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  1. This was a great game while being too sick to even mindlessly grind xp in an rpg. With the exception of the executives mini games that is, some were a real pain. For aquatic: keep going from top to bottom and back again while shooting, you'll hit a lot of critters as they emerge. Prioritize survival, you can also move horizontally, that took me a lot of times to figure out I could do that -_-.
  2. It's not in the store anymore, if you access the store from the vita or from the ps3. What you need to do is go to the website of the psn store and click on download (after buying). Here you can select the vita. Now reboot your vita and in a few minutes the game will download, assuming your vita is set to auto download updates for games and the system. For NL it's this link: Another thing you can try is open the store on your vita, go to the settings in the lower right corner and select download list. Browse through the list there and you should come across the game after having bought it via the ps4 store or the website. I've had this work for other ratalaika games I had trouble finding in the vita store, but they showed up in the download list.
  3. I triggered this exact glitch on my 2nd "attempt". I had no real hope on either glitch triggering due to the timing fickleness, but it worked out in the end. The triangle solver you mention works like a charm as well. The first time I made it through to the 2nd triangle puzzle I failed to activate the glitch mentioned by the topic starter, so I immediately tried your idea of closing the game and restarting just to see if your glitch activated. It didn't on the first attempt, though it did on the second and now I have the platinum. Thank you! Date: 2019 august the first Game version: 1.05
  4. You need 1 star to unlock the next challenge. You also need to set your skills for each character again at the beginning of every battle as they reset, talismans are saved though. Horde mode: several waves of orcs come after you, kill as many orcs as you can. Time challenge: you need a fix amount of kills here as fast as you can, keep walking to spawn new ones. Chase: kill the marked orc for points, ignore the rest so long as they don't hinder survival. General tip: knockdown is very useful since you can kill knocked down orcs with one hit by pressing X (your allies will do this as well). First challenge - horde - result three stars (150 or more kills) Characters and skills: Andôkai - scorch, squall and chain healing ; Bavragor - cleave, elixir and mighty blow. Strategy: you will want to move straight towards the "south", based upon the camera angle at the start, you'll walk with the ravine to your right, under an arch, walk up to where the enemies don't follow you anymore (you can turn left here). From here you can fire off scorch into the crowd and wait until it recharges. You can move in with Bavragor a few steps if you want, but keep him close to the area where you won't be attacked. Actively heal when necessary, but the point here is to stay in the area where you can't be hurt. After the last wave has arrived and you've killed over 150 enemies, go hunt down the last ones who haven't made it down to where you are or just walk into the ravine. I ended up with 161 kills and the match ended. Strategy 2: the Boëndal method from below will probably work as well. Second challenge - horde - result three stars (175 or more kills) Characters, skills and equipment: Boëndal - cleave, mighty blow, invincible, talisman of protection (better) ; Bavragor - cleave, elixir, mighty blow, talisman of steady battle (Better) ; Andôkai - scorch, squall and chain healing ; Gandogar - default skills, talisman of protection. Strategy: at the start walk up and a tiny bit left, then turn right and walk all the way to the end, orcs keep on attacking but since boëndal becomes near invincible this doesn't matter much. And because you're at the edge of the map you won't be surrounded from all sides. After all waves have mostly been wiped out you have to hunt down the last remaining enemies. Have Andôkai in the back and let the dwarves attack and fire off scorch with Andôkai occasionally. The real point here is Boëndal, use his talisman and invincible skill as often as you can. Even if the other three characters die he can take care of this all by himself. At this edge of the map you won't be surrounded from all sides and just keep hacking away and you'll hardly lose any health points at all. When no enemies come at you anymore, hunt down the remaining ones. Third challenge - time - result three stars (less than 6:40 minutes) Characters, skills and equipment: Boëndal - cleave, mighty blow, invincible, talisman of protection (better) ; Bavragor - cleave, elixir, mighty blow, talisman of steady battle (Better) Strategy: keep walking so you don't get fully surrounded, heal with Bavragor whenever necessary and use his talisman as often as possible. Have Boëndal use invincibility and his talisman whenever possible. You don't have to keep the two dwarves together, just keep them walking. Fourth challenge - time - two stars Characters, skills and equipment: Boëndal - cleave, mighty blow, invincible, talisman of protection (better) ; Bavragor - cleave, elixir, mighty blow, talisman of steady battle (Better) ; Andôkai - scorch, squall and chain healing ; Gandogar - default skills, talisman of protection. Strategy: keep on walking to the edges of the map to spawn enemies, time is your enemy here, not survival. First kill the few orcs at the starting position, go north to the cages and then left up the slope, then go through the "canyon" on he left of the slope and to both sides. And from here I lost track of where I went, keep trying to move to a new area to find/spawn orcs to kill. Fifth challenge - chase - three stars (1000 points) Characters, skills and equipment: Furgas - burning dart, grenade launcher, poison dart and talisman of initiative (better) ; the 2nd character doesn't matter. Strategy: keep walking around with Furgas using his skills on the marked orcs, poison plus another skill shot kill them and then move on to the next. Sixth challenge - chase I didn't bother since I achieve three stars in the fifth challenge.
  5. some more turn based rpgs not mentioned yet: rainbow moon rainbow skies both utawarerumono games (turn based rpg combined with a superb visual novel story) the psn+ game of this month detroit: become human, can be played with one hand if you have a big hand that press L2 R2 and square at the same time
  6. Beating delve level 500 can be done rather easily in several delves. Doing so with a faction team however still remains a mystery. The crypt can be done on luck with a low percentage of success, others are (close to) impossible so far. As for beating delve level 500 with none faction units, here are a few teams which worked for me: primal rift: green golem, faunessa, yao guai, hero as bard with symbol of anu weapon, suncrest banner fang moor: stonehammer, divinia, hero as bard with trickster's shot weapon, elemaugrim, forgot to note down which banner I hit a limit in sunken fleet at level 360. Divinia is necessary due to the enemy casting curse and death mark a lot. Death mark usually doesn't bother me, but in this delve I kept losing to it due to the battles lasting longer and longer. And a trait to be immune doesn't work thanks to curse. The problem here is that divinia's healing can't keep up with the increasing damage done by the boss room enemies. Currently making progress in hall of guardians with: stonehammer, faunessa, divinia, hero as bard with yasmine's pride weapon, shengtang banner Hoard levels are 110-140, which doesn't make much of a difference due to the massive healing capabilities of faunessa. Disclaimer: I'm not taking credit for these teams, my fellow guild members came up with it. One idea I haven't tested yet is the goblin mythic high king irongut, who can devour over and over again, his devour chance is based on his attack, so he starts with about 50% chance and after one devour his attack has gone beyond 100, making his next devour a certainty. This obviously doesn't work everywhere, but I'm keeping it in mind just in case.
  7. Whistling (press left on the d-pad) while checking if you missed an enemy can help.
  8. Congratulations :D.
  9. It's not really a hurry. The dark knight is the key, get that within the first 5-6 floors or start over. The rest will work out afterwards. Just follow the general game plan which is explained in this thread.
  10. I have internet where I am and I brought my ps4 along with me, I can add you to the guild from here. But let's just assume I'm away for the weekend, since I'll be a lot slower in responding compared to what I am used to. To add you to he guild I need your invite code, to find this you have to boot up the game, press the options button on the controller and look at the bottom of the menu. Send me that invite code and I can send you an invite from our guild which is called: psnprofiles co-op. You will receive this in the in-game mail. Guild rules are straight forward: enjoy the game and play at your own discretion. You can donate gold to guild statues, don't bother for a while, you can barely gather gold and you have much more important things to spend your gold on: kingdom levels. When you open a kingdom menu you can do kingdom quest line, but if you select 'kingdom levels and power' (bottom right), you can add gold for higher kingdom levels. At level 10 every unit you have gets a +1 to the stat of that kingdom which is highly useful for you and for the guild. The more powerful you are, the more you can contribute in various ways, so guild policy is to advise new players to level up all your kingdoms first before donating gold to the guild tasks. You can obviously disregard this and play how you like :). Good luck and welcome to the game :).
  11. be sure to spell my name right I'm away for the weekend, it's not clear yet if I have internet there but you can try it. You can read some general tips in the 'raid boss damage question' thread. At the very start of the game it hardly matters what you do. Aim for doing the quest lines of each kingdom, sequence is of no importance though broken spire and zhul'kari give access to the arena and treasure hunt mini games. You'll get a better unit for every quest line you finish. Just play on lowest difficulty, there's no real point in playing on anything higher except when doing challenges with a soul team.
  12. When you get to the MVP screen is shows a title with I or II or III after it, you want a tier three for this trophy. This can be done by one of the following: - exploding 100 gems (use dragon soul for example) - healing (use holy st astra) - surviving three death marks with one unit - increasing your team's total magic by 100 (use a giant team with jarl and hyndla frostcrown, this is what I did) - cast a spell 8 times with one unit (use a unit that enchants itself like holy st astra) I'm sure there are a lot more options, like increasing your team's armor like mako says for example and maybe summon x units (use widow weaver), killing a lot of enemies while the enemy keeps on summoning new ones, and other kind of stuff that can be done in fights.
  13. WTF .. I encountered a dead end ... The road was simply blocked, I was a bomber at the time and it wouldn't even blow up. So there I was, 2 hours into the dungeon, 35 chests in the pocket and at a dead end -_-. I'll try again tomorrow. I was using 5 suits btw, electro, bomber, flying, ninja and dive. Apparently it is possible to select more than three, and the difficulty isn't really related to the suit. edit I got it, no problems whatsoever in my 2nd run. In the first run I encountered random water/lava absorbing blocks which couldn't be moved, one finally blocked my path. No such random obstructions in my 2nd run, so it was rather easy. Takes about 2 hours to reach 50 chests.
  14. It still works, I'm doing electric suit challenge two at the moment. The chest isn't that far from the beginning of the level. Also, if you exit to the map, you keep all your farmed green tokens. Challenges are unlocked after a couple of levels in the first world. There are suit specific challenges (you need to buy the suit from challenge 2 and onward), For other challenges you need to defeat a boss in story mode to unlock it.
  15. I'm at the same point as you, so no idea about the frog yet. However, I managed to come across this site: It mentions a frog spell becoming available later on in the story.