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  1. Yeah, you can. It looks like it's for EU only at this time though.
  2. The first Ryu armor event is only HR3. USJ1 is HR 4 and gives you a low rank Long Sword you can upgrade, Palico gear and gold crowns. Every Hunter's Dream is only HR8 and you can get arguably the best Great Sword in the game from it. The Midnight Mayhem is HR11, can be finished in 2 minutes solo and gets you a decent lance. There's quite a few others HR11 events too, so plenty of event items prior to beating the game. This seems pretty great for newer players.
  3. This was really helpful, thanks.
  4. The crown events are amazing. Went from doing all silver/gold investigations and maybe getting one in 30runs or sniping and resetting 40some odd times to doing a single event quest and getting 2 or 3 crowns per. No wonder the crown trophies aren't ultra rare anymore. The plat might follow soon.
  5. FFXV. You're likely already going for it since you've completed a few other Final Fantasy games. May as well bump it to the top of the list.
  6. Decent haul for me Nier automata Destiny Destiny 2 Grim fandango Horizon Zero Dawn Wolfenstein the new order South Park The Stick Of Truth South Park The fractured but while Sword Art Online: Lost Song Maybe I'll get 10 in 2018
  7. Thanks for this. It's really made levequests simple at the moment, especially since I haven't touched them since the start of the game. Potions are really cheap on my server. And people sell the High Quality ones for below the cost of NPC potions anyways. If you turn those in you get double the EXP and Gil (but not double the physical reward). You'll also get a ton of crystals that can be used for crafting. This brought my alchemist to lvl 10 to 30 and I need to level it up for Paladin uses so it's a great tip in general. Thank you again.
  8. I don't and I doubt I ever will.
  9. I warn everyone here. Drinking and readint his thread is great.
  10. In general, it depends on the situtation. For instance, this response doesn't require further examples. What value do you find in video games as an entertainment medium?
  11. There are so many ways to answer that: I have about eighty sealed, retail games I have yet to even open... and Steam is even worse. So there's regret with the ones I haven't even touched yet. Then there's games I regret spending large amounts of time on. "Just keep going. It gets better once you're like 15hours in...Oh, but you're so close to the end, just keep playing and it gets better...Have you done the sidequests? They really flush out the game!...What do you mean you don't like the game, you got the full 1000g in it...you're just hating on it to hate on it" And of course regret for purchasing systems for a single game that ended up being canceled. But I'll say Child of Eden in this case. Game is visually beautiful and fun, but just I regret that I can't sit down and play it without getting a massive headache. Only video game that does that to me too. What three movies would you recommend to everyone to watch and why?
  12. Just gotta reach lvl 50 and you have the plat in Borderlands 2.
  13. Completed Infamous: Second Son tonight. What strategy did you use? I'd like to knock this one out soon too.
  14. Probably a new Final Fantasy game. If Type-0 went to the Vita from PSP instead of the PS4/XB1 it would have seen some new life, but I doubt it would have even come close to saving it.
  15. Loving Titan. "Casting" Fist is the best thing ever.