. I used to have Now but didn't use it that much, only really used it for a couple games. but then my subscription ran out a little while back, and have only now just found out about the amount of somewhat decent games are on it
  25. the FFA races are my last trophy, but idk how many i've done or how to check how many i've done.