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  1. Hi Guys, Same problem here but I think I've figured it out with my friend. It seems like the reason that causing this problem is that you lose to a ghost but receiving a S rank in the end. So if you choose to agaist a ZZ rank ghost but only get a S rank, a big lose will pop up on the screen. What you have to do is simply repaly that mission by beating a S rank ghost.
  2. Thanks for your compliment. Congrats on your platinum too. To be honest, I didn't even notice your ID until you posted something about MemoriesOff8 hahaha. M4 was also a huge pain for me, couldn't remember how many times I have restarted. The mandatory battle of Death Scissors and the yelling attack of boss were truly nightmare when I started my HAH S run. Despite all the tips I've watched (like using break away of PunchLine), I still managed to beat M4 with extra caution during boss fight by getting no damage bonus. Its very nice to see this post gets constantly updated with tips and ideas, I might someday try these tips myself. πŸ™‚ β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” ηΊ―ιͺ—η²‰δΈι’±ηš„FDζ˜―δΈδΌšδΉ°ηš„(ηœŸι¦™
  3. You're probably correct, actually I haven't seen any post on discussing the style point calculation. But either method should be fine for you, mastering exceed helps your rank up your style with Nero extremely fast. While for people who are not good at exceed(like me), can hold enemies with the devil bringer and dance until high rank is reached before killing them. πŸ˜‡
  4. nah, they're M14 and M16. M14 with 3 bosses was a pain, but I finally managed to beat it without taking damage. I have all HAH missions scored S now, might try for the platinum tonight.
  5. I would say you're really good at Exceeds, I never got more than 5200 points in M8. For Dante, if your aim is only to get a S, things get much more easier. Just do what VlayerTheSlayer posted here, use Dr Faust with Gunslinger, start sending down meteors when enemies spawning, then move your camera until no enemy in sight. That pretty much ensures you can smash every mandatory fight without taking damages. The only thing you need to worry is probably the boss fight though, mainly Vergil on DMD.
  6. Working on diverging point for V and Dante on HAH.
  7. Found an easy way to get a S on M15 (possibly all Nero's mission). Bring 3 Ragtime-Buster-3 Ragtime-Buster, and you will have no problem at all. Just be aware to reload your magazine at each statue. (only on HAH) Sorry if it was mentioned before.
  8. Thank you for the tips!! The fight skipping for M12 is absolutely awesome!!
  9. Dante: Unchanged (As generally you do not do charge shots with Dante) V: for Griffon for refueling Devil Trigger Nero: for DT, just like others for Devil Arm D pad for Ejecting break for gun charging
  10. Ragtime makes it a piece of cake.
  11. I got what you are saying, but there is no checkpoint in HAH difficulty. Undeniable, it is still a good strategy for DMD S run.
  12. Actually it is the first game I played so far that developers fixed the trophy description instead of fixing the glitch itself.
  13. Thanks to @supertrunksman @Goldfire. Much appreciated! The "Even High Achiever" trophy has a bug that allows you to obtain it by getting 25 medals in Campaign and MP, unlike what the trophy description says. So it makes this trophy little bit easier as you don't have to beat the campaign undamaged or obtain other difficult campaign metals.
  14. Hi Everyone, Just wondering can anybody share the specific requirements for multiplayer medal? As much as you can...I've noticed that the description of each medal is quite fuzzy and unclear, but the quantity will be fully revealed once obtained. The one I've got so far was scored No.1 in Battle Royal for 3 times. Thanks.
  15. There is no any hint. Just click any weapon that has reached maximum level and press option button to enter the Prestige mode.