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  1. I won't be able to sign up this month, as I'm waayy too busy with classes to focus on gaming. However, this would be a fun challenge over the summer- do you plan on continuing this in the coming months? (If no, would having a co-host change your mind? I'd be happy to assist)
  2. Kind of a dumb question, but from the OP it looks like you don't receive the GateWorm from doing it this way. 1) is this correct? and 2) what're the options for 'A Better Tomorrow' then? Are we stuck looking for someone with the GK worm from before the glitch?
  3. No it shouldn't be. When somebody is flagged, the system asks for at least 5 suspicious trophies. Furthermore, usually glitches like these are known throughout the community. Worst case, you can dispute the flag and it would be removed without a problem.
  4. Theoretically speaking, playing video games is wasting your time. I like hunting trophies because then I have a shiny emblem for my wasted time Actually, though, I see where you're coming from- the countless Far Cry 2 mp matches made me question myself at times, but I had fun with it. I think everybody will have a different experience, but personally, I love getting stuff done and trophies give me a sense of satisfaction and achievement about what I do to relax and in my downtime.
  5. For stacked games maybe a formula that averages both games could be created to calculate rarity-> (Achievers across all regions/owners across all regions). My question is what happens when stacks have different trophies? Ex. Black Ops 3 has VERY different lists between PS3 and PS4. Or Plants vs. Zombies (the Vita version has a platinum and full list, PS3 version is only a portion of the Vita list (and no plat))
  6. They did something similar with FC3 and FC: Blood Dragon for the PS3. In that case, the FC3 save file had nothing to do with Blood Dragon (no special unlocks, weapons, skins etc.). I am assuming this would be the same case. However, to answer your second question, deleting the game off of your system does NOT delete the save game. You have to go into 'Save Data Management' to delete any game saves. (Which I do not recommend ever doing, I did it with Rocket League and got screwed when the DLC came out).
  7. Selling/Trading Dead Space 2 DE (This has the separate German trophy list, can confirm this is the correct copy- check my profile) Taking offers, buyer pays shipping, US only
  8. @Tinny66670 Far Cry 3 Classic, I played the original and it was a blast- and most of the trophies are pretty straightforward
  9. The PS3 was my first true console other than the Wii I’d played on as a kid. I think the one thing that really stood out to me was the amount of games available and the diversity among said games.
  10. It sounds like you have a prepaid card (basically a gift card but in the form of general credit rather than to specific store) I often ran into issues with using prepaid cards in the past. I was able to get around it by using paypal. Although I'm not sure if the currency change would present an issue.
  11. Another way to do this trophy is if you have the training to upgrade players. It costs 5 training to unlock the chemistry upgrade (so you would need a total of 50 training). Base offense (BO) and base defense (DO) are already unlocked from the start. Simply upgrade 5 offensive and 5 defensive players and activate the two chemistries. I found this easier and more cost-effective than trying to purchase players on the same team.
  12. Trying to decide if Payday 2 is worth going for the plat on or not.. thoughts?

    1. The Shopkeeper

      The Shopkeeper

      Only as long as you're enjoying the roads towards the platinum, or if you're very close already.

  13. Doing my Titan playthrough of GOW3, I get to the final cutscene and leave the game run while I grab a snack, figuring Zeus will just kill me until I return. I come back- and Zeus is nowhere to be found :( guess I have to load up my older save from the Labyrinth and play through again lol

    1. BG_painter


      If I am not wrong apparently there is a glitch in this game that lets you skip some parts!

    2. PooPooBlast


      My disc was glitched to oblivion I think when I played that game. 


      Everytime I reach the final cutscene on the lift, my entire screen turns pixelated and freezes but the sound keeps playing.. 


      It was a nightmare... Lol I removed the disc ribbed toothpaste, rubbed peanut butter ( because why not?) And then tried it but nope! 


      Then idk what possessed me to do this but I paused the game when it got pixelated after so many tries to have a break. I came back and unpaused only to find that the game started fast forwarding really quickly to get caught up with the sounds until I finally reached the end battle with Zeus. 


      I was like ***** yea!!

  14. Watch Dogs 2 would be appreciated...
  15. Has anyone else had issues with the Treasure Hunter trophy? For some reason, the Humanitarian Bowl trophy won't add to my case. I'm playing on the correct profile & I tried sim'ing to the next bowl season and winning the bowl again without any luck. Any suggestions?