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  1. Great suggestion on doing the weekly playlist instead of the standard FFA. Thank you! I usually put my PS5 in rest mode and I see a disconnect from Ubisoft servers when I log back in. I’ve started quitting to the main menu instead. Not sure if that does anything but I’m willing to try anything at this point.
  2. I'm enjoying RR a lot more than I thought I would, but I have to say my experience with trophy tracking has been very iffy. Wondering if others are experiencing similar issues and if you've found any fixes. I think a patch is all that's needed but curious if there are is anything out there. Examples for me: - Employee of the month - 100 contracts (no trophy, I'm at 150 contracts and counting) - Owning the block - 30 districts (trophy popped at 54 districts) - Keep your friends close... - 10 versus events (trophy popped at 14 events) - If you build it, they will come - complete 50 UGC events (trophy popped at 74) ...that it might work - Complete 10 Shackdaddy Weekly Challenges (at 10, no trophy yet) - ...but your enemies closer - complete 50 FFA (I'm honestly scared about this one given how long matchmaking is these days) - Veni - find 100 collectibles (I'm hoping this one isn't connected solely through Ubisoft Connect and it won't glitch on me) For the record, I didn't play the trial and I only play it on one platform (PS5).
  3. I don’t know about that. One of the reasons I think he’s a good reviewer is that he’s thoughtful about why he likes or dislikes something. Last of Us 2 is not a flawless masterpiece and his criticism wasn’t unfair. AC Valhalla was enjoyable to me because of the gameplay loop and because it scratches the completionist itch for me, but it’s a great game surrounded by a LOT of bloated content. Biomutant’s criticism highlights some big red flags for me: - poor game sound design that makes the gameplay empty and not impactful (it’s been described by several people already in this thread) - a world that is very empty and lifeless. The one place that offers “life” is the narrator and it sounds like it’s an annoying experience and people turn him off. -I was expecting a world of quirky characters and lore. NPCs are not voiced, the narrator “translates” over them and their text is generic - gameplay loop looks poor. SkillUp had an example of needing to get an item to progress in a quest, which led him to another NPC that needed a favour, which led to another NPC to do something else, which ping ponged him across the map three times for a mundane thing like climbing rocks that takes 5 seconds to do and so on…That doesn’t seem fun to me. But if the world had life, NPCs had character, and the gameplay felt solid, then I could somewhat tolerate the poor story or quest design. People have different tastes and different tolerance levels. For me these are big red flags that will suck the joy out of playing this game. And I think you’d be selling yourself short to generalize a reviewer’s efficacy based on whether they like or dislike something. It’s more about “why” they thought a game mechanic is good or bad. That’s just me. I do hope you enjoy the game.
  4. Thank YOU for sharing the video. Anywho, I hope people who are playing Biomutant enjoy it.
  5. I think SkillUp had a really good review of Biomutant and did a great job explaining why the game is not good. Listening to his reasoning, I'm honestly disappointed in what this final product looks like. I want to support small teams working on creative projects, but the game looks too empty and pre-alpha at times to warrant a buy at this time. I know holding out hope that this is a No Man's Sky situation and things will be patched up is far-fetched, but here's to hoping.
  6. Yeah, you're probably not deep enough in the main story for this side mission to pop. Keep going and it should show up eventually. I thought the same thing and it solved itself out by continuing to play.
  7. I can confirm this. It popped right away. So if you've done it before, it should now pop properly. I even had that glitch with the eridian slabs where the animation went away and couldn't interact with it, and the trophy popped anyway. For the record, I started a fresh character on the PS5.
  8. I can confirm the patch works in fixing the two glitched trophies. It popped instantly once I logged in. Not really sold on this season 2 pass just yet, will probably wait a bit before I jump in it. Every Borderlands 3 patch has me wondering "yes, you've fixed the two things that we really wanted fixed, but did you create 10 more problems in doing so?"
  9. No release date yet, but the new patch sets the stage for the DLC which makes me thing it will be soon-ish. Hopefully we'll find out sometime in the next few weeks.
  10. Thanks for sharing! It's what we've come to expect - I think you might be onto something with the Lighter Than Air trophy. It could be a thing, or it could be a wash. Either way, really excited for this. I just started getting into the first DLC and I can't wait to experience more of this game.
  11. I am pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this game. A case of quality over quantity. It's short but sweet and the voice acting/music is really good. The speedruns can look intimidating but they're quite straightforward once you know the order of things. A guide can release some of the frustrations if you're getting stuck or you feel like you're fast, but not fast enough for the trophies. Edit: Tip for the speedruns that worked for me since it's unclear if pausing the game works or not. I typically saved the game mid-level or used the generous auto-save just in case I messed up. Doing that didn't impact the timer. Also, if I had to pause the game, I went into the save or load screens thinking it'd add an extra layer of protection. I think I did that more than a couple of times in the longer levels, and the trophies still popped, so they must not be impacted by it.
  12. It was such bullshit. I’m going to try again tomorrow with the tip of slowing down before smash. Maybe that will help.
  13. I would also like to add that the DLCs can be on the more difficult end of what the game has to offer so it's definitely recommended that you have an upgraded character before attempting them.
  14. Very good month and Destruction All-Stars has the potential to be the next Rocket League (we'll see). I've played both Control and Concrete Genie, but since February is a slow month, I may opt to play Control again from scratch. It's very good.
  15. I agree. Until a patch fixes these trophies, we're all SOL. It will be fixed at some point, but the longer it takes, the more goodwill they're burning through. It's a shame because the horsepower of the PS5 makes this game so much better.