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  1. Well I'm just trying to stay positive. Have to start somewhere. But if the first thing people see is a negative comment. Why shall we be so negative? If You don't like or care about the game move on. Why stay bothered. Haven't seen none of you even once online. So why just come throw shade? I'm saying if you compare from nobody playing at all. To the movement i started. That's progress.
  2. To a negative person or lazy person it might seem dead. But the first time I tried it a while back I would be sitting alone in a empty server with no action. Many also would have no luck. Now that is what you call dead, but now it you sit in for a while you will have a lobby start up and can play matches. Problem is people leave after 1 match when you wait 50 min to start and they leave after to sit alone in a lobby when games take 5 minutes. You cannot expect the game to be popping with players when they gave up. But compared to waiting alone for over 1 hour in a lobby. To being able to go on any day after waiting a little bit playing some matches that's progress. Don't discourage people if You don't know what you're talking about. Thanks.
  3. Yes it's very fun. Seems to be more active on a daily basis.