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  1. Hey guys, I recently bought World End Syndrome and Distraint, so I'll probably have those added to the backlog soon. For now I am hoping to make the Uncharted series my next several plats until I hit 30. I've been thinking of adding my "Project Platinum 2022" list here and going into what I really want to work on most this year and why, but I don't know if that should be a separate thread. I've been considering making youtube videos about my trophy hunting experiences too, but being involved with social media really stresses me out and gives me anxiety, and last time I tried youtube and twitch I did not have a great time and seemed to attract many undesirable people lol. Even using PSN and the forum here is kinda much for me, so I dunno if I'll actually end up doing that, but it seems fun in theory. Anyway, I'll keep you guys posted. I might try to get the 100% for all the Uncharted games too but I must admit the last couple of DLC trophies for Uncharted 4 look a bit intimidating 😳
  2. I totally forgot about Revelations but I would have ended up playing it first anyhow since I have the Ezio collection, so no worries there haha. I really like the series so far and I hear the controls get better. I'll stick with a game I like regardless though, even if the controls are difficult *cough cough* Resident Evil 4 *cough* so I definitely plan to finish them all! Thank you for the recommendation! I will look into that for sure. I don't know much about Steins;Gate but the anime has been on my list for several years and I've just never gotten around to watching it. I'll update here when I end up playing the game, which I'm sure I will! Thanks for popping in here again c: I haven't heard of VA-11 Hall-A until now, but it definitely sounds interesting, so I'll check it out. I actually own 2064, I just haven't ever opened it lol. Its funny you mention that because I was actually just looking at it the other day and considering finally playing it. Maybe I'll take this as a sign and start on that next. I'm currently finally playing through the Nathan Drake collection and really enjoying it. I haven't played an Uncharted game in years and I never actually played them myself (apart from when Lost Legacy came out not too long ago), I just watched my dad play them but I loved them. I've never really seen or played anything of Uncharted 4 so I am super excited to do that next. I'm almost done with 3, and actually might finish it today! I am far from 100% completion on any of them, but story wise I'm almost done
  3. This was very fun to read and I don't mind the mention at all, sorry for the late reply! I just got a new charger for my laptop so hopefully that will help me get more active here too since I won't be having to deal with the mobile forum layout as much, which I'm pretty bad at navigating haha. Thank you for the kind words, I really hope to finally crack down on some leftover trophies that have been giving me a hard time for ages this year. I'm always lurking your thread but I'll try to actually speak up more as a sort of new years resolution 😅
  4. Apparently I'm a lifetime premium member now? Did someone gift that to me? I cannot even begin to express my thanks if so 😢
  5. Thank you! :3 I can imagine how uncomfortable that sort of thing could make you considering that even I can't play games like that as a mid 20s woman without feeling icky about it lol. Doki Doki is pretty safe though! Its a trip emotionally but there isn't really any fan service or anything like that. There is a little pop up at the beginning that says "all characters in this game are over 18" but I definitely don't believe that considering its set at a high school >.> but at least there's no nudity or anything. The story is very good and even though its a bit depressing, if you get the Plus version there are some cute little side stories that I recommend saving for last so you can just pretend the events of the actual game never happened and the girls got to be happy together forever in their little club lol. I'm still playing through the Assassins Creed games for the first time tbh. I got my AC2 plat and I'll probably start 3 soon when I'm done with Brotherhood. Really been enjoying them so far but I suck so bad with the controls lol. And yeah, I used to play Frogger with my dad way back in like the late 90s/early 00s and I loved it. I got so excited when I saw it on ps now 😆 I could use some nostalgia in my life.
  6. I know I don't talk much (I'm pretty shy) but I do lurk your thread often and you really are a huge inspiration! I was getting pretty caught up in the numbers for a while due to some other trophy hunters I knew, and you and several others in this part of the forum really helped me take a step back from all that and actually start enjoying my games again. I do hope to become a bit more active in threads this upcoming year and actually get to know some of you better. I can totally relate to what you said about how you were once a "hit n run poster" lol. My own awkwardness aside, you did some great work this year! I can't wait to see what you get up to next. I always enjoy reading your reviews even if I don't say anything, but I really should because you clearly put so much time and care into them. Wishing everyone a happy new year ♡
  7. I also wanted to come here to add that I got my 25th plat! #25 💯 #29 Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! I put off playing this for a long time because my friend told me that it legit depressed him for weeks. Somehow in all the years I didn't play, I somehow didn't really get spoiled for anything. I won't say much just in case someone who still hasn't played it yet and wants to is reading, but I am so glad I got the Plus version because the little side stories were so healing and nice and cute to watch after the jarring experience of the actual game lol. I'm just gonna pretend that the main game never happened and that all the girls got to be happy together forever in their club. This is a very easy platinum, the only drawback for me is that there is a time sensitive trophy for viewing a file that can only be accessed when the clock reads a specific time. I considered just messing with my ps4 settings to get it but ended up waiting an extra day and doing it legit. Anyway, I hope none of you will judge me for it but this game has reawakened that love of visual novel games I had a phase with in my teens and I'm kinda thinking about playing another one that doesn't have horror aspects to it so I can get a happy ending lol. So if anyone has a good weeby visual novel to recommend that preferably does NOT include fan service of extremely young looking girls, I'd really appreciate it. Honestly considering playing Dream Daddy lmao. In the meantime I might continue working on Assassins Creed Brotherhood, and I've been considering playing that Frogger game on ps now 😆
  8. I totally thought I replied to this, but I guess I never pressed submit, I'm so sorry 😅 I just realized that I did Shadow first, then Rise.. and once I finish the first one I will have platinumed them in reverse order lol oops. I wish they would have added a bit more depth to the Endurance dlc for sure but I did enjoy it a lot more than I expected to, especially co op!
  9. I took a bit of an unplanned hiatus from trophy hunting and also had a weird issue with my account (all better now), but I am officially back on the grind! #24 💯 #28 Rise of the Tomb Raider! This one is actually a pretty big deal to me, because RotTR was the first game I played on this profile and the first game I earned a trophy in. Its been sitting in my backlog for ages because I was not looking forward to trying to get a gold star on every level in score attack, but I managed! I actually had the hardest time with the simple task of completing the game on Survivor difficulty because I am just absolutely garbage at handling large swarms of enemies with never ending bullets. I also really enjoyed the DLC and getting those trophies a lot more than I usually do when it comes to DLC. Endurance mode was the most fun for me, but I really liked Cold Darkness and Croft Manor too. I might actually still play Endurance co op with my other trophy hunter friend from time to time. I just wish there were more characters to choose from. Randomly having two Lara's together and no acknowledgement of it is kinda weird lol. Anyway, I'm super stoked about this plat!
  10. I just figured it out but I am no less confused. A while ago I made a new email specifically to use for PSN stuff and apparently my account is using my old email again? I went through a whole process of switching everything over to the new email a while ago. I don't know how this happened but my 2 factor authentication still works and all that so I feel a bit better, but still puzzled lol.
  11. Whats even weirder is that there are suddenly no emails at all from Sony or playstation in my inbox.. even the old ones that were there seem to have just disappeared? I'm very confused and concerned. Google hasn't told me that anything suspicious is going on with my Gmail account, but I doubt sony could manually delete old emails from my inbox. I think I might need to give support a call on Monday anyway, just to try and get some peace of mind.
  12. My account seems fine when I log into it on the PS4. I don't know why the app kicked me off and is making me answer endless captchas and not sending me the emails it claims to be sending me. I can't help but wonder if some suspicious activity happened on my account, like a hacking attempt or something that failed. Either way, I only seem to be having issues with it on my phone. I have logged out and auto logged back in repeatedly on the console but not fully signed out to the point I have to enter my password to log in again. I'm so scared of getting booted from my account at any moment lol. I haven't gotten any emails from Sony about suspicious activity but then again they haven't been great about emailing me lately. I hope my email address wasn't changed by a hacker or something. I will keep you guys posted when I go for some trophies soon. Thanks for the support through this ;^;
  13. Hey guys, not trophy related but I think my psn might be hacked or banned. Anyone know how to tell? I randomly got logged out of the ps app on my phone and can't get back in because apparently my password is wrong (but I know it isn't) and every time I try to log in or do anything it makes me do all these captchas and then says its sending me a password reset email but I still haven't received one despite trying over and over. I'm across the country right now visiting some family and my ps4 is back at home so I can't do anything to check if something is up on there too or if the app is just giving me trouble again. Perfect timing for something like this to happen, am I right? Lol. I have put so much money and time into my games over the years and I don't know how I'll handle it if all of that is just gone. I'll be home tomorrow so I can try to log in on my ps4 then and actually call in and try to talk to someone if I need to, but I don't have much hope if I really am hacked or something. I do have a really obsessive bitter ex from years ago who has attempted to organize mass reportings of my accounts on various platforms in the past, and they bothered me again recently so I really hope I'm not banned because of something stupid like that. I know I haven't broken any terms of service but I also know trying to talk to Sony and sort out wrongful bans is often a useless waste of time. Sometimes I really wish I had just gotten into trophy hunting as a personal hobby and not posted about my progress publicly. People suck.
  14. I have officially started Yooka-Laylee and The Impossible Lair as well as Monkey Ball Banana Blitz. I am regretting this so hard lmao.
  15. So I've taken a bit of a hiatus from posting, but I just got my 💯# 27. Little Misfortune! I had this in my cart for ages because I love a good dark, weird, but cute little game, and this one did not disappoint. Not difficult to get all the trophies, by any means, but I enjoyed it for the story. The art style is adorable, the story is unnerving, and its all combined with a dark sense of humor and occasional south park style moments that just make you go "what the hell did I just watch". Over all I recommend! I just grabbed a couple more games I'll start working on soon too ^.^