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  1. I agree that the gameplay is repetitive but Ubisoft generally has a track record with OCD, completionist and repetitive gameplay. Witcher 3 is a much better title, but I struggle to understand the heaviness of your criticism. I'd say that 80 hours of fine content is long term motivation in of itself. At the end of the day, I think this is a well-executed, fairly well polished AAA game, heavy on quantity, with decent quality.
  2. I think this game's success has a lot to do with expectations too. Very few people expected this to be as good and fun as it was; it's not as polished as GTA, but at the end of the day it was so much fun that a lot of people overlooked its more minor drawbacks. I would love a sequel but for now we're likely to enjoy the Donnie Yen movie first. I think it was also cool that we had a new IP with a lead Asian character not named Yakuza. We know that AAA games tend to stick to established franchises and can play it safe for the most part. It was a nice change for me when I played it on PS3 and I appreciate it even more now in 2019. Loved the combat and the driving was underrated.
  3. Hey - I know this is an older post but I noticed that you hadn't finished the platinum and I think I may have an answer for you and perhaps anyone else who is trying for the platinum. I don't find this game glitch and I think there is a lot of misinformation out there. In 2019, most of this has been patched so it's worth giving this a shot. I thought this trophy was glitched too until I realized that this has to be the absolute last trophy you attempt to get. All of the clothes will become available when you: - have all of the upgrades - completed 100% of the things you need to do (collectibles, jobs, missions, events, martial arts fight clubs etc.) - get all of the legendary outfits and wear them all at least once I had done everything but a random job, and only then did the final two items show up in one of the stores. I was so certain it was glitched but there it was, unlocked after I literally did everything else. The one thing that will throw you off is that the definitive edition comes with at least one car and one clothing that is not part of the standard game ; so the statistics will show you are missing more than you actually need. At the time of my platinum, there was one car I was missing and one baseball cap and the trophy popped regardless. Hope this helps!
  4. I appreciate the work you put into your argument. I agree it's entirely possible that they had it months in the making. Some things don't add up for me...the timing of it, especially with the intensity being amped up at the 3rd DLC announcement, why this suit took months of negotiating vs others given it's the same parent company etc. Even Greg Miller in the tweet you quoted didn't have any inside information to prove his opinion. Of course Insomniac would never admit to being pressured into this. it would be a bad precedent to set. I'm not a developer on this project to be able to say how long a skin like this actually takes to put together. I'm pretty sure that if I had the legal go-ahead to do it, I could pull off a suit in pretty good time. Some things just don't add up for me. Could chalk it up to my spidey-senses and I may very well be wrong. We'll have to agree to disagree.I do appreciate your positive outlook on this situation though, it's definitely something we could use more of these days. Maybe I'm just jaded...
  5. I disagree wholeheartedly based on the barrage of complaints Insomniac got. I don’t think it was in the works until it threatened their public image and it was a business decision to add it. The person who speaks on behalf of Insomniac on twitter speculated as much and incited even more bullying when he said they are listening to people’s demands but there’s a difference between hearing them and following their suggestion. People got even more pissed when the suits for the third DLC came out and Sam Raimi’s spiderman suit wasn’t in it. Alas, I hope more people were happy about it than complained ... it’s hard to gauge or validate your 10:1 ratio since this is the Internet and people who complain have the louder voice. It’s hard to gauge tone especially since “good for you” can be super sarcastic without context. It does take a big person to admit they were wrong though. You don’t see that every day and it’s refreshing. Internet points for you!
  6. Too many people care too much about in-game content that is stylistic and doesn't impact gameplay and when it does matter, they make far too big a deal out of it and come off as incredibly entitled. I'm disappointed that Insomniac gave in to people's bullying, but I understand that it's a business decision, especially for people who will want to buy the next game. It's a nice thing to have, yay, but people must live a very privileged life to care this much about a skin. Speaking of entitled. Complaining about something before you know what you're really complaining about makes you look silly. The skin is free and it's not related to anything but a patch that you were likely going to download automatically anyway. But I guess it's easier to complain than to take half of that amount of effort and educate yourself before speaking.
  7. I really hope that they have new DLC planned but at the same time, I wouldn't mind them starting to work on a sequel. Miles could be more of a thing in the second game, which given how well this one sold, is very likely to happen. Also, I don't know how friendly Insomniac will be to fans in announcing new DLC soon in advance. They've been "bullied" into so many insignificant things, like the Sam Raimi Spider-Man suit. if I were them, I'd wait until I'm good and ready for new content. All of this, I think, will play a role in the complete edition.
  8. I agree with doing these post game. Not only is it best for the story, but the game tries to amp up a bit by adding new enemy types etc. You probably want to level up a bit before taking them on.
  9. I'm not a fan of NG+, but I enjoyed Horizon Zero Dawn and Spider-Man with all of the upgrades. It was a lot of fun, but I'm happy I didn't have to do all of the side stuff too...Definitely not worth it if you didn't love the game.
  10. I'm torn about this game because on the difficulty spike is appropriate if you're not going for the platinum. If you are looking to get all the scrolls, then you will have to be patient and be comfortable with frustrating failure. That's when the difficulty spike can be significant. The boss fights are easy once you figure out the pattern. Most of the platforming can be explained through youtube videos if you're struggling. There are two or three scrolls that I had to try really hard to get and I feel that some will be easy or hard depending on your skill level. I'm terrible at platforming games, but I do get better with practice. Sometimes I had to take a break and that helped from getting too frustrated. The game is okay; the graphics, sound and level design are good, but there's not much of a story here and I will likely remember it for the frustrations that those few scrolls gave me, rather than the positives.
  11. I think my go-to game right now is Overwatch. But I am working on Batman: Telltale Game and Senran Kagura Estival Versus on my Vita.
  12. You should do either Heavy Rain or Call of Duty 2. I loved Heavy Rain and it's pretty straight forward as long as you make saves in the right spots
  13. Well, I stumbled onto someone with the final song so now I have the trophy. All I can say is that it's pure utter luck. Now I just need to finish the drinking games for the platinum. Good luck to all.
  14. I understand that, but in theory if someone is able to use uplay to connect with someone else, then they can play "Dark Steering" as part of their playlist and the other can use hack it off them. In theory...just not sure if that's possible s'all.
  15. If a friend has a song that you don't have, can you in theory join his session and hack it off him? I'm about to lose my mind looking for "Dark Steering" and I have everything else. If someone is missing something I would be more than happy to "boost" this for anyone. I'm just not sure if it's possible.