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  1. I like this idea a lot. The ribbon system (in my opinion) should encourage a more diverse list of games rather than solely more difficult games. While I don't think the system necessarily targets people who play easier games (its not like we're refusing to show their trophies earned), it would be cool if it incorporated more than just rarities- I definitely think that would make more people happy.
  2. I was about to downgrade my game and start attempting the trophy tomorrow... Timing couldn't have been better
  3. Nope! No online trophies They added a multiplayer mode which I never got to actually experience, it seemed kinda cool but kinda finnicky. Anyways, there aren't any trophies tied to that mode.
  4. I think 9/10 is an exaggeration of the difficulty. Don't get me wrong, hardcore is TOUGH. Three saves and the amount of stupid shit that can kill you makes this game a huge time sink. However, the hardest part is getting a decent first save point for hardcore. From there on, the difficulty drops off immensely due to the improved weapons and suits. Each failed playthrough makes the next a little easier, as you can memorize different spawn points (and more importantly, the stupid shit that can kill you). In terms of advice- the last 2-3 chapters go fast and are HARD. You're rushed due to the invincible necromorph chasing you- so stock up on ammo. Use the contact beam as a panic button- the secondary fire is an absolute life saver. If you ask me, hardcore is a mode that makes you master the mechanics of the game by brutally punishing mistakes. While it seems daunting, it takes more patience and a little luck than it does raw skill.
  5. Threads like these aren’t allowed on psnp, make a game session instead: that said, there is a phenomenal video for this trophy on the guide on here.
  6. Oh! This is interesting- I never really made a concrete list of rules, but I definitely follow a structure. Trophies, in my opinion, have always served as guidelines for experiencing the game to its fullest extent. Obviously, different lists vary in how well they embody this idea. Nonetheless, here are the rules I've been more or less following for the past few years. 1. Attempt to complete every game you start- you spent money on them for a reason. 2. Don't start games that are impossible to 100%- the remaining trophies will only annoy you. 3. Create timelines for grinding, it reduces how overwhelming they are 4. For the first playthrough, mark the missable trophies, but don't use a trophy guide excessively 5. No collectible playthroughs until you've completed the storyline once- collectible runs ruin the story itself 6. Keep track of all PS Plus games, plan to play any/all that don't require tons of DLC purchases 7. Keep track of your entire library (PS Plus, unstarted games, etc) with difficulties and times recorded, it helps when deciding what to play next 8. No rules about what games to play when or for how long, this will merely stress you out. However, prioritize online trophies. 9. Attempt online trophies legit before turning to boosting- half of the fun in multiplayer is going for some crazy kills. 10. Self boost when possible (I have 2 PS3's and 2 PS4's), I personally find this more fun. 11. Assist others if you are asked and able, I've had a fair amount of help and luck to get where I am. I try to give that back. Overall, I use trophies as a way to feel more productive while still relaxing. It's something I totally nerd out over & have a big spreadsheet for.
  7. I mean, I think the point of a trophy system is to provide further incentive for a player to fully explore all the different modes and aspects of a game. No, not all lists do that and yes, sometimes that can take a lot of time. But if you don’t want to put in all that time, just continue to the next game. With the EZPZ games, I think a lot of people are upset because the game has little to no actual value in terms of anything but trophy count. But that exists with any market- look at the crappy TVs that some brands like Westinghouse put out vs the Sony OLED or even an entry level 4k model. The difference between the 2 markets is that the brands are marked- its more or less common knowledge that one brand is good or bad etc. I don’t think trophies should be any different, some consistency between what a platinum, gold, silver or bronze trophy actually holds in terms of value couldn’t hurt.
  8. I sold mine last year on eBay when I upgraded models- it had a fair amount of interest and went for a decent price. I’d try there!
  9. I appreciate all the work you've been putting in to try and get this patched- I hope it's not in vain but as many others have stated.. it probably will be nevertheless, I filled out the linked form- if you any help with trophies just hit me up (aside from A Better Tomorrow and Love and War)
  10. I get what you're saying, sometimes it's redundant to have unmissable and story as typically story trophies cannot be missed. But in some cases (Witcher 3) the story trophies can be missed, hence why both tags are available to be used.
  11. I voted yes because of how broad cheating can be defined as. I don’t really support CFW or hacking trophies, but I’ve played in some modded CoD zombies lobbies and got a good laugh out of some of it. When it comes to boosting, I usually attempt the trophies legit first- if they are a ridiculous grind (Looking at you Battlefront DLC) or the lobbies are dead (Future Soldier DLC, Hardware Rivals, Far Cry 2) then I often will turn to boosting. After all, why would it be a bad thing if I find a new way to enjoy a game? Especially if it doesn’t affect another player
  12. Is there a thread detailing PS3 and Vita games affected by name changes? I couldn't find anything on Sony's website and wasn't sure if there's one here. Otherwise, does anyone know how PS3/Vita games would be affected? Thanks in advance!

  13. @Blonde-Boy01 The auto pop should work on PS3 as well- I think the game performs a 'check' for the trophy when a player enters the end. If the dragon is dead (or dies) when the player enters/is in the end, the trophy unlocks. I'm guessing they implemented this to avoid issues with having to create an entirely new world to kill the dragon prior to the addition of End Cities and the ability to respawn the ender dragon. I'm not sure on the trophy requirements changing- but I know it is possible. I've heard of devs slightly altering trophy requirements to subvert changing or removal of specific game features.
  14. I have a slim PS4 and a Pro. The Pro fan sometimes goes crazy, specifically when I play Black Ops 3. Sony actually just released a new version of the Pro (very quietly I might add) that majorly reduces how loud it gets. I'm not sure if it's hit stores or not, but I plan on investing in it because this fan thing is kinda ridiculous at times.
  15. The trophy auto-pops if you enter the end after the dragon has already been killed. It happened to me when I reused my PS3 save on my other systems