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  1. I read this topic before I started the game and decided upon playing as a brawler. That seemed mindless enough and since I'm not a good gamer anyway and I can't aim at all, the brawler seemed it could work for me. I think it was at level 60, but eventually the brawler learns a skill called 'growing fury'. This means your rage will continue to drop down but all your attacks and skills count as blocking as well. In combination with an overly aggressive enemy like those level 68 critters which filled my rage meter with each attack I barely lost any hp ever during the fights against Tempest Kanesh and Divine Reaver. They just kept trying to hit me, which my character blocked by using any kind of attack and skill. All I had to do was remember not to use the single skill I had which uses up rage and keep on attacking with skills, combos and during their recharge time with basic normal attacks. Anything to keep the blocking effect active. It took me ten minutes for both of these. Nyxarras was a different story, he kept flying out of range before coming down again. The brawler has no range attack whatsoever so I had to walk outside the attack zones when he flew up and pummel a bit when he landed and then wait again. Still very doable solo, just took a bit longer.
  2. It can definitely be done in 75. It took me a lot more because I played through the story twice without skipping any cut scenes ever and I also played through everything yet again with the tech-adept, mostly because I just liked the game somehow. I did far more than necessary for just the trophies. Spend about 125 hours on it. As for guides, old an new. The main trophy guide has been updated and the dlc guides have been submitted for review. Otherwise, just check my forum posting about the trophy guide having been fixed which also includes dlc guides. The person who helped me out tremendously with writing and editing the guides became a new top fastest player to 100% the game in 9 days.
  3. I didn't take proper notes to make a trophy guide and I don't feel like playing through the game again to make one. This has all the info except the story, though not in proper trophy guide format. Feel free to use for whatever you like: copyright is for weaklings, information is meant to be shared and spread. Most of the trophies are for completing quests and by far most of the quests are story related and impossible to screw up. There is one known exceptions and I *feel* like there are more than just this one, but I didn't test it, so I actually don't know. There are three difficulty settings and I simply played on the lowest since I mostly care about story, scenery and some feel good easy stuff. The most problematic part of higher difficulty is that you lose your items upon dying. You can store them in the chest in the camp so those are secure, but the ones you're carrying will be gone. A few notes on the story: - in the first camp when doing the mission there for the undertaker, when you return say the skeletons rip you to pieces to receive a better weapon. - cages with people in them can be destroyed by hitting the cage - at the Mysterious well, talk to the well, you'll end up needing a better handle for your shovel, this can be dug up nearby, though you have to go around the stone formation east wards. - at the end when looking for materials to build an airship, the moonshiner is in the first camp. Things to keep in mind while playing: - upgrading your backpack is of major importance, it starts at level 1 and caps at level 13, which means 12 extra slots, which you need. You can upgrade your backpack at the carpenter. You can also upgrade the chest at the carpenter and the chest content is shared between the camps. The chest has no value when playing on lowest difficulty though, but its upgrades are really cheap. - upgrading equipment is mostly resources wasted because you'll find better along the way, after you have created your airship and return from the first area you're send to with it, you can start upgrading your equipment is you like. - when you level up you can spend three skill points spread around health, strength, armor and shield, the combined value displayed is that of your skill points used + your equipment. Shield is really important early in the game, when using your shield it blocks damage depending on your shield stat, in most cases, it blocks them down to zero damage. If it doesn't, upgrade your shield points or come back later with a better shield. - never start a fight with anyone via dialogue choices and pay all the coins they ask for as you'll have more money than you can use anyway. Just suck it up, pay up whenever possible, lie to soldiers and not to anyone else, be understanding and forgiving when possible. This leads to higher quests rewards and in rare cases even more quests and one missable quest line. Missables warnings (I didn't test them all out): - *untested* in camp on the right you'll find a lone figure near a cave, he's looking for his brother, enter the cave, find him and report back: just tell the truth. - *untested* when interacting with the undertaker in your camp: don't choose to attack, but keep on doing his quests. When in the graveyard, again don't attack, after you're done with his task the dialogue ends up with three choices which are all basically 'attack', this is fine, nothing missed by doing so. - definitely missable: when going to Red's camp, when you enter his area behind the door say you want to talk, then talk to Red and join up and do his quests. Eventually you'll be send to the butcher, speak to him and say you're from the bandits but that you'd like to help him. Then bring back the cake to Red which takes care of the missable trophies and quest line and kills Red as promised. Also return to your camp afterwards to report back to the miser for your reward. - *untested* in the bald skull inn, go inside the tavern and give the drunks their ale and talk to the soldier, go to the shack, examine the crime scene, talk tot he two drunks again, belief their story and tell the soldier it was an accident. - *untested* in the bald skull inn, go inside the tavern and talk to the guy in the middle. Accept his quest and complete it. Go through the entire white hat area so you reach the back entrance of their hide out, place a magic cube on either side of the artifact and stand on the third plate yourself to lower the cage. Grab the artifact and return. - *untested* after defeating the final boss to rescue the princess, choose to rescue the princess instead of diving for safety. You might as well right. - *untested* when you reach the camp in the swamp talk to the guy on the left, accept the quest and his ring, when you reach the Guard location do not turn in the guy but say he's dead, then report back to the royal blacksmith in the camp in the swamp Kill related trophies: - shaman goblins: there are two in the game, so visit either goblin location again later to kill it again. I actually didn't and started a new play through thinking I screwed up on the undertaker quest line in the graveyard (turned out I didn't) and killed my third shaman goblin in this play through, which apparently counts as well. - stone golems: really slow and give major xp, kite them and use a ranged skill, especially if your shield can't handle them yet. - golden skeletons: slighty faster than the stone golems but otherwise similar in strategy - zombies: these are numerous from chapter 2 on wards, no problem here - weeds: these are the plants which spit acid, a lightning strike will do, you'll encounter enough, no problem - wood goblins: these are trees encountered in the swamp, they are higher than the trees you can destroy for wood: poison cloud and freeze work well, especially in a combo - slugs: these are huge, either freeze them before killing so they don't split, though it's better to lay down a poison cloud and/or use ghost defender to gain more xp. Not replaying any area will probably be enough, otherwise return to Guard and enter the well for a few quick encounters. - mooses: these have to be farmed a bit by going through the areas in the swamp one by one again to hunt them down. Poison cloud and ghost defender will kill them fast enough. The single most dangerous enemy in the game: a skeleton with a bomb in stead of a skull. Kill it with a ranged skill like lightning strike of fireball. When it runs at you, you can run away since you're slightly faster, get out of range and use the skill. You can also freeze it to get out or range. The smallest and weakest enemy in the game which can kill you: in forests and caves you see patches of small toadstools. These can come to life and attack you in large numbers, they die with one hit but in large numbers can become a problem fast and there are lots of them, really really loads of them. Keep eating fruit and meat to heal up and use whatever you can to win. A fireball on a patch will kill them before they spring to life, this doesn't give the 2 xp/kill but this xp value is so low it this isn't a problem. Destroy stuff with bombs: throw a bomb into a bunch of trees/stones/crates for maximum effect. Get out of range though. Secrets: there are four kinds of secrets: 1: chests you have to dig up, while walking around keep an eye on the spade icon in the top right corner of the screen, dig when it flashes 2: some stuff which can be broken hold something special like a potion or gem or ingot. Break every tree, stone, barrel, crate, etc. if you're missing a secret 3: hiding behind a building or rock or wall, walk behind everything 4: in some later dungeons you can actually interact with some of the candles on the wall, opening a hidden passage, this will open a new room and also make the new room on the map where there used to be nothing on the map, lots of these rooms have another secret in them as well Secrets aren't necessary, but they chests you dig up and find in hidden rooms do contain crystals which are used to upgrade your skills. Random encounters also feature 2-4 secrets, you might as well grab them to be able to upgrade the best skills later on. Skills: Do not upgrade the early skills, since you need the crystals for later skills. Fireball can be upgraded to level 3, can also be used to destroy trees, stones, etc. Even in rooms on the other side of the wall in dungeons. Freeze is very good, upgrade to level 5-7. Lightning strike is also very good, level 4-5 will do, can also be used to destroy trees, stones, etc. Even in rooms on the other side of the wall in dungeons. Poison cloud is even better, but doesn't work on zombies or skeletons. Poison cloud does work against frozen enemies, so might as well combine this. Upgrade poison to level 4-5. Ghost defender is the best skill but it's the last one, upgrade it as far as you can, though at least to level 5-6, I went as high as level 8, which really helped in the northern cemetery and last boss fight. Pretty much all bosses and enemies can be kited and killed using skills like freeze, lightning strike and ghost defender (poison cloud won't work on undead). The major exception are the stationary plants and the stationary plant boss. Get close enough to them with your shield up and then throw a skill at it. Freeze will work quite nicely, provided you stop attacking in time. Some boss strategies: Goblin shaman: use your shield, get it one hit and put up your shield again. Take it slow, use skills instead of one normal attack. Keep eating food if you get hit Huge noseys: nosyes come in three sizes, the third size is huge and you'll encounter a few of these huge ones along the way. They are slow and therefor best kited while your ranged skills recharge. The boss in the dungeon under the tavern: there are four pillars which you have to destroy to stop the undead from endlessly spawning, then deal with the boss. The stationary plant in the pumpkin fields: there is a note in the shed about carrying TNT barrels to it, but I felt more at ease using ranged skills and freeze+attacking it. The final boss: part one: use a combo of poison cloud and ghost defender. Part two: ghost defender again, no poison cloud this time but lightning strike and fireball will help. The one trophy which gets a special mention here: Clash on Graveyard veteran, for surviving 9 waves in Clash on Graveyard. Start with opening the chest to equip a weapon, shield and helmet and then destroy trees and stones to clear the area a bit. Keep the graves in tact for now. You can also dig up and open all these chests. The chests behind a cage unlock one at a time for completing a wave. Use the lever to trigger a wave, go to one of the four gates and use your shield to block an attack and then attack once yourself to kill whatever comes out. In wave 1 and 2 the first skill is useful, don't upgrade it though, you need the crystals for later skills. After wave 2 you can destroy all the tombstones because your shield stat is now high enough to take blows from the skeletons which might spawn as you destroy the tombstones. You also need to have a clear area for the kiting strategy mentioned below from wave 3 on wards. After each wave you level up, spend all the skills on the shield stat for the first few level ups. After wave two you can get the power strike with which you can change tactics: kite the enemies and perform a power strike into the enemy crowd and then kite them again until the skill becomes available again. Don't level up this skill as the fireball is more powerful and you also need enough crystal to get the lighting strike near the end of this challenge. You can upgrade the fireball once. Freeze is also helpful with kiting. The wolves run as fast as you do and the salamanders are almost as fast as you are, the rest is slower and can be kited and killed with ranged skills.
  4. Wow, those are quite nasty if you somehow encounter such a bug ... The main thing I encountered was boss kills not tracking, which I narrowed down to my turret killing the bosses. I was playing crusader with a turret armor. I also had some issues with dealing with traps. I just couldn't figure out if I had to disable them or activate them and then deal with whatever happens when the trap activates. For the heroic deed I had to activate them instead of disabling them. I have no idea which one I had to do for the trophy.
  5. 75 priority assignments or 75 priority assignment missions? Needing 75 to get 5 seems like a huge number, could be accurate of course, but I'd like to check that. A single priority assignment is several missions. About the grenade kills and explosive barrel explosions, I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the feedback! The whole co-op vs solo part is something I didn't pay proper attention to.
  6. The guide has been updated. With help from Dreggit and JNSpradlin we got it done. DLC trophy guides is still an issue, though they don't need any real guide and certainly not more than I already stated in my first post.
  7. The PS store says psn+ is required to play online.
  8. Late to the party but whatever. I just played the game on its current version and it all worked just like it's supposed to work. No issues whatsoever.
  9. I couldn't find it. Totally unnecessary though, the game is pretty easy and relatively short. Just go to any area you haven't been yet on the map, clear it and move on. Upgrade your town from time to time. No need to upgrade everything to the max, the trophy will pop with most buildings at level 3 (leave and enter town to make the trophy pop, when you're done). If you encounter enemies who kill you, make a note of that area and return when you have better armor and skills. Weapon stats: attack stats are obvious, but critical percentage and critical damage percentage are equally important. You can hide and kill with your throwing axe as well. All in all, pretty easy and a fun little game.
  10. Confirming what has already be explained about this issue. I just finished my 100 day survival run (which was incredibly easy after my town was set up, just keep escorting the jotuns so you'll delay them ..). Anyway, I got 233k xp from it and the level up bar skipped levels, it went from 34 to 36, from 37 to 39, etc. It made it all the way to level 50 even though I clearly gained 10 levels here (22k/level), not 18. I was level 32 when I started, so I'm level 42 now, as it should be. But that level up bar from getting xp is glitchy with what it shows. The xp itself is properly added to my account, fortunately. This is just a visual issue. Though it does make you believe to be a certain level when you're not ....
  11. Ah, thanks. That clears up some mental error I experienced when parsing the player level at the end of a play through vs the level shown in the main menu. Several times I thought I was level x when the main menu and level rewards progression showed me one level lower. At least the xp is actually counted and the trophy is not in any danger, that helps :).
  12. At least your level is rising, that makes it a bit hopeful.
  13. Did it right itself? I have no clue what happened there, though my hopes are for a delay on the servers which in that case should have corrected itself by now.
  14. It's not at all difficult, doing the entire game in co-op isn't possible anyway if I remember correctly. Void missions and story missions have to be done alone, if memory serves that is... I did everything solo except the co-op trophy and I was totally fine. And I consider myself a below average gamer, skill wise. It takes a long while as well, for doing everything in co-op you'd better find a partner that's also going to the entire game and will be playing all the time together with you. Just the co-op trophy part already takes about 4 hours. Everything in total more like 90-100 hours, at least for me.
  15. I did send someone from the guide team a long message about what should be changed. This person has been busy so it's stalled there. I'm not too good at prodding people into action, nor do I want to be overbearing. There also is an issue with updating the guide due to me not having proper specific info like: the (dlc) mission or game type (void crusade for example) unlocks at player level x or after story mission y. Stating: 'it'll unlock in due time', doesn't count for a proper guide. Which is in part why I didn't try in the first place to get the guide updated but wrote this forum topic and also why a dlc guide won't be coming from me. Even though it's not that important when exactly a dlc mission/story line becomes available. It'll all become available long before you're done with the platinum anyway. Until the guide gets updated keep both this topic and the guide open, check here to see the differences. And have fun :).