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  1. Sony should really just up the limit. Theres no point of boasting that they give you 100gb if its based off a file limit. Also theyre apparently about to get huge in cloud gamung and cloud streaming so for those streaming tons of games from ps plus premium ect they will fill up eventually.
  2. Its just splitting for 2 trophy lists. Absolutely no difference at all. They knew if they made a list for each region people would buy it twice for the extra trophies.
  3. I did that immediately after hahaha
  4. I appreciate all you guys help. So the limit is 100gb supposedly but the 100gb is null if you hit 1,000 saves. Kinda dumb. If its 100gb you should be able to save as many files as you want until its full. I guess ill find the time to comb through and clear out some that i beleive ill never revisit again. Thank you again.
  5. I considered that to be the reason but youd think itd say your cloud memory is full. It specifically says reached maximum amount of saves.
  6. Theyll always give refund if you didmt download yet. If you did download theyll gove you refund still bit its a one time thing. My kid bought Gran turismo 7 deluxe before by mistake and downloaded it. Turned on console and just hit x non stop. On ps5 it boots up to store she hit x on store x on featured x on gran turismo 7 x on add to cart x on cart x on confirm x on download. Crazy how a 4 year old can just hit x 10 times n waste $75 but they gave it back to me.
  7. Ive had this problem for a while now but havent had time to dig into it. I keep getting an error message in notifications stating it cant upload my save game data or save game file due to already having the maximum amount of allowed saves. Is there a way to upgrade that? Is it based off a specific number based on which console? Im only receiving the message through ps4 notifications, does not show on ps3 or ps5. Im just curious as to what i could do to upgrade as i dont really want to delete my saves because i go back and finish games from years ago in my free time or simply like to revisit games from time to time. Im also curious as to what the maximum number even is. Anyone else ever encounter this?
  8. Is this for the timed one? There was one a while back n the last 2 trophies were beat it in super fast time and i never finished it.
  9. Which version is this about? My gf and i are soon going to co-op the vita version.
  10. My friend lives there. My friend is also currently number 5 wgich is a few spots in front of this person. I asked him to reach out to the person and direct them to this post if possible. And then i sent the link to the posting.
  11. Yes i thought about that to. Sinking 200 hours into a game and then not seeing the ending because itll pop last trophy and plat. I couldn't get myself to do that.
  12. Yes, alot of 300 point trophies. Not counting all the final trophies they skipped to avoid the plat. Who knows maybe they just wanna see how high they can get without any plats. Ill still be curious until they reply if they ever do.
  13. Yes ive looked at them a lot of times in the past. Thats exactly what intrigued me. I wanted to ask about it for a while now.
  14. Theyve been earning trophies for 14 years. I kinda doubt the plat rain theory. Plus with all the shovelware ect out there anyone could have a plat rain day. He has no shovelware at all period.
  15. I thought that too. Like maybe one day will go back and pop all. But at same time thatd be very tedious as youd still have to have all the games and saves and they couldnt all be installed at once. Im just curious as ive never seen an account like that on here.