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  1. I finally got the platinum .. The counter for the flying distance stopped three times after I quit the game and reloaded it again. I finally decided upon starting yet another new save and keep the game running until I had that one done at least. In the end I actually managed to find all the challenges. The one thing that still doesn't work is the yellow garden spider. But starting a new game on the 2nd save slot and getting any random statue there still works, so I got the platinum. I probably could have done the flying distance that way as well, oh well, it worked out in the end, somehow. Also, the "it's a zoo out there" feat didn't check properly on my play through where I got 7 our of 8 animals correct. I still have no idea which I got wrong. I got all 8 corect on my final playthrough and they the in game feat properly checked. Trophy wise there wasn't any problem at least. Without these glitches it's a wonderful game, real shame it wasn't bugtested properly, or maybe having bugs in it fits the theme -_-.
  2. I got it to work, thanks for the exploit explenations people. Doing this 'legit' seems way beyond my skills. No wind and clear weather were really nice additions. I didn't get the trophy the first time, but my 2nd team won the match (big time). I made sure my main team won the 2nd match and that worked. I never had a bogey with my main team and both players made puts. I did put the 18th hole with my main account just to be sure.
  3. Nope, you need to move your character inside a dungeon with the left stick. No button reassignment available in the game either.
  4. I had to buy the gtr from the drag dealership to get the trophy. By that time I already had the bmw m5 in 3 classes and that chevy bel air in 4 classes -_-.
  5. I don't have any notes nor have I done my research on Yakuza 3. And that forum topic will probably have loads more examples than got stuck in my memory. The one that really struck me and has stayed with me ever since as an example between a translation and a localisation was the scene where Kiryu was chased by some american agents. Kiryu then starts asking him some questions and the agent doesn't respond. So Kiryu says: 'nihongo wakaranai no ka?' => meaning: 'don't you understand Japanse?' And the subs say: 'not the talkative type ey?'. This kind of stuff is everywhere in pretty much any game. It might touch on the situation and without knowing any Japanese whatsoever it can make some sort of sense. But when you can understand even 20%, these things start to stick out. I won't even bother with the censoring or stuff being taken out of the game, or how the way the people address each other (the usage of family name vs personal name and which honorific gets added). In Yakuza 3 the subs keep saying Kazuma when the characters call him Kiryu. I kinda hope I got the names right doing this from memory from way back when ... Oh well, this topic isn't about Yakuza, but more about translation vs localisation in general, with World End Syndrome as yet another example of the differences between translations and localisations. And I'll stick to my general opinion that for a localisation it's pretty solid.
  6. Highly interesting. This was one of the games in which the translation/localisation actually didn't bother me. Maybe my Japanese simply isn't good enough to catch some details mentioned, though most of the game I barely looked at the subs and simply listened. Apparently I miss details like green tea vs black tea or the names of confectioneries, though these aren't that important to me. I don't expect fansub methods from anything licensed, keeping honorifics and other Japanese cultural exclusives in tact is mostly unheard off in any localisation. Rewriting stuff way beyond cringe level is the case in most games, unfortunately. VNs are usually a rare exception to this and, in general, seem to stay closer to Japanese. Unfortunately the aim of localisation isn't to translate but to rewrite it for a new audience. If you expect or want a translations, disappointment is quite likely. Which is why I am mostly disappointed as well. And the better my Japanese gets, the more disappointed I get with each game I play. Games like Ni no Kuni and Yakuza got butchered beyond repair, if any game maker should switch localisers, it would be them. As for this game, yeah I would have liked it to be a translation instead of a localisation. But for a localisation I thought it was okay. Which says more about the low regards I have for localisations in general and this being a bit better than the usual garbage bigger games are treated with.
  7. Hmz, being able to claim it with a 2nd or even with every new character opens up possibilities. Start a new career, win eleven 1 and 2 star tournaments to clear the year and grab that reward again. Maybe more than twice. That would need confirmation as this is a theory at best. I couldn't get it twice, the counter reset for a the new year and when I won eleven tournaments again it changed to 'claimed'.
  8. Even better :). I tried with two consoles out of habit, maybe I didn't test properly with just one player on one console.Glad it works even with just one.
  9. I tried that, you can't claim it a 2nd time. That would have been a nice way to get some extra bonus for doing 1 star tournaments, but no, you can claim it once and that's it.
  10. I'm enjoying the story to the fullest, not skipping anything as usual. so it's not a quick plat for me. I do have an addition to the guide though. It says to start a new game for a new route. Actually, if you make a save on 7/29, probably at the end of the day (it's been a while for me). Now you're only a few seconds away from the point where you select your route. And the choices get updated with what you did before. So any time it says to start anew, simply load your save from 7/29, pick the option 'you should wait' and then you can chose your route. That'll knock off some time skipping through the same prologue several times.
  11. At the car selection screen the name of the car is stated above its stats. The car is called 'formula'. For a screen shot and some minor explanation: This is in Russian, so I used google translate to make some sense of it. The online part only needs 2 real players, can be boosted with 2 consoles (a ps5 as 2nd console works just fine), and the speed way track is the easiest to win on and the fastest to grind on. Resort being a good second choice. After each race you can select a course and also select a reshuffle of your choices. Then it becomes a matter of efficiency of keep trying to get one of these tracks or pick another one and start already.
  12. Add to that there's a game spanning collectable system which is annoying to complete. The story wasn't that enjoyable either. I don't remember too many crashes though, but the trophy for entering the mines (I think it was) being glitchy was annoying. There's a solution on the forum which works, fortunately. I did platinum it, but I'm single minded enough to finish almost every game I start ... almost. I obviously used a collectable guide and a full play through youtube to point me where I needed to go as there were a few parts (especially in the beginning) where I had no idea what to do :S.
  13. I guess I'm kinda neutral on that. I didn't get annoyed on any level, that's usually a plus for me. The game does a proper job on what it is: short, not difficult, still some kind of story attempt, simple and basic mechanics. It could do a better job at explaining a few things, which I kinda covered in my "guide". No wondrous graphics or sounds or game play or whatever. For those who can be bothered with that anyway. I usually don't much care for graphics. The sounds was okay, at least I don't remember it being annoying. But then again, I obviously have my own personal taste as to what music I like and dislike. It's a short cheap game, so keep that in mind when you check any kind of rating. I found it a great game to play when too tired to play a game that has a great elaborate story or otherwise needs your full attention. Though not something I would like to spend several days on. And since that's not necessary trophy wise I'm fine with what it is: a short cheap game.
  14. Probably too late for you, but maybe for others who are wondering. Izen will eventually (I forgot which level exactly, but around 60-80 somewhere ...) learn an attack that does 30 hits spread around all your enemies, by the time you're about level 80-90, you can go the place indicated on as the level 100 place, you'll want to find the huge standing robot that takes up all 4 enemy spaces. Guard a bit so you can have Izen hit it twice with this attack without the robot hitting back in between. To keep the combo going the others will need to attack as well. Even easier: at level 120 Lucca will learn an attack that does 50 hits ... This is also necessary to get the in-game reward for doing 30 overkill hits: hits done after the target's hp depleted.
  15. A few years later the game has changed a bit. - Reloading your save to get different spells from a boss won't work anymore. - getting 1500 damage with one ice and one fire spell and 2000 damage with one spell of your choosing has become incredible easy: fire barrage and ice barrage will do. Just keep the fire button pressed and since the reload time is so short it'll keep firing. Halfway through level 2 there's a shaman who keeps on summoning helpers, just keep firing until you get it. Marvek the emberlighter starts with fire barrage and carabel eventide starts with ice barrage. Frost cloud can't work since it divides the damage between the enemies and ice beam can't work since it only does 1400 damage, aimed at a fire critter with enough health. The fire beam was too much trouble for me as well. - freezing 5 enemies in one go: use frost cloud on the level 20 boss, he's surrounded by helpers, 5 will freeze eventually. - killing 5 enemies with one spell => in level 3 there's a place where it spawns forkbeetles, they explode with one hit. Use a beam to kill a couple, keep the beam active.