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  1. Elden ring has been top played game for months straight since its release above all other releases and low and behold it has finally been my name is mayo hahahahahaha
  2. Do people really pay that much for 3 min games with 4 trophies and no plat? I love trophy hunting, maybe even borderline addicted, but that's just absurd. No way.
  3. i figured it had to be some sort of mistake. i see a few people played it already but theyre probably streamers that were gifted free download codes. or atleast i hope thats the case haha
  4. You guys think thats bad? S mobile just started releasing games in the asian store for the first time last night and the first one is burger break ps4. Its priced at RM339 which is 80 bucks U.S.. im at a loss for words. 80 bucks for one burger break
  5. Still at a loss for words.
  6. Im just spit ballin here, but what if........what if..........the ps1 and psp games got a new trophy pop sound or icons. Cool factor 10/10 😎
  7. Thats a nice goal indeed!! I wonder, and im just spit balling here, but i wonder if theyll have a different trophy pop sound or icon.......
  8. I agree. Black was the last game i played on ps3 before i started on ps4 and at the time i said wow. The realism and gameplay at the time was great! I really enjoyed that game.
  9. Well here we are, and yes, some games are getting trophies after all.
  10. Ive beaten every break game to come out to date. Lately ive been thinking im going to stop buying them. As much as i love the quick easy plats they offer they are simply over priced and not crossbuy and they come out way too fast and just overall not worth it anymore. Too much money spent. Now i see theyre releasing on the asian store finally. Im just going to skip out on them. For the price one of them plats i could get 2 other quick plats on a ps4/ps5 crossbuy and still save a few bucks. The cash cow has ended here for me with them games. Anyone else feel the same? Holy Shi^$^$$ I just checked the asian store to see what the price is there and its RM339!!!!! Thats 80 bucks usd. 80 dollars for a damn break game. Im at a loss for words.
  11. So in these replies theres a....... No it means backwards compatible Yes its just not out yet There was but its cancelled I guess we should just go with no there isnt a ps5 version, until otherwise confirmed.
  12. I cant remember but i think it showed at the end of the teaser trailer that it'd be for ps4 and ps5. Its cool that they actually made separate NA and EU ps4 trophy lists this time but im not seeing anything for ps5. Anyone know if the ps5 versions are still going to be a thing?
  13. Id check ebay one will pop up.
  14. Soon to be mayooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
  15. Well the time has come! Its hereeeee