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  1. That's actually what I really liked about the game (I already finished those two you mentioned ;)).. It'll play mostly by itself and I can watch anime on the 2nd tv (I got two tvs side by side, gaming on one, laptop hooked up to the other for anime watching, regular tv channels on neither tv, gaming and anime only :P). The humor is hilarious so far (in chapter 3 now), the side quests have the same quality jokes so far. I do keep notes on which enemy item drops I didn't get yet and which furniture I didn't get yet. And I'm mostly making sure I get everything before moving on to the next (side)quest. There's a fantastic guide on GameFaqs for those interested: The information about the 12 missing furniture pieces is really appreciated!
  2. The game crashed a few more times for me, but booting it up and loading the game was enough in those instances. These crashes, however, just kept occurring over and over until I changed my play through as described. The game tells a pretty good story, which I enjoyed and the game play works well enough. Have fun :).
  3. Well, I found the solution before I posted my problem. I'm still posting this in case others encounter this problem as well. chapter 19 game breaking bug The problem: In chapter 19, Aliena needs to speak Walter so she can get an audience with the lady Regan. At the end of the audience with Lady Regan William barges in and attacks Aliena. If you gave the knife to Elizabeth like you were supposed to for the other trophy in the dlc, Elizabeth will kill William and then the game will always crash when trying to load the scene after William saw the devil in the fire. The solution that worked for me: I had a manual save at chapter 17, when Aliena was moving through the storm, just before meeting Elizabeth. This time, don't give Elizabeth the knife, then play all the way through the audience with Lady Regan normally and this time Aliena killed William with her own knife via the QTE. That did the trick. chapter 20 game breaking bug A bit later, in episode 20 there's a similar issue when tracking down Remigius as Jonathan: don't talk to Alfred and his daughter while on your way to Remigius in the church. If you do talk to Alfred the game will always crash after saving Remigius. Hopefully these solutions work for others who encounter these similar issues.
  4. That one doesn't cover the last few chapters of the third book, this one covers the entire game, though from the xbox perspective. The xbox version has a few more achievements in book 2 and 3 that the ps4 version has, that's the only difference.
  5. The final game size doesn't even go up by one GB as usual.
  6. Creating a real trophy guide is beyond my skill set at the moment and beyond the data I gathered while playing (I didn't take notes ..). This does however have all the information necessary to get that platinum. Feel free to use this info for whatever you like. Note: I played the entire game standing with the motion controller. I tried sitting with the ps4 controller and had no clue what to do, so I switched and got the hang of it. Mostly this game is pretty straightforward. Hit the ball towards the hole and get it in, eventually. You'll get better as you play more. I won't be mentioning every trophy, most are self explanatory and simply require you to play the game. 'too close for comfort' => start a round, maybe hit the ball once, stare at the caddy for a few seconds and the caddy will react and unlock the trophy. Unlock new stuff: I didn't take notes on when exactly anything unlocked. Whenever possible: play a combination you haven't played before for the 'regulations complete' trophy and all will unlock soon enough. You need to replay some combinations in the beginning. 'regulations complete' => When the game starts, go to other and then to top scores. Here you see a score chart and if you go to the tornado cup tab you see the same chart. Both charts have to be completely filled with any kind of score. So, on each of the three areas you have to play the 3 hole, both 9 holes and the 18 hole round, both with the normal tee and the long tee. Both the normal cup and the tornado cup charts have to be filled. This means it is a really good idea, whenever you unlock a new area or round or the long tee to mix the rounds you're playing. By filling the score chart you'll unlock everything that can be unlocked along the way. Try to not use the tornado cup whenever possible, so long as you can play a new round for the score chart. The statement elsewhere on the forum that everything can be unlocked with the tornado cup is hereby falsified, as you need to completely fill the normal cup score chart as well. 'achieve 300 holes' => Filling both score charts requires a minimum of (6*18 + 6*9*2 + 6*3)*2 = 468 holes played. And actually more since you need to replay combinations to unlock new ones, at least in the beginning. caddy related trophies => Play rounds with Riko, this will unlock new colors for her cloths, the 4 scenes (they seem random), the 2nd outfit. Switch outfit and play some more rounds to unlock the 3rd outfit. When you have every scene and outfit unlocked for Riko switch to Lucy and repeat the process. You'll have everything caddy related unlocked long before you're done filling both score charts. 'crack shot' => This is one of the two lucky shots you have to get. This is possibly best done with the normal cup as the tornado cup can suck in the ball if it would otherwise have landed in position which would have gotten you this trophy. Also try to get used to the big magnum clubs. You'll hit the ball really far with those. On a par 5 it's usually easy to get onto the green in 3 shots with this, on your third shot you have to get within 3 feet of the cup. 'everybody's birdie' => You need to get a birdie (or better) on every hole just once, no matter the clubs, tee or cup. I had some birdies on the long tee, most on the regular tee. One birdie I only achieved with the regular cup and the rest with the tornado cup. It's all fine. The trophy unlocks when you finish the round in which you got your last missing birdie. To check your progress go to other => stats => top scores. On the right of the board you can select the three areas and flip between normal and long tee. You can't chose the hole you want to play, though you can try to reload the 3 hole round as much as you like to get your missing hole. However, I preferred to play a 9 hole round, the reloading might seem fast, but the randomness of getting the hole you want and the loading times wasn't worth it for me. Take your pick. With the normal cup score chart filled and some rounds played with the tornado cup. You should have a feeling for the game. If possible you even have a feeling for the big magnum clubs. With still most rounds to go on the tornado score chart for the 'regulations complete' trophy it is now time to really go for those birdies. Using the big magnum clubs you can really aim for getting a 'green in regulations' on every course (get onto the green so your next shot would qualify as a birdie) and then hit the ball into the tornado. When putting while using the tornado cup it is not possible to hit the ball too hard. With the normal cup you can hit the side of the cup and instead of the ball going in it bounces off. With the tornado cup it'll go in even if the ball passes the left or right side of the cup, up to 2 feet away from the cup, just aim and smash that ball. The 30 feet put shouldn't be hard by now either (I ended up getting a 76 feet put .. aim and smash, it'll go in). 'my first hole-in-one'=> This is the other lucky shot, probably best attempted on the forest area on any par 3. The tornado cup and beginner's clubs are useful for this. This will also unlock the trophies for getting an eagle and the chip-in, if you haven't done so by now.
  7. It unlocked for me fine with closing the game before every fight and upon each final boss screen and uploading the saves to the ps+ cloud. I ended up not dying at all so I never had to load back my save. The game also crashed two times during my no-death run (and never in my all-collectable run), which didn't affect my trophy. I just uploaded the save and continued.
  8. I had the exact same issue. Thanks for finding and especially for posting the solution. Worked exactly like you said.
  9. I didn't want to run the risk of the game loading my profile and thereby making certain trophies harder or impossible so I never bothered to check if I could import my ps4 progress to my ps5. However, since the game is so short (can be done in a single day if you have to), I'm just gonna do it all again, for fun, for kicks, for checking out how the ps5 works. This'll be my first game on the ps5. I was however pleasantly surprised I could grab the ps5 upgrade version because I bought the ps4 version. And with this being a short game I am going to play through it twice and trophies for it twice.
  10. Good luck!
  11. Necessary: a move controller + camera and the wonderbook (bought or maybe downloaded and printed (and the paper glued/taped on cardboard?)). The book is 12 pages and a front and cover, which are all necessary+used. I simply bought the game 'book of spells' with the wonderbook as a package. This is also a harry potter inspired game which uses the book. The game was designed with having the book. The camera sees the book, sees the pages flip, sees which page you're on, sees how your move controller moves over the book. Each page has like a precursor of a QR code on it, if you can download and print it, that might work. put the printed pages on cardboard I guess to make sure the paper doesn't slip when you move the move controller over it (chopping and cutting potion ingredients for example).
  12. I don't know for sure, but since it says nights I would guess the day/night cycle has to be turned on. Also, the (now patched) solution of saving just before sunrise and farming sunrises would hint had the necessity of having the day/night cycle turned on. It would make most sense that you have to keep it on. Maybe your case can be seen as a test that turning off the day/night cycle means you can't get the trophy and by turning it on again you can farm/experience nights.
  13. Education nation: Man, this was a pain to get. I had a city of 250k people and 50k eligible students by the time I could finally get this. No industry or commercial anywhere in town. I had a good library coverage (for those struggling with the library users milestone, this really works). The hadron collider was on and uni support was off. My campus had room for 2k people as I grew my town to get the campus to prestige level 5. No idea if that helps, but I just did. After several attempts at 30k, 35k and 40k eligible students and never reaching higher than 12.5k students in the campus I decided to wait longer and build my city larger yet again. Having more libraries made quite a difference though. I ended up building a postal service as well, I never bothered with it otherwise. For profit education: This one popped before I even tried to check my progress towards it: when I first build my campus I just build enough dormitories for 5k students in an already large town (100k people). And this trophy popped within minutes after building my first campus attempt.
  14. Jeez, what an annoying stupidity. Well, I finally got it. I saved my progress to the cloud and loaded that cloud save on the my vita. Then I changed the ps4 to my secondary account (US) and played the game on my vita with my main account (EU). Then I had the US account on the ps4 be host, that finally worked. My EU account from my vita could find the connection and the trophy popped pretty much the instant the level started. I then synced the trophy to psn and then back to the ps4. It's all good now, for me anyway. Good luck to anyone trying to get this.
  15. I can have my 2nd ps3 join my main ps3 in a friends lobby. Billboards still have avatars of my psn friends, on every event I can see what my psn friends scored there and I got the 'in your face' trophy today.