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  1. I explained 'Zeus is Angry!' this in this thread: This will probably work for Irredeemable as well. Just don't close the game or turn off the Vita and keep on playing when you do. Standby mode is okay, but keep the battery charged so it doesn't turn off anyway.
  2. Some elaboration on this. 2a: coordinate with your guild. In my guild we hold inventory on clan orbs each mythic weekend and decide if we are going to splurge them the next week to reach 40k. The mythic is available till thursday. 4a: delve grinding efficiency: check your units to see if you have any that hit all with true damage (draakulis, the honor scourge and tesla most notably among them) and find a delve you can use one of these (color restrictions apply to each delve). Since your focus is not to gain more renown but to get 5 kingdoms to power level 15, you can repeat the delve which is at its lowest level with a true damage team. Be sure to upgrade the hoard level enough to the chest bonus at least maxed out. Since you won't be progressing you won't get renown but you do get chaos shards at a very rapid rate. If you manage to find a delve whose hoard level you can get up to level 100 while never progressing past level 20 or 30, chances are you can one shot your way through most fights, which translates to about 3 delve farm runs in 15 minutes. My personal favorite delve farming team: draakulis (steal health from all + immune to death mark + reduce skull damage) / hero of any class you want to level up with the 'life&death' weapon (hero class points farming, plus the weapon again steals health, but from two enemies, bypassing submerged status) / leprechaun / another leprechaun (they explode most of the board, and with the trait to star the battle with full mana, these are your mana generators) A whole different approach would be queen beetrix, which you can get from the beehive faction: scatter true damage. Frost troll and again a leprechaun are useful. 5a: you should always focus on upgrading one kingdom at a time, no matter where you are in the game or what you are trying to achieve. Some useful goalposts are power level 5, 10 and 20, for stat upgrades to all your troops, focus first on kingdoms which upgrade magic or attack. In your case, power level 10 on every kingdom is obviously useless, power level 5 on the kingdoms which give a magic upgrade would be useful, and power level 10 might be as well, if you're already really close. Another great source for arcane traitstones is the weekly new troop in the shop, buy with glory. You can't decide which color you'll be getting, but chances are you can find a use for them regardless of color.
  3. rng is quite whimsical on this one, as rng is supposed to be. Delve runs with one random encounter seem common, however I already had a delve run with five consecutive encounters (2 angels, 2 merchants and daemon, in random sequence). Explore runs seem to be more like one encounter every three runs, though this is more a feeling kind of guess than proper data.
  4. One of every type. Any bow will do for the bow trophy, any broadsword for broadsword swings, etc. Swapping out one bow for another is totally fine as well. Some weapons are faster than others, in terms of swing speed, bullet clip, reload, arrow count, try a few. You don't need to hit an enemy, every swing and shot counts. As for a stat screen showing how many you have so far. Reading my own post I mention I had 4500 bullets fired, knowing me I didn't count that myself, so there should a status screen with that info. Though I have no idea anymore where. I tried to look up a bit, still guessing though: since the weapon uses are for unlocking skills. There's probably a screen which says which skills are unlocked and which aren't yet, but have info about where/how to unlock. Weapon uses is probably mentioned there.
  5. Similar to the cursed gnome trophy: if anyone in your guild gets the troop card from cedric, then make a pvp defense team with it and have everyone attack it for the trophy. Should also work if you attack your own defense team from the guild menu. As this is classified as training, you won't be getting any useful resources from it, just the trophy. Worth a try. Edit: Someone in my guild randomly got the dragonite gnome from cedric, made a defense team with it and we're all getting the trophy this way. Confirmation on the following would be interesting. Personally I killed 7 of them and three fled, still got the trophy as the combined counter hit 10. Another guild member also had a combined score of 10 between kills and flees when he got the trophy... Probably, so long as you win the battle, it still counts as a kill even if it fled.
  6. This is all me personal, I refuse to form an opinion about pc vs console in general. If I were to have an opinion about the pc vs console issue, in general, it would be something like: screw that discussion, it's a personal thing, let everyone pick what works for them, for whatever reasons, feelings, criteria, etc. they like. Dumping your own preferences on someone else is merely proof you don't consider the other person to be human being with equal rights as you want for yourself. I started gaming before computers even existed in households. My dad had one for work in the early 80s, but that was really rare. It did have a few games, but they were loaded from a 5,25" floppy, so maybe a few of you can guess the level of complexity of such games (tetris was barely possible). So, atari and later the 8bit nintendo were my starting point. The NES especially had far superior range and options than pc games had at that time, both in colors and sound, but also in kinds of games and easy to install (hook up cables to tv, electricity and controller that was it). Over the next 20 years computers were finally able to have colors and music, while tvs already had colors and music from the get go. It turned out that computers were able to, eventually at least, run emulaters for psx, nes and snes. And I was able to play some games I 'missed'. Still. The console concept has never lost its top spot as my choice, even though I switched from nintendo to playstation around the time of the wii/ps2 and with the introduction of the ps3 I left nintendo for good. I can't list trophies as a reason, these are fairly new to my gaming history. Nor do I like the exclusiveness of certain games to any kind of platform, just screw that concept. The following reasons for me to like console over pc gaming are still valid: - plug and play: it's easy, it works, no need to pay a huge amount of time, energy, expertise and cash on getting the correct hardware, let alone all the gazillion settings on those video cards and drivers. I'm pretty sure computers by now have superior video quality, but you'd have to update and upgrade your hardware from time to time, and be back at square one with: which one do I need this time?¿ With consoles there's no energy and time spend on this at all: pick a brand, grab the latest and that's it. - Setup: hooking it up to my tv to me is both easier and more comfortable than having a desktop surrounding. I have my computers where I can't reach them, got a laptop to operate the entire bunch via remote, the laptop can't really do anything itself except remote. This also means I got my desktop activities and my gaming activities on different hardware, which makes it easier for me to keep things separate in my mind and attention span as well. Consoles are designed to work on a tv, pcs are not, sure they can be used on a tv but that does require tinkering with settings. Making consoles more easy to use from a couch and with a larger screen than would regular within a desktop environment. I personally like it that I'm not two feet away from the screen but several meters. - It took computers quite a while to be able to handle controllers, consoles came with them from pretty much the start. My hands and brain have 35 years experience with controllers, switching to mouse+keyboard had never felt comfortable to me. I had a few games on the pc via emulater and one of the first things I got were usb controllers. And those were always far inferior to console controllers with regards to sturdiness. They might have gotten better of the past 5 years, no idea. But considering the past 20-25 years as the entire range during which I could have switched, no .. console controllers suit me better. Certain games are more suited for mouse+keyboard, like command and conquer type of games. And the entire genre of 'sim city' (tropico, cities: skylines) is slightly easier with a mouse as well. Still, the grand total of the scale tips in favor of consoles, at least for me. If pcs can overcome the setup, controller and plug/play + no hardware expertise+research differences and be totally suited for tv gaming. And if the entire gaming market can simply dump the 'brand exclusiveness', I might consider giving pcs a chance, maybe. Though I'll probably just stick with playstation simply because it already works anyway. I do have friends and family who also started with consoles and did switch to pc. Considering how their personal preferences stack up differently from mine, I can totally see why they would be as much 'pure pc' as I am 'pure console'. Though I barely care beyond: 'are they happy with their gaming life?' And they are, so that settles that :).
  7. Sigh .. there goes not just my completion percentage, but also my number of completed games drops by one .. Oh well. 15 euros for the dlc .. I'll wait ... I've had the policy of not paying more than 10 euros for a game and not more than 5 for a dlc for years now. I'll stick with it. A rare few games I'll pay more for, it's a policy, not a rule set in stone :). And it usually works out, eventually.
  8. If you have gotten a cursed gnome troop card from Cedric, make a PvP defense team with the cursed gnome in it. Then go to the guild menu > roster > view the info of your own character > fight. This is called training and is a way to test your own defense team. Almost identical to fighting the PvP defense team of a guild member, but this time you fight your own. I can't confirm if this works for the trophy, since I got it already. You won't be getting any resources either (besides maybe 50-60 gold), since this is training. But since the trophy is for killing cursed gnomes, I guess how and where you encounter them doesn't matter. Worth a shot.
  9. As a guild master, I can. When I try to invite someone to my guild I have to type in the invite code. Assuming it exists, I can then select invite or fight that person. No idea if this is locked to being a guild master though. And if it is, how any other player can use this. What you could do: ask a guild member to setup a PvP defense with such a unit. Then go that player's profile within in the guild roster. From there you can fight that guild member.
  10. If you really need them for the trophy for which you need to kill 10 of them, try to ask someone in your guild to make a defense team with one or more of them. This won't give any cursed runes but does count for this trophy. Farming explore level 1 with a palooza gives about 1-2 cursed gnomes on average per palooza. Average, so not always. Though at explore level 1 they only drop 1-2 cursed runes, fortunately you can buy cursed runes in the dungeon shop with gems, once a day. If you mean by getting them, getting the troop card for your own troop collection: cedric in the vault can drop these gnome cards, as well as any other gnome card and a whole bunch of other troops. Though obviously the drop rates are abysmally low.
  11. There are several ways to get weapons, each weapon has a distinct way of unlocking. reach certain color mastery levels. This works up to having each mastery at level 50 if I recall correctly, so player level 301 with your mastery upgrades spread around, this gives quite a few weapons along the way each delve has a weapon assigned to it: buy it when that delve faction has an event with gems, either on tueseday or on special weekends (or craft in the forge) new doom weapons can be bought with gems in the doom event store during a doom tower event (or craft in the forge) for each hero class there's a weapon, win 250 battles with a team that has that hero class assigned. Not using the hero character is okay, but please do anyway since you need the hero class xp for other stuff some other events have a weapon in the in the event shop (boss raid, tower invasion) (or craft in the forge) most of the event weapons can be crafted in the forge, eventually, using jewels which you get from doing the daily dungeon battles: save up and craft weapons you don't have yet, most likely because the event that introduced it was from before you started playing. The ones that are offered for crafting are mostly the weapons for the kingdom of the week. Besides all the permanent weapons in the forge (dawnbringer/duskbringer and their componants, cursed weapons, dragon rings)
  12. A bit more than 840. After every 5 wins you can choose to increase the difficulty by 10 levels, this will also increase the points/victory by 1. After you increased the difficulty/payout once, at the next choice you can chose to lower it again, stay or increase it again. If you're really quick with the button smashing after a win, you can accidentally chose the lowering option. The gem cost for more battles also resets every day. It's 50 gems for the first batch of three and each next batch of 3 fights costs 50 gems more than the previous. Resetting back to 50 when the day changes.
  13. Some tips to speed up your play which aren't mentioned in the video: the amount of coins per win depends on how much sphere hp is left, upgrade sphere hp for more coins/round the level which gives the most coins/minute is stage one on the first planet (nebuzza), when sphere hp is fully upgraded, it gives 4560 coins, to clear this level build the first tower (pulse repeater) on each weapon platform for the 'heal' trophy: get hit by enemies until your hp is gone, you won't die from this, all it does is makes you unable to shoot and build towers. Go down tot the planet, build a charging station and stand there while it recharges your suit when you get lost on the shield, try to find the "elevator" where you can switch between planet and shield, this serves as a great point of reference
  14. This glitch is annoying as hell. Not pressing any buttons, I'll try that, thanks. Tried not pushing any buttons, didn't seem to make much of a difference to me, as to how long this glitch lasts. Since it usually lasts about 20 seconds in our reality, and the time within the game slows down a lot during the glitch, it's not so bad. Having a decent health regeneration helps with staying alive when under attack during such a glitch. Over they mention that it's the black jumping blobs that cause it, if they fall into the abyss. I can't really tell if that's the case. Jeez, finally solved my own problem. I had to do three perfect runs. Turns out the other two weren't perfect after all. There is one room which has three chests, instead of two ... Ah, right, the trophy guide does mention it. That's good then, it properly explains which room it is as well.
  15. Next time: save 4k diamonds, 10 celestial stones and 20k souls, for when she appears again.