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  1. Hey guys, not trophy related but I think my psn might be hacked or banned. Anyone know how to tell? I randomly got logged out of the ps app on my phone and can't get back in because apparently my password is wrong (but I know it isn't) and every time I try to log in or do anything it makes me do all these captchas and then says its sending me a password reset email but I still haven't received one despite trying over and over. I'm across the country right now visiting some family and my ps4 is back at home so I can't do anything to check if something is up on there too or if the app is just giving me trouble again. Perfect timing for something like this to happen, am I right? Lol. I have put so much money and time into my games over the years and I don't know how I'll handle it if all of that is just gone. I'll be home tomorrow so I can try to log in on my ps4 then and actually call in and try to talk to someone if I need to, but I don't have much hope if I really am hacked or something. I do have a really obsessive bitter ex from years ago who has attempted to organize mass reportings of my accounts on various platforms in the past, and they bothered me again recently so I really hope I'm not banned because of something stupid like that. I know I haven't broken any terms of service but I also know trying to talk to Sony and sort out wrongful bans is often a useless waste of time. Sometimes I really wish I had just gotten into trophy hunting as a personal hobby and not posted about my progress publicly. People suck.
  2. I have officially started Yooka-Laylee and The Impossible Lair as well as Monkey Ball Banana Blitz. I am regretting this so hard lmao.
  3. So I've taken a bit of a hiatus from posting, but I just got my 💯# 27. Little Misfortune! I had this in my cart for ages because I love a good dark, weird, but cute little game, and this one did not disappoint. Not difficult to get all the trophies, by any means, but I enjoyed it for the story. The art style is adorable, the story is unnerving, and its all combined with a dark sense of humor and occasional south park style moments that just make you go "what the hell did I just watch". Over all I recommend! I just grabbed a couple more games I'll start working on soon too ^.^
  4. I see you also have great taste in games! Nice to meet you, new friend! I will admit I almost gave up on the first Crash game because of Stormy Ascent, but I forced myself through it lol. Have you played Crash 4 yet? I haven't platinumed it yet and its giving me absolute hell >.<
  5. Thank you! That's actually the plan. I hope to one day get all the DLC trophies for them as well but RE2 and RE7 are giving me some trouble 😅
  6. #23: Resident Evil 6 I don't know why it took me so long to just sit down and get this plat! Its one of my favorite RE games AND I was able to clear up my last remaining trophies with a friends help in co op. We had a blast, and we'll probably start working on RE5 together next! That one may be a bit more tedious. After that, we're gonna grind online trophies in RE6 to try and get the full 100% 😊 besides the sort of annoying grind of saving up skill points to max out skills, this a fairly easy and fun plat that doesn't overstay its welcome. Definitely recommend it if you enjoy the series!
  7. Thanks guys, you're right 😅 I was leaning toward doing it anyway, I just needed a little push haha. We've been grinding RE6 trophies together and trying to decide what to work on next. I have some pretty difficult UR trophies to worry about in the games I've already started too, and I've accepted that it might take me ages to get them. I just get so stressed with online games because I know the servers might not always be there lol. I don't necessarily mind my completion not being 100%, but I think it would bug me if I knew for a fact I had any completely unobtainable trophies on my list. But I think I'll do it regardless. I never played it and I hear its a lot of fun!
  8. So I have a question for you all. I've got a friend who is trying to clean up their trophy list as well and they have the Friday the 13th game on theirs. They really want me to play with them and get trophies together, but I'm not sure if I want it on my completion record. I thought the servers were down or something and I wouldn't be able to complete it, but apparently not? What do you think?
  9. Welp, I have officially started Limbo. I don't have much to say yet except for oh BOY do I suck at this game lmfao.
  10. # 22 💯# 26 Beyond: Two Souls This game is amazing. I only took so long to platinum it because I hate trophy hunting story driven games due to the "see all endings" sort of trophies that are usually involved. Unfortunately story driven games also tend to be some of my favorites. I don't want to sit here and go into great detail about a game you all probably know about by now, but if you haven't played this and you enjoyed games like Detroit Become Human or Until Dawn, I highly recommend it. Its very complex and the story is great. I have my issues with it *cough cough* Ryan and Jodie's relationship *cough* but I am gonna miss this game and I'm sad that we most likely won't ever see a second installment and get an explanation for what happened in between the beginning and end of the epilogue. Either way, I'm happy to have finally gotten this done!
  11. Pretty sure I maxxed out my lives when I was trying to get the gem too lol. Its cool that time trials don't cost lives but having to beat the level in one go is a nightmare. I definitely feel like a weight has been lifted for sure! Those last few jumps were the worst part for me too lol. I'll keep you guys posted! I'm planning on getting around to it soon. I'm trying to finally clean up Beyond Two Souls right now. The "All Endings" trophy has been a real pain.
  12. Such a good feeling! Tbh I am dreading a few of the games in my backlog but that should make it all the more satisfying when they're finally done.
  13. I hope I haven't been too boring to read from so far lol I see you guys writing up amazing in depth game reviews all the time and I'm just over here being lazy 😅 I definitely have been having fun though! Finally getting finished with some games I've been putting on the back burner for ages! I know what you mean! I've been inspired by a lot of fellow trophy hunters when it comes to the games I try out. Do it! I'm honestly obsessed 😆
  14. I cannot believe this but after 4 years, I finally buckled down and got it done! 💯 #25: Crash Bandicoot I platinumed the N. Sane Trilogy ages ago, but left this one daunting trophy sitting in my backlog collecting dust for literal years. I'm sure you can all guess which one it is lol. Its a huge relief having this done and makes me feel really accomplished and proud to finally have my childhood nostalgia game trilogy fully completed. Now, getting the plat for Crash 4.. that's even more stressful to think about 😅
  15. I'll be working on getting that last Crash Bandicoot trophy I've been putting off for years. I've been struggling a bit lol but I'm feeling motivated after finishing LN!