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  1. That’s cool, I spoke to one guy and he used to print of beer or drink labels from in the game (or make a mock up) and put them in his bar for every game he platinumed! That was kinda a cool idea
  2. So I’ve always wanted a physical real life representation of my online achievements. After abit of trial and error, I have settled on these. I’ve looked at magnets, canvas,posters, but these acrylic tiles I think are the best (I’m biased, I make them!) Large versions on my wall and smaller versions as collectibles. Anyone else show off their achievements like this?? I would love to see other people’s take on it.
  3. Cheers! Yeah they look cool, they’re acrylic tiles. I’ve got a set of the games ive platinumed on the wall (not many so far lol)
  4. Mini Trophy Tiles made in celebration of my brother completing the series! I havnt played them all yet but I’m working through them.
  5. Cheers dude. I like them but I’m biased lol! I dropped a photo of them on Reddit and I got a lot of people asking about them. You can hit me up on Facebook. I’m trying to make an Etsy shop but it’s not my strongest point lol.
  6. Hi all!! So I’ve been making acrylic trophy tiles for me and family for a while, and people seem to love them. I like the way I can use them like movie posters or music records. Hope you like them! Follow me on Instagram for more