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  1. I didn't want to run the risk of the game loading my profile and thereby making certain trophies harder or impossible so I never bothered to check if I could import my ps4 progress to my ps5. However, since the game is so short (can be done in a single day if you have to), I'm just gonna do it all again, for fun, for kicks, for checking out how the ps5 works. This'll be my first game on the ps5. I was however pleasantly surprised I could grab the ps5 upgrade version because I bought the ps4 version. And with this being a short game I am going to play through it twice and trophies for it twice.
  2. Good luck!
  3. Necessary: a move controller + camera and the wonderbook (bought or maybe downloaded and printed (and the paper glued/taped on cardboard?)). The book is 12 pages and a front and cover, which are all necessary+used. I simply bought the game 'book of spells' with the wonderbook as a package. This is also a harry potter inspired game which uses the book. The game was designed with having the book. The camera sees the book, sees the pages flip, sees which page you're on, sees how your move controller moves over the book. Each page has like a precursor of a QR code on it, if you can download and print it, that might work. put the printed pages on cardboard I guess to make sure the paper doesn't slip when you move the move controller over it (chopping and cutting potion ingredients for example).
  4. I don't know for sure, but since it says nights I would guess the day/night cycle has to be turned on. Also, the (now patched) solution of saving just before sunrise and farming sunrises would hint had the necessity of having the day/night cycle turned on. It would make most sense that you have to keep it on. Maybe your case can be seen as a test that turning off the day/night cycle means you can't get the trophy and by turning it on again you can farm/experience nights.
  5. Education nation: Man, this was a pain to get. I had a city of 250k people and 50k eligible students by the time I could finally get this. No industry or commercial anywhere in town. I had a good library coverage (for those struggling with the library users milestone, this really works). The hadron collider was on and uni support was off. My campus had room for 2k people as I grew my town to get the campus to prestige level 5. No idea if that helps, but I just did. After several attempts at 30k, 35k and 40k eligible students and never reaching higher than 12.5k students in the campus I decided to wait longer and build my city larger yet again. Having more libraries made quite a difference though. I ended up building a postal service as well, I never bothered with it otherwise. For profit education: This one popped before I even tried to check my progress towards it: when I first build my campus I just build enough dormitories for 5k students in an already large town (100k people). And this trophy popped within minutes after building my first campus attempt.
  6. Jeez, what an annoying stupidity. Well, I finally got it. I saved my progress to the cloud and loaded that cloud save on the my vita. Then I changed the ps4 to my secondary account (US) and played the game on my vita with my main account (EU). Then I had the US account on the ps4 be host, that finally worked. My EU account from my vita could find the connection and the trophy popped pretty much the instant the level started. I then synced the trophy to psn and then back to the ps4. It's all good now, for me anyway. Good luck to anyone trying to get this.
  7. I can have my 2nd ps3 join my main ps3 in a friends lobby. Billboards still have avatars of my psn friends, on every event I can see what my psn friends scored there and I got the 'in your face' trophy today.
  8. I'm grinding on the ps4 and vita simultaneously, I haven't come across anything that would suggest the trophies pop early or late on either. I'm at finishing the level on the vita every 2k points and on the ps4 every 5k points to save my progress. Which takes about the same time. The vita version has crashed a few times, the ps4 version hasn't yet so far. All that's left for me is the 250k trophy for both versions, which will take a couple of days.
  9. I tried that hero starfighter and either there weren't enough people to start it, or I couldn't kill anyway. I went back to the regular starfighter and played to upgrade my fighter. I ended up spending about 5-6 hours on this trophy but I got through it. In some matches I got lucky and got three hero ship kills. The fighter that was most suited to me is the one whose L1+R1 skill raises a cannon in the back that can shoot backwards. I got quite a few random kills with that, and kills from (hero) ships following me. Even in hero starfighter I needed an upgraded fighter anyway, which I had to get by playing regular starfighter. So I thought I'd just go for the kills there.
  10. Weird ... Does 'bloo' work? I barely type more than 4 letters in that search as it shows already what I'm looking for.
  11. If it's ps4, check your library on your ps4, maybe you can download it from there? There are some oddities like this with games that were on psn+.
  12. My bought list is 500 items more than it was yesterday, that's good and a lot more than I would have guessed. Littlebigplanet free dlcs for all games (ps3 and vita) accounts for some of that :). The sly and ratchet games still cost me money if I were to download from the shop. They are in my download/bought items list though. This happened for several other games as well. The version in the shop changed, meaning I'd have to pay to get the new version. The old version is still in the bought items list though. Other examples of this annoyance are sleeping dogs and playstation all-stars battle royal. The real exception I know is bastion (ps4/bita cross buy, shared trophy list), the new version shows as free instead of so many euros.
  13. JRPGs and visual novels don't require the vita functions (I mostly play these, instead of reading a book in bed or on the toilet). Hardly any game requires them. For some reason not every game that can do without is vita-tv compatible. But at least the ps5 library could include the vita-tv list for starters. Only a few games really rely on the vita functions, like the back touch screen. Some other games solve the lack of L2 and R2 and L3 and R3 by using the back touch screen. Anyway, going off topic here ...
  14. If only that were the case, backwards compatibility including to be able to play vita games on the ps5. Most vita games don't require the use of the touch screen, and 6-axis control can be done with a controller as well (though gravity rush might have an issue, but that can be played with the right stick instead). I'm not getting my hopes up for this though.
  15. nope, the affected games and dlcs don't appear in that list anymore.