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  1. omg i never played mass effect!!!
  2. if i had to bet i would say that it will happen in the end. all this seem like a smokescreen tbh but we will see...
  3. what happened?
  4. thanks man
  5. so i start the game on ps5 WITHOUT having downloaded the save file from cloud and when it asks me i choose use online save. right?
  6. is it true that they removed the autopop? can you explain how you used your ps4 save in more detail?
  7. no plat is really disappointing
  8. it's the energy crisis
  9. OMG. It's happeniiiiiiiiiiiing
  10. why can't you get that trophy?
  11. i hope it turns out to be an interesting search and not just unrealeased/time gated content, even though after all this time it is most likely the later
  12. that's the best aspect of trophy hunting: the collective and communal activity. i bet sony made this trophy this way on purpose expecting this exact result
  13. i do not own the game but this trophy has itself become legendary in the community. whats the deal?
  14. omg great guide